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Page 22 Thursday, September 16, 1999 The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION


Arts Arts Arts Arts Arts & & & & & Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment

St. Lawr St. Lawr St. Lawr St. Lawr St. Lawrence String Quartet ence String Quartet ence String Quartet ence String Quartet ence String Quartet T TT TTo Open Music Society Season o Open Music Society Season o Open Music Society Season o Open Music Society Season o Open Music Society Season

WESTFIELD — Subscriptions are now available for the Arbor Chamber Music Society’s ninth season, which begins this fall.

Among the artists featured this season are the St. Lawrence String Quartet, pianist and Arbor’s Founder/ Director Lenore Davis, the Brentano String Quartet, mezzosoprano Jane Bunnell, violinist Maria Bachmann, violinist Emi Ohi Resnick, and cellist Matthias Naegele.

Tickets can be obtained by calling (908) 2321116 or by email at arbormusic@ home. com).

Fourconcert subscriptions are $60 and $48, respectively. Students ages 10 and older are admitted free. Individual tickets are $17.50 per concert and $15 for seniors.

The first concert of the season will take place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Westfield, on Sunday, October 24, at 4 p. m. It will feature the St. Lawrence String Quartet, with pianist Lenore Davis as soloist.

The program will include Schumann’s Quartet in A Minor, Janacek’s Quartet no. 1, and Shostakovich’s Piano Quintet in G Minor.

The subsequent three concerts will be performed at two venues. On Saturdays at 8 p. m., they will take place at the Burgdorff Cultural Center, 10 Durand Road in Maplewood, and on Sundays at 4 p. m., they will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Westfield.

Composer John Sichel will present preconcert talks 45 minutes before each concert.

In addition to the four concerts in the series, Arbor is arranging a special family concert, featuring clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, in a tribute to Young Audiences of New Jersey. It will take place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Westfield on Sunday, March 19, at 4 p. m.

The St. Lawrence String Quartet, which was founded in Canada in 1989, consists of first violinist Geoff Nuttall, second violinist Barry Shiffman, violist Lesley Robertson, and cellist Marina Hoover.

In the past year, the group played at the Concertgebouw in Holland and at the Louvre Museum in Paris, as well as in Germany and Belgium. The Quartet also toured Japan, Taiwan, China, and Australia and performed in Toronto, at Lincoln Center in New York, and at the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.

The Quartet also began recording for an exclusive multirecord contract with EMI Classics and, as faculty members, taught at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

Over the years, they have developed residency programs for the Kansas City Friends of Chamber Music, the Disney Institute in Or lando, and the Carnegie Foundation

in New York City. Ms. Davis made her concert debut at age seven in New York’s Town Hall. She has appeared as a soloist and a chamber musician in concert halls throughout the United States and in Europe. She toured Israel as a member of the Zichron Trio, and has toured Germany as a soloist, performing in Berlin and Bremen, and in the Gasteig in Munich and the Kleine Goldene Saal in Augsburg.

The Arbor Chamber Music Society is funded in part by the New Jersey Council on the Arts through grants administered by the Essex County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs and the Union County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.

It is funded as well by grants from the Bergen Foundation and Chase Manhattan Bank N. A., and by donations from Hayward Industries, Simpson Construction, and others.

For more information, please visit the Arbor’s Web site at www. westfieldnj. com/ arbormusic.


One Popcorn, Poor • Two Popcorns, Fair • Three Popcorns, Good • Four Popcorns, Excellent

By Michael S. Goldberger

Outside Providence

There’s Nothing About Mary 3 popcorns

It’s sweet but dirtymouthed — a coming of age saga by the Brothers Farrelly that will separate the sentimentalists from the realists, the fantasists from the pragmatists. Romantics will find favor with the film’s nostalgic ruminations; the nononsense contingent will deplore its liberal emotionalism.

For if you hold Outside Providence

up to a discerning light, this warmhearted tale about a working class kid’s educational odyssey in starchy UpperCrust Land inevitably errs in the cause of idealism.

While hardliners will probably demand a refund, we illuminated sorts will see the profit of buying in. And entirely thrown off base by the Farrelly reputation will be those in search of cheap thrills and raunchy pronouncements.

Because while most of the movie’s characters do employ the bottom third of the English language with rustic joy, this otherwise sensitive exercise in good storytelling represents a surprising departure for the filmmaking brothers.

They have previously appalled via

Dumb and Dumber’s absurdity, abashed with Kingpin’s ineptitude and hilariously shocked with the naughtiness of There’s Something About Mary.

But Outside Providence has more in common with Tom Brown’s School Days

(1940) than with any of those prior offerings (well, that may be stretching it). And the Farrellys aren’t the only ones doing a complete turnabout.

