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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, July 15, 1999 Page 13



Jolly Trolley Makes a Clamor; Bangs Mattress Factory, 12-9


Westfield Softball Fields Become Topic of County Conversation

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 Ciarrocca headed for third, but when the throw to third ricocheted off him, Ciarrocca was awarded home. Marks scored when Gary Shor looped a single over third. The Factory men got heavy in the fourth and tipped the see-saw in their favor, taking a 9-8 lead. Cheety clobbered a leadoff, nearly perpetually rolling, solo homer off the concretelike surface in remote left. After the ball was retrieved, Halsey deflected a double off a mogul in right, then Tim Walsh followed with an RBI double to left. The Trolley men evened the board in the bottom of the inning when Stofa shattered a solo home run into left-center of Field No. 6. Defense then prevailed in the fifth when Jolly man Jones made a great sliding catch in left and Factory man DeClarico at second made a splendid diving snag of a grounder and crawled to second in time to get the force out. DeClarico opened the sixth with a chopping single over second, then Rowland popped up to second. Cheety drilled a shot seemingly into the gap near second, but Stofa made his fabulous diving grab then flicked the ball to Ciarrocca at second who then fired to Keith Johnson at first to complete the double play. Momentum leaned in the direction of the Jolly Trolley men as they rolled in the sixth. Stofa singled to left then sped to third when the throw from left went awry. Tobey drew a walk, then Berger bopped an RBI single to left. As the throw from left went

askew, Tobey trotted home with the second run. Phil Lottman put the Trolley on track with a 12-9 lead by lashing an RBI single past third.

The Mattress Factory ran out of spring in the seventh and the Trolley clanged loudly with the victory. Berger was “King” as he finished with four hits and four RBI. Tobey finished 3-for-3 with two runs scored and Tim Walsh of the Factory finished with three hits.

In the meantime, Checchio Chiropractic took sole possession of first place, jumping its record to 9-4, with a 13-1 victory over A. J. Jersey at Field No. 6.

Mattress Factory 241 200 0 9 Jolly Trolley 512 103 x 12

UC Senior 60+ Softball Results: L. A. Law 21, IL Giordino 4

Hank Laeawiec had three hits, Jake Wood whacked a double, triple and a HR and seven other players had multi hits for L. A. Law. Pete Ierino and Charles Lindner had two hits each for Giordino.

L. A. Law 12, Mangel’s Realtors 11

The Lawmen came back from a seven-run deficit to shred Mangel’s on home runs by Ron Cerina and Jake Wood. Joe LaPlaca had two doubles and Wood added two doubles to complete the comeback.

Pioneer Transport 19, IL Giordino 7

John Wosniak, Lionel Genello, Ralph Eisenberger, Joe Wolosen and Jack Anderson all had multi hits for Giordino.

60’s Division:

TEAM W L GB. L. A. Law 11 2 Pioneer Transport 7 2 2.0 Mangel Realtors 2 6 6.5 IL Giordino’s 3 8 7.0 Marion Roofing 2 7 7.0

Union County Senior 50+ Softball League Results:

(As of July 9) Antones Pub & Grill 20, Union Center National Bank 4

Joe Tarulli homered, Al Daddio and Gerry Faruolo had multiple hits as Antones notched 13th win. Tom Connolly, Jim D’Arcy and Bill Hamilton had two hits each for UCNB.

Rehabco 17, Jacobson’s Roofing 6

Dick Kotoski and Bill Granata had three hits each and Howie Bush went 4-for-4 with three home runs for Rehabco.

Legg Mason 13, Rehabco 10

Jack King, Chick Miller, Bob Rahnenfuhrer had three hits each. Jerry Daily tripled for three RBI and had an assist at home plate for the Leggmen. Bill Granata had four hits

with a double and a home run, John Desilvia, Pete Osborn and Buddy Bratzaitis had two hits each for Rehabco.

Cheeques 16, Bottoms Up 6

Cheeques was elated with three hits from Gerry Halfpenny and Larry Rehak along with two hits each from Ralph Eisenberger, Teo Fernandez, Lou Koehler, Tom McNulty, Tony Oliva, August Ruggiero and Dennis Kosowicz who also homered.

50’s Division 1:

TEAM W L GB. Nilsen Detective 15 2 Comcast Cable 14 4 1.5 Antones Pub 13 4 2.0 Union C N Bank 10 8 5.5 Cheeques 5 12 10.0

50’s Division 2:

TEAM W L GB. Bottoms Up 11 5 Crest Refrigeration 4 11 6.5 Legg Mason 5 12 6.5 Rehabco 5 13 7.0 Jacobson Roofing 2 13 8.5

from getting hurt, and I know that a few guys got banged up last year. The fields should be dragged.

