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Mrs. Weinstein, Mr. Sullivan Seek to Put Phones in Parks

Janis Fried Weinstein, a member of Westfield’s Recreation Commission and the Republican candidate for the Fourth Ward seat on the Town Council, recently proposed the placement of telephones at all of the town’s recreational facilities.

"It is common sense to ensure that the users of our parks, especially our children, are able to conveniently find a telephone to call home, or in an emergency, phone for help," Mrs. Weinstein said.

"Our parks and fields are used extensively for both individual and team activities. Not only will these telephones prove convenient for routine calls, they will save valuable time in the event emergency services are ever required," the candidate stated.

"Coaches and parents will have additional peace-of-mind knowing that a phone is nearby," she added.

Republican Councilman Neil F. Sullivan, representing the Third Ward and who is seeking reelection, learned of the idea after Mrs. Weinstein proposed it at a meeting of the Recreation Commission in July.

"I immediately saw the value in this proposal," Councilman Sullivan said. "I believe we will be able to implement this plan as no cost to our taxpayers — a real ‘win-win’ situation for all involved."

Immediately after leraning of the telephone proposal, Mr. Sullivan contacted Town Administrator Edward A. Gottko, who instructed Recreation Director Glenn S. Burrell to prepare a report for the Recreation Commission on the recommendation.

Mr. Burrell met with telephone company officials and commented favorably on the idea at the September meeting of the Recreation Commission.

Councilman Sullivan noted that in addition to the added convenience, there was an important public safety element to the proposal.

"I have asked Mr. Gottko to make this a formal referral to the Public Safety Committee, so we can take prompt action," Councilman Sullivan continued. "I understand that if we move quickly, some or all of the phones may be installed this fall."

As a former councilwoman, Mrs. Weinstein said she was active in seeking solutions to other public safety issues such as speeding on town streets.

Mr. Sullivan, currently in his third year on council, is seeking re-election this fall for a second term.

In addition to the telephone proposal, under his leadership, Councilman Sullivan said, the council’s Public Safety Committee is actively involved in finding solutions to reduce speeding on residential streets, and improving the visibility and safety of crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists.

JOINING FORCES...Westfield Republican Town Council candidates, Neil F. Sullivan, Jr., and Janis Fried Weinstein, have joined forces in endorsing a plan to install public telephones in Westfield’s recreational facilities at no cost to taxpayers.

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