In an awardworthy performance, Alec Baldwin boldly breaks type and earns thespic kudos. Admittedly, even a perennial 5o’clock shadow can’t belie his unordinary good looks. But he is still aces as Old Man Dunphy, working class hero and monosyllabic father to Timothy (Shawn Hatosy), the story’s teenaged protagonist.

Dunphy the elder’s sobriquet for junior refers to an item of sexual paraphernalia that shouldn’t be mentioned in a family newspaper. Son wishes Dad would use his real name — at least in public.

Call it a mildly ribald update of Stand By Me (1986) or a blue collar version of

Dead Poets Society (1989) with sociological borrowings from Good Will Hunting

(1997). Originality is not its claim. But it is a goodnatured amalgam of the boytomanhood genre, convivial in its unpretentiousness and completely involving despite a leisurely pace.

Set in 1974, the premise itself requires a large leap of faith. After stonedout Tim and his similarly inclined best buddies crash into a parked police car, Old Man Dunphy is able to keep his wayward offspring out of jail only on the condition that he ships him to posh Cornwall Academy in Connecticut for his senior year.

In other words, the boozing pot head is given a chance to jump social class at one of the best prep schools in the East whilst meeting and taking up with the aristocratic likes of a dream girl (Amy Smart as Jane Weston). That’s a punishment?

Oh, sure, there’s the evil Dickensian dorm master (an overcooked Timothy Crowe as Mr. Funderberk) making our modern day Pip miserable, gleefully assigning him punitive work hours probably as much for his station in life as for his citified transgressions (school rules strictly dictate no alcohol, drugs or sex). And the snooty surroundings initially deter Tim from making friends.

Yet in due time the punk from Pawtucket substitutes the slackers back home with stoners of a higher social standing. But will he eventually take

advantage of his new circumstances and catapult himself to great expectations? Such is the plot’s primary question.

It might have been different in the name of realism. The script by Peter Farrelly (adapted from his novel and cowritten with director Michael Corrente) could have had Tim shipped off to a really terrible reform school instead. Then they’d have to find a younger version of Sean Penn to play him and a host of unsavory types to portray his fellow inmates.

Not to say that everything is hunkydory in Preppieville, as well as back in Pawtucket. Issues on the home front include: Tim’s crippled younger brother, Jackie, a delicate matter handled with irreverent yet sympathetic humor by Tommy Bone; a best friend (Jon Abrahams) whose nickname, Drugs, indicates the sort of bruising he’s cruising for; and the beerdrinking single dad (Baldwin) who spends most of his time playing cards and comparing prejudices with the guys instead of bonding with sonny boy.

It is the saga’s humorous contention that men on this unenlightened side of the tracks have an especially awkward time connecting. While Dunphy and son doubtless love each other, it is equally clear that they are virtual strangers. Tied into this, a minor mystery surrounds the conspicuously missing mom.

Up at the school, aside from the aforementioned martinet there are the usual assortment of geeks, toadies and squealers to contend with. And wouldn’t you just know it: just to keep us on our vicarious toes, things aren’t always peaches and cream with high class Jane either.

One specific moment of recklessness has farreaching effects on their relationship, as well as on girlfriend’s longterm future.

Part pop culture survey, part historical exploration, director Corrente’s interpretation of the Farrelly product creates a seductive atmosphere.

Supplying a lively rock ‘n’ roll score and whimsical trappings indigenous to the 1970s, he provides fond reminiscences for anyone who experienced the era and lived to talk about it. Depicting rampant drug use as an adolescent rite of passage, Mr. Corrente makes his overindulgent buffoons the brunt of the joke in a Cheech and Chong sort of way, yet is careful not to glamorize or downplay the potential danger of substance abuse; one particularly sad scene sees to that.

The notion of acceptance as an ennobling experience is a recurring theme here, surfacing in various permutations. And considering the primeval misconceptions practically everyone in this story is harboring at the outset, there is no shortage of potential epiphanies. Whether it’s Tim requiring approval from Dad or one of the middleaged card players (George Wendt as Joey) seeking approbation among Old Man Dunphy’s crowd, the lessons in humanism are uplifting — soulful and poignant, but rarely maudlin.

The lighthearted yet responsible treatment of some very serious issues is refreshingly novel. And by still managing to touch us deep inside, Outside Providence achieves a grace of its own.

* * * * * Outside Providence, rated R, is a Miramax Pictures release directed by Michael Corrente and stars Shawn Hatosy, Alec Baldwin and Amy Smart. Running time: 105 minutes.

Musician Jean Farnwort Musician Jean Farnwort Musician Jean Farnwort Musician Jean Farnwort Musician Jean Farnworth hh hh T TT TTo Join Gar o Join Gar o Join Gar o Join Gar o Join Gardenair denair denair denair denaires Meeting es Meeting es Meeting es Meeting es Meeting

Jean Farnworth SCOTCH PLAINS – The Gardenaires will welcome musician Jean Farnworth on Wednesday, September 22, at noon at the Scotch Hills Country Club in Scotch Plains.

