Westfield, NJ Newspaper Past Edition, 20-Feb-97

State and Union County Republicans convene in Westfield for Annual Lincoln Day Fundraiser, Feb. 13, 1997

Party calls for unity to re-elect the Governor and for statewide victory of other candidates; counting on the help traditionally received from the area. Rebound is pledged from this year's Democratic win caused by President Clinton's "coat tails".

...quips County Chairman McDermott, "Raised $50,000 tonight, not bad for a minority party"!

New Jersey Governor
Christy Whitman

Spring Fling Date Sunday, April 20th - from noon through 6 p.m. - Continued

Republicans Enjoy Conclave
(left to right) Frank McDermott, Gov. Whitman, State Senator Lou Bassano, U.S. Congressman Bob Franks


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Diane Holzmiller
"A Gem"


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