“The Scotch Plains Rec Department does theirs before every game. We have even had people volunteer to come out and drag the fields, but because of the liability, the (Public Works) Department refused to allow it,” he stated.

Scotch Plains resident Dom Deo plays for Comcast Cablevision in the UC 50 and also plays for the UC 60, St. Bartolomew’s Oldtimers Softball League of Scotch Plains and a Morris County league. The UC 50 League have scheduled many of its games at Memorial Field in Westfield.

“Being on a local senior softball team, I consider it a privilege to have a home field; however, members of our team are disappointed and embarrassed with the conditions. I hope that the reason they don’t take care of the fields is not because we are seniors. I hope that is not true!” Mr. Deo stated.

The foul lines have been nearly unrecognizable at Memorial Field, Mr. Deo commented.

“I bring six-inch rubber cones every game to mark the foul lines,” he explained.

Mr. Deo pointed out, “Every commission has on record who will be using the fields. So, it should be easy to prep the fields for the leagues. They need a monitoring system and a schedule for the maintenance crew.”

Westfield resident and seven-year WMSL veteran Chris Curty, who umpires and plays for Charlie Brown’s, said, “I have played sports in this town since I was a kid. Not only do you see men playing in Tamaques, but little kids use the other fields.”

Mr. Curty added that, “Westfield claims that they are strapped for tax money to go for maintenance. I also umpire in Clark, and what I have seen there is that they have concession stands where they take the money and use it to work on the fields. Perhaps this could be an alternative (in Westfield).”

Jolly Trolley player Tom Jogis, who resides in Clark, has played in the league (WMSL) for four years.

“I have seen a steady decline in conditions, especially the infield and batters’ boxes. A lot of guys turn their ankles coming out of the box. You would think that from the Town of Westfield, you would get better quality fields,” he said.

Mr. Jogis concurred with fellow ball players when he said, “If someone would just spend just a few hours a week on the fields, I think that there would be a big improvement. If someone would drag the field, it would save a lot of headaches.”

Roselle Park resident and Jolly Trolley player Jason Swain, in his sixth year, pointed out, “There are so many divots because they haven’t smoothed them over after the rain. We have had several guys take bad hops in the face, in the shoulder, and over the shoulder.”

Mr. Swain suggested, “The batter’s box for right-handers is six to eight inches deep. In the Fanwood League, they use rubber mats underneath. Maybe that is something that Westfield should consider. That saves on the dirt and the wear and tear on the field.”

Ten-year WMSL veteran Dave Ciarrocca, a Jolly Trolley player and Fanwood resident who grew up in Westfield, noted that, “The fields have never been maintained well. I have played in a variety of leagues, and these rank as the most poorly maintained. They’re dangerous!”

Mr. Ciarrocca added, “I would love to see the fields dragged and lined. Even if the (Public Works) department provides us with some equipment, we could find some guys who would drag the field.”

Erik Berger, who grew up in Westfield and has played for the WMSL, the JCC Sour Grapes and the Scotch Plains Softball League, stated, “I have played on these fields since I was 5 or 6, and these fields have steadily gone down hill.

“The batter’s box is terrible, you turn your ankle every time that you come out of them; there’s rocks all over the field, and the infield is just poorly maintained,” he added.

Mr. Berger concluded, “It’s a great town to live in and they should keep the fields adequate. If you want to keep the good leagues playing in here, you should

make the fields comparable.” Westfield resident and nine-year WMSL player Joe Walsh, who also plays in the Fanwood Softball League, firmly stated, “The fields are horrible. We played in a Knights of Columbus tournament in Linden, which is a blue-collar town, and between innings, a guy would come out with a small tractor and sweep the fields. When you come to Fanwood, you will see how immaculate that field is. Here, when I play third base, I take my life into my own hands.”

When asked who was responsible for the fields, Mr. Walsh commented, “That’s a good question. We went through this years ago when we wanted to put lights on the field, and the Recreation Department said that it was not their responsibility. The Public Works Department said that it was not theirs, either.”

Mr. Walsh continued, “Every now and then someone comes out and rolls these fields and they actually do a good job. I remember on the first day of the season, I actually called the Mayor’s office in the morning and complained. The fields were perfect that day.”

He added, “I also pay about $6,800 a year in property taxes. And I don’t know where that is going! I would like to know where that is going. I read in The Leader where there was supposed to be a $200,000 grant to fix these fields. Where has it gone?”

“It is embarrassing, as a Westfield resident, to see these fields in this shape. The first time a ball hits me in the mouth, I am coming after the town in a law suit,” he concluded.

