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IF FAA Can Reroute Planes Away From U.S. Open, It Can Do It Here

Now that the U.S. Tennis Open at the new Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, Queens, has ended, maybe those airplanes, supposedly rerouted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to avoid flying over the stadium during matches, will go back to their old patterns.

Are the corporate sponsors of the U.S. Open more important to the FAA than the concerns of citizens living in Staten Island and Central Jersey who have faced increased air traffic noise over the past 10 years?

Just this spring, the FAA installed a new noise complaint telephone number for residents to call regarding excessive aircraft noise after pressure from United States Senator Robert G. Torricelli’s office. Both the Senator and Congressman Bob Franks, who represents this area, have kept the heat on the FAA. It was the Congressman who questioned the FAA decision on the tennis tournament just last week.

When the agency shifted flights during the Open, it sent the aircraft over surrounding neighborhoods of the stadium.

If the FAA can shift flight patterns for the United States Tennis Association, it would seem reasonable to expect the agency can meet the requests of citizen groups seeking relief from excessive aircraft noise.

We encourage the FAA to work with local officials and citizens’ groups to make life easier for those persons impacted by aircraft noise.

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