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Deep Sea Diver to Appear At Storytime on Elm Event

Deep sea diver and environmentalist, Jeff Luterbach, will appear at Storytime on Elm’s first program of the season, "Astronaut of the Ocean," on Saturday, September 27.

Mr. Luterbach’s adventurous and varied background includes work with the National Geographic Society, the Jacques Cousteau Society and the Cape Cod Aquarium, where he was is charge of marine mammal rescue work involving dolphins and whales.

Mr. Luterbach now lives in Westfield with his wife, Julia. Commercially, his work has taken him to oil rig exploration and underwater salvage operations. He was in charge of the whole salvage effort involving the sunken R.M.S. Republic, top-of-the-line luxury liner predating the Titanic.

Because of his diving skills and environmental background, Mr. Luterbach also was chosen to take part in Hudson River clean-up efforts.

The program begins at 1:30 p.m. and features a number of hands-on materials. In addition to a demonstration with real diving helmets and gear, Mr. Luterbach will bring an assortment of items, including shark jaws and whale bones, and he is prepared to field questions about any of his exhibits.

Participants also will be able to view dramatic underwater videos taken by Mr. Luterbach on deep sea diving missions.

"We feel lucky having Jeff bring this exciting program to us. He has had much experience with audiences of all ages (our program is open to those four years old through adult) and he thoroughly enjoys sharing his adventures in the underwater world," said store owner Elaine Zack.

Registration is required for the "Astronaut of the Ocean" program. Enrollment is limited. Those interested in participating are encouraged to sign up early to avoid disappointment.

For further information, please call (908) 232-1343, or stop in at Storytime on Elm, 35 Elm Street, Westfield.

SEA EXPLORER…Deep sea diver Jeff Luterbach will share his adventures and answer questions at Storytime on Elm’s first program of the season, ‘Astronaut of the Ocean’ on Saturday, September 27, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Registration is required.

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