Westfield, NJ Newspaper Past Edition, 20-Mar-97

Continued Inaction Forseen as The Future Seems in Question for the Westfield Main Street Program
Investigative Report, Part I
Investigative Report,
Part II

Westfield 97Mar18

Trees are Beautiful But Not When Crashing Little League Baseball Dugout in Scotch Plains

Evergreen School
"Vacuum Science"
Joel Dunn, Brian Dunn, Daniel Livilsi

  • Donnell Carr Is Top Choice
    For Council Seat
    The Westfield Democratic Committee named its top choice to fill the unexpired Fourth Ward seat of James Hely.
  • Division of Motor Vehicles
    Inspection Station (97Mar15)
    Debated state plan to farm out operation of DMV automobile inspection includes the possible closing of the Westfield office on South Avenue, East.
  • Scotch Plains Council
    Tables Vote On Zoning
    for two weeks a final vote on a code amendment defining townhouses and building heights.

  • Green Brook
    Flood Control Project Considered by Army Corps Eng's


MailLetters to the Editor: Hello France and Colorado

Contest Fun: The Excellent Diner - Continued

1996 Review










High School Sports:

Perfect For Westfield
Scott Bridgeman Rolls perfect 300 game as WHS takes District Bowling Title


  • Engineers Should Extend Deadline for Comments on Flood Project - Continued

Ongoing News Stories

  • Shoprite, Judge Delays Start of Cases - Continued

Movie Review

  • "Absolute Power" rates 3 Popcorns - Continued

10:21 New Year's Eve: The Leader joined the Internet - Continued

  "Technetium in the Stars"

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