Multiple-league player Gary Ruban, a Berkeley Heights resident and Head Baseball Coach at Arthur L. Johnson High School in Clark, representing Checchio Chiropractic, said, “The main thing is that the fields are not dragged. These Sunday softball players put their lives at risk fielding ground balls. Watering here is controlled by nature, but when it does rain, the puddles need to be swept out and smoothed. If not, it will turn into concrete.”

Danny Mondelli, another Berkeley Heights resident and multi-league player, has been Assistant Baseball Coach at Elizabeth High School for 13 years and plays for Checchio’s.

According to him, “If they would incorporate something into our league fees, perhaps they could use that money to maintain the fields. Usually most league fees include balls, umpires and field maintenance. League fees in this league — I don’t know what the money is being used for.”

Mr. Mondelli compared the differences in field maintenance mentality.

“The other leagues (out of town) are part of their (respective towns’) Recreation Department, and the fields are maintained. In Berkeley Heights, the fields are dragged every day. Apparently, that is not on the agenda in Westfield.”

WMSL President and lifelong Westfield resident Pat Brady, who plays for Checchio’s, commented, “When I was 10 or 11 and playing ball, all of the fields were really nice. This deterioration seemed to have happened in the past five years. The town Public Works Department seems that they just don’t care anymore about the fields in town.”

Mr. Brady continued, “I have called them up on occasions and they have come out on occasions, but they always say that they have other work to do. If you call them up at 10 a.m., they state that their work is already scheduled. I purposely have come to the park and have seen their guys sitting in trucks.”

He also pointed out that the Public Works Department seems to have indicated that anything that the softball players could present a liability.

Mr. Brady is a member of the PBA (Policemen’s Benevolent Association) Softball League in town, which plays every Wednesday night at the Memorial Field. Surprisingly, he observed, “it is dragged and manicured. And that is because a call is made from headquarters, not from a person here.”

He concluded, “As a Westfield resident, I am embarrassed with the conditions. Many of the league players from outside the town say, ‘don’t you pay tons of taxes, and where does the money go?’”

Greg Kasko, who plays for Checchio’s, strongly stated, “I have been a town resident for 27 years and a home owner for four years. My tax dollars are being spent in numerous places, but some of the dollars should be spent to maintain the fields. This town does have money. They roll out the red carpet for the soccer tournament each year.”

Mr. Kasko pointed out, “I don’t think that they have a manpower problem. The Town Department or the Rec Department could have somebody come out and drag not only the softball fields but the Little League fields. You have a lot of people in town who take pride in their athletics. Westfield has a storied history.”

Mr. Kasko added, “There have been many excellent Westfield High School athletes who went on to college, graduated and came back home to play on these fields. They want to come back home and play on a decent field. I don’t want to go home at night with a sprained ankle or a torn up shin because of the fact that the fields are not being dragged properly, if at all.”

According to Mr. Kasko, “The bottom line is this town can find money for what it wants when it wants. There is a need for money to be funneled into the proper maintenance of these fields. And, there should not have to be a special phone call to get the fields done.”

WTA Ladies Singles Tennis Ladder Told

Listed below are the current standings for the Westfield Tennis Association Women’s Singles Ladder, which reflect a few upsets (one player ascending 39 spaces) among the 36 matches played during the heat wave through July 11. All inactive players have been dropped from the standings. Those players who wish to be listed in the standings again must play and report some matches.

Names with numbers in parentheses after them indicate matches played so far. Eight matches must be played by Labor Day, September 6, in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. Players can access weekly updated standings on WTA’s Web site: by clicking on Women’s Singles (under Ladders), then Standings, then Recent. The next reporting period will conclude at 8 p.m. on July 25. Because of the increased volume of matches played each day, match scores should be reported within 24 hours (weekend scores by 9 p.m. Sunday evening) to Jean Power at (908) 654-7418.

1. Cindy Fechter (8) 2. Sherri Bender (12) 3. Jean Power (6) 4. Joann Purdy (14) 5. Andrea Lowenstein (12) 6. Carla Molowa (9) 7. Clara Karnish (8) 8. Dianne Mroz (5) 9. Janice Honymar (4) 10. Vanessa Barber (13) 11. Karen Dorne (7) 12. Wendi Cohen (7) 13. Helaine Wasserman (11) 14. Cheryl Buckman (1) 15. Pat Page (8) 16. Terry Macri (11) 17. Michele Fine (9) 18. Kathy O’Neill (12) 19. Jan Velasco (6) 20. Karen Fried (2) 21. Monica Gundrum (6) 22. Shari Koll (4) 23. Andrea MacRitchie (10) 24. Deirdre Gelinne (10) 25. Janet Cornell (12) 26. Kristen Kolek (8) 27. Tiiu Gennert (5) 28. Jody Weisman (5) 29. Carole Smillie (8) 30. Carol Gross (4) 31. Leslie Streit (5) 32. Diane Fleming (2) 33. Helen Leong (11) 34. Eileen Mitchell (6) 35. Ellen Smith (4) 36. Evelyn Matino (2) 37. Lisa Mikovits (7) 38. Liz Fischer (10) 39. Nancy Freundlich (11) 40. Suzanne Minken (7) 41. Diane Evans (4) 42. Theo Tamborlane (3) 43. Diane Barabas (3) 44. SarahGordon (2) 45. Anne Colucci (6) 46. Clare Minick (3) 47. Jeanie Arida (0) 48. Lauren Falk (0) 49. Diana Edkins (0) 50. Anna Murray (0)