Ms. Farnworth’s program will be “A Day in the Life of a Medieval Garden,” in which she will explore two gardens – one at a manor house and one at a crofter’s cottage.

An accomplished musician who provides her own live music to illuminate life in the Middle Ages, Ms. Farnworth, will include songs of flowers, gardens, planting and flowering. She will use her Celtic harp and 12string guitar to convey her

message through music. Ms. Farnworth has provided entertainment and educational programs for over 25 years. She will bring her recordings for sale and will be available for questions following the program.

Gardenaires is a garden club for men and women interested in furthering their knowledge of plants and gardening and of using, displaying, preserving and enjoying what they grow. Meetings are generally held on the fourth Wednesdays of each month from noon to 3 p. m. Refreshments are served.

For further information, please call (908) 7545160.

Photography Forum Exhibit Photography Forum Exhibit Photography Forum Exhibit Photography Forum Exhibit Photography Forum Exhibit Featur Featur Featur Featur Featured at Local Hospital ed at Local Hospital ed at Local Hospital ed at Local Hospital ed at Local Hospital

MOUNTAINSIDE – Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH) in Mountainside is hosting the New Jersey Photography Forum’s Fifth Annual Juried Exhibit until Sunday, September 26.

Over 300 fine art photographers were invited to submit their

work from which more

than 75 entries have been selected for display throughout CSH’s three exhibition hallways.

“It’s a nice mix of black and white and color images,” stated CoFounder of the Forum Nancy J. Ori.

This year’s judges were Joan Good, Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts in Summit; Larry Cappiello, Director of the Gallery at the Arts Guild of Rahway, and Glen Diehl, President of the Watchung Arts Center.

The Forum, now in its fifth year, aims to further the interests of professional and serious photographers.

The group meets monthly at the Watchung Arts Center. Meetings include presentations, display and critique of photographer’s work and demonstrations by manufacturers. Exhibition possibilities are also discussed.

Upcoming meetings will be held on Wednesday, September 22, and

Monday, October 18. All meetings are scheduled to begin at 7 p. m. For more information, please call Ms. Ori at (973) 7815385.

The Forum’s Fifth Annual Juried Show is open to the public from 8: 30 a. m. to 8: 30 p. m. daily at CSH. Admission is free. Visitors are requested to enter the hospital through the Ambulance Entry.

The artists’ works are offered for sale. A portion of the sale proceeds will benefit the hospital.

Who’s Who Editions To Include, Recognize Area ViolinistTeacher

WESTFIELD – Marquis’ Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World will recognize the work of Westfield violin performer, teacher and lecturer, Stephen Wolosonovich, by including him in their 2000 edition.

Mr. Wolosonovich has given world premieres of works by local composers Paul Kueter and Walter Legawiec at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City, Channel T Cable TV in Nutley; the solo violin sonata by Mr. Legawiec in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China.

He has commissioned a violin concerto from Mr. Legawiec, which premiered at Kean University with the Westchester Youth Symphony. 8 Rustic Dances were also commissioned and premiered at the First Congregational Church in Westfield last year.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Mr. Wolosonovich was encouraged by the New Jersey Council on the Arts and the National Endowment of the Arts to present violin recitals in schools and colleges. Over 20 concerto appearances were sponsored by art groups in the state along with the symphony orchestras of Summit, Union, Jersey City, Nutley, Elizabeth and the Suburban Symphony of Cranford.

Mr. Wolosonovich celebrates 25 years of performing and teaching in Westfield by forming a concerto solo orchestra with his students as both soloists and orchestral players. They held their first performance last June 19 at the First Congregational Church in Westfield.

Stephen Wolosonovich St. Agnes Craft Fair Set; Vendors Sought

CLARK – Vendors are currently being sought for the fall craft fair at St. Agnes Parish school auditorium in Clark on Saturday, October 23, at 9 a. m.

Dealers must assemble their tables at 7: 30 p. m. before doors open to the public at 9 a. m.

Indoor space is $35 for a 12foot table and two chairs, or $30 for an 8foot table and one chair. Space will be reserved upon receipt of check or money order.

For more information, please call St. Agnes at (732) 3887852.

Annual Italian Feast Planned in Union

UNION – The fifth annual Italian Feast of St. Michael the Archangel will be held from Friday, September 24, to Sunday, September 26, from Stuyvesant Avenue to Vauxhall Road and Roosevelt Avenue in Union.

Sponsored by the Columbia ItalianAmerican Club, the festival will include rides and food vendors.

On Friday night, the Marty DeRose Review will perform. Saturday’s entertainment will begin with Perfect Combination, followed by disc jockey “Big Joe” Henry from New Jersey 101.5 FM radio. The oldies group, Goodfellas, will close out Saturday’s entertainment along with “The Infernos.” Sunday’s schedule will include “DJ Joey T” and “Paradise.”

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