We publish the newspaper every Thursday in print by US Mail to paid subscribers and on the Internet (complete, as pdf file, searchable and in color) at www.goleader.com. If you have not already done so, download the newspaper online. The current weekly edition is presented foremost online and stays available online thereafter as part of the archive. Your attachment to the online edition will be included with the archive and available to the readers and the Internet. Placement is on a "first come, first served" basis and special arrangements may be possible.

Guidelines: Create your attachment as a pdf file. 8 inches by 10 inches page size is recommended to make it easy for the viewer to print it. Vertical orientation is fine yet horizontal orientation may provide optimum screen viewing. Create the file to web specifications (images downsampled to 72 dpi). Use text (embedded fonts), not text images, to optimize file size and viewing quality. This also enables search engines to read your item and make your message available to the Internet. We can assist you. Email your file to sales@goleader.com. Alternately, you can upload direct to our server (which may be necessary for large file sizes). Call (908) 232-4407 for user name and password. We will contact you to confirm that all matters are fine or if any issues remain.

Preview Order Form and Price Calculator then Submit: Run as many trials with this form as you wish to preview the price calculation. When satisfied and having completed the Customer and Payment Information, select Submit, then Go. If the form is incomplete or contains errors, a notice will be provided requesting you to make updates. You will receive email confirmation of the successful, completed transaction as your receipt.

Your item will appear with our next Thursday publication based on receipt of this by Monday prior. If you have special date or other requests, please enter this in the comment box provided. We'd also like to hear of any comments you may have to improve this service - email publisher@goleader.com.

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