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Westfield, NJ
Garden Club Plans Project For Fall at Mindowaskin

The Garden Club of Westfield has begun plans for another project for one of Westfield’s parks. Mindowaskin Park will be the site of this new landscape improvement. Under the direction of Craig R. Stock, landscaper/ designer, 15 shrubs will be planted along Park Drive.

Mr. Stock has chosen doublefile viburnum and pragense viburnum for this beautification project.

The Garden Club has funded many civic projects. Funds for the Mindowaskin Park plantings were raised from the 1996 Garden Tour in addition to memorial donations in the memory of Mary Ann Rounds, Virginia Waddey, Dottie Burns and Charles Jones.

Dedication of this project will take place on Tuesday, October 21, following the Garden Club’s 75th anniversary celebration.

PLANTS ON THE WAY…This section of bare ground along Park Drive in Mindowaskin Park will soon be filled with 15 shrubs as part of a beautification project sponsored by the Garden Club of Westfield. The dedication of the project will coincide with the club’s 75th anniversary.

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