Westfield, NJ Newspaper Past Edition, 21-Mar-97

Change to Town’s Liquor Law is Withdrawn
by Democrats

Update on St. Pauli Girl
Baby Abandoned

House Burglar Nabbed!
Cranford Man Charged with 27 Westfield Burglaries

Director of Westfield SID
National Search Begins

Main Street Director Moving to Head Cranford Program



Touring America by Harley

Scotch Plains:
Zoning Board Oks Classrooms
School Board - Russo Joins; Mrs. Simpson Voted V.P.

School Superintendent Proposes Subscription Busing for ‘Gardens’
Planning Board Turns Down Jefferson Ave. Subdivision

Borough Council Appointing Nine to Assessment Committee

Westfield School District
Map of Changes for 1997

Westfield Girls Softball
Photo by Bill Burke

  • Main Street Program:
    Westfield Investigative Report
    Part I, Introduction
    Part II, Statements
    Part III, "Why Squabble?"

United Way

20 Years Together - France and Colorado - Cape Cod - The Excellent Diner
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