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About 1967 Archive Samples - (current archives 1997 to present)



The Westfield Leader has microfilm archives back to approximately 1904. The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times has microfilm archives back to 1960. They are available in the respective libraries.

We are studying the best way to make these publicly available in electronic form, such as by DVD's that can be ordered and kept up to date in libraries. We can also make them available on the Internet with updates, although the volume of information would be enormous for storage and distribution with technology capabilities at this time. Later, the Internet method will become more practical.

Our current techniques cost about $500 per year for image conversion. We can produce electronic documents that are readable, but our efforts to OCR (optical character recognition) and to create a search engine are not satisfactory. Advances in intelligent software will undoubtedly resolve this issue in the near future; undoubtedly, the US Intelligence Agencies already have this software, but it is not yet in the public domain.

The key for our efforts is the first phase, to convert the microfilm archives to electronic files of suitable quality and format that can be read and distributed.

We're looking for ways to fund this effort involving about 100 years of archives. Perhaps, we will sell sponsorships for each year whereby the effort is dedicated in name of the sponsor (or designee - perhaps someone born that year, such as in memory of). See samples of the progress for selected 1967 files by clicking here.

Please let me know your comments - regards, Horace Corbin Publisher May 5, 2005.

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