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Mike Ferrante's
"Touring America by Harley"
Picture #1
(97apr18) Along US-50 in Nevada, just west of the Utah border. This highway is also known as "The loneliest Highway in America". A few miles back to the east at the intersection of US-93, is an establishment called "The Major's Place" which is a combination filling station, casino and "sporting house". The weary traveler can get his tanks filled, his pockets emptied and his ashes hauled. Oh, and that's not a snow mobile under that cover.
Picture #2
(97apr17) Main Street Daytona during "Bike Week" this year. The whole thing is sort of a "spring thing"; a release from months of cold, rain and snow - Cabin Fever! There are those who come here hoping to "un-do", those hoping to be "un-done" and those who come to watch the show.
Picture #3
(97apr17) A scenic overlook along US-6 in northern Pennsylvania. US-6 was once known as "The Grand Army of The Republic Highway" and it ran all the way from the tip of Cape Cod in the east to the pier in Santa Monica in the west. Those same people who thought numbers were better then names also shortened it so it now stops in Bishop California.
Picture #4
(97apr17) The proprietor of my favorite motorcycle shop taking in some sun along with lunch. "Jim's" specializes in used and hard-to-find Harley-Davidson parts. Inside, it is filled with crates and bins of rusty, greasy, bits and pieces. The place is really "user friendly".
Picture #5
(97apr18) Somewhere along Maine #9 on the way back from Nova Scotia last fall. The "funny looking man" in the picture is Jack Rehus, aka, "His Fatness". He rides that 1200 sportster with the FXR tank, aka, "The Fatcicle". The Heritage is mine and the tour-pack on the back has been adapted to clip onto my luggage rack. Push, pull, click, click; change tour-packs that quick.

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