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is a public service provided by The Westfield Leader to local leaders, organizations and individuals with the intent to encourage the open and honest discussion of topics of interest to the Greater Westfield Area. The Leader, while it does encourage the correspondents to be honest and issue oriented, does not filter, edit or check the accuracy of the articles in The Forum, and the opinions expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of The Leader.

We encourage all groups and individuals that may be interested in contributing to The Forum to contact the publisher via e-mail to forum@goleader.com.

From The Pen Of
Tom Jardim
Mayor of Westfield

From The Pen of
Neil Sullivan

From The Pen of
Larry Goldman
Pet Care Thoughts
by Abigail Wester
Touring America by Harley
by Mike Ferrante
Westfield Baseball
by Marcella Freisen
Westfield Lacrosse
by Wendy Gates
Girl's Sports
by Rebecca Goldberg
by Marlene
Q&A About Assisted Living
by Sunrise Assisted Living
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