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List of Articles from Inauguration (96dec31) to 97feb17
Front Pages where not archived during this period.

1996 Year in Review 96dec31
Mayor Boothe wishes Best of Luck to Leader 96dec31
Inaugural Issue Comments from Publisher 96dec31
Photographs of the Town 96dec31
Girls' Basketball 96dec31
Girls' Basketball Photo 96dec31
High School Wrestling 96dec31
High School Wrestling Photo 96dec31
High School Wrestling 96dec31
New Town Council Installed 96jan01
Union County Freeholder Chairman's Address 97jan05
Mayor's Past and Present comment on the Net 97jan07
Westfield Town Council Meeting 97jan07
Westfield Town Council Meeting 97jan14
The Excellent Diner Contest 97jan15
Movie Review 97jan16
High School Sports Hockey 97jan14
High School Wrestling 97jan14
High School Soccer 97jan21
New Westfield Judge Takes Oath 97jan23
County Freeholder Cohen 97jan24
County Freeholder Stender 97jan24
County Budget Proposed 97jan25
Rialto Theater Developments 97jan25
Westfield School Board Story 97jan25
The Excellent Diner Contest 97jan26
Letters to the Editor 97jan26
County Clerk Reports on Revenues 97jan30
The Excellent Diner Contest 97jan30
Dr. Foley Superintendent of Westfield Schools 97jan30
Rialto Story 97jan30
The Excellent Diner Contest 97jan31
Region's Air Traffic Patterns 97feb02
Freeholders Demand Info From FAA 97feb02
Sewerage Authority Rejects Privatization 97feb02
High School Sports 97feb03
High School Sports 97feb10
Congressman Bob Franks on Budgets 97feb10
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