WHS Football Web Site Set

See information on the recently established Westfield High School Football Web Site. Information dating back as far as the 1897 season can be obtained.

Anyone interested in the site can log on to:

The e-mail address is:

You may call Greg Gorski at Westfield High School, 550 Dorian Road, Westfield, 07090.






By virtue of the above-stated writ of execution to me directed I shall expose for sale by public vendue, on the 6th Floor of the Union County Court House (Tower) 2 Broad Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey on WEDNESDAY THE 21ST DAY OF JULY A.D., 1999 at two o’clock in the afternoon of said day. All successful bidders must have 20% of their bid available in cash or certified check at the conclusion of the sales.

The judgment amount is $119,179.92. PROPERTY TO BE SOLD IS LOCATED IN: City of Elizabeth, County of Union, in the State of New Jersey.


TAX LOT NO. 1188, BLOCK NO. 9. APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: 100 feet by 25 feet.

There is due approximately the sum of $122,903.52 together with lawful interest and costs.

There is a full legal description on file in the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff reserves the right to adjourn this sale.

RALPH FROEHLICH SHERIFF PARKER, MCCAY & CRISCUOLO, P.A., Attorneys Suite 500 1707 Route 70 East P.O. Box 1806 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034 CH-753943 (WL) 4 T 6/24, 7/1, 7/8 & 7/15/99 Fee: $155.04






By virtue of the above-stated writ of execution to me directed I shall expose for sale by public vendue, on the 6th Floor of the Union County Court House (Tower) 2 Broad Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey on WEDNESDAY THE 4TH DAY OF AUGUST A.D., 1999 at two o’clock in the afternoon of said day. All successful bidders must have 20% of their bid available in cash or certified check at the conclusion of the sales.

The judgment amount is $324,794.67. MUNICIPALITY: Mountainside. COUNTY: Union, STATE OF NEW JERSEY.

STREET AND STREET NO.: 398 Central Avenue.


DIMENSIONS OF LOT: 112.53 feet by 132.40 feet by 76.93 feet by 85.77 feet by 33.54 feet by 155.13 feet.

NEAREST CROSS STREET: 185.95 feet from Old Tote Road.

There is due approximately the sum of $333,218.56 together with lawful interest and costs.

There is a full legal description on file in the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff reserves the right to adjourn this sale.

RALPH FROEHLICH SHERIFF WILLIAM M.E. POWERS, JR., Attorney 737 Stokes Road P.O. Box 1088 Medford, New Jersey 08055-9962 CH-754471 (WL) 4 T 7/8, 7/15, 7/22 & 7/29/99 Fee: $165.24

Scotch Hills Women Tell Golf Results

A spokeswoman for the Scotch Hills Women’s Golf Association of Scotch Plains announced the winners of the 9 hole tournament “100% Handicap” held on July 6.


Low Gross: Laura Botto 44 First: Margaret Hickey and Carol Nichols 32

Second: Botto 35


Low Gross: Doris Molowa 47 First: Molowa 29 Second: Mary Hughes 32 Third: Alice Yorks 35




New Program Starts July 26 OPEN HOUSE

Monday July 19&26 • 4–7 p.m. Thursday July 22 • 2–4 p.m. Saturday July 24 • 1–4 p.m.

NICOLE’S YOGA CENTER (908) 789-6426 94 North Avenue, Garwood


(908) 7538240 Tom Turnbull, Dir. A YEAR ROUND SOCCER TUTORING


OF BALL CONTROL SKILLS. Because A Left Foot Is A Terrible Thing To Waste


David B. Corbin for The Westfield Leader and The Times

WATCHING CLOSELY WITH HIS EYES…Jolly Trolley slugger Erik Berger watches the ball closely with his eyes during the game with the Mattress Factory. Berger was King as he cooked up four hits, including a triple with four RBI.

David B. Corbin for The Westfield Leader and The Times

LASHING A SINGLE TO LEFT…St. Anne hitter Charlie Laskowski lashes an RBI single to left during the game with St. Joseph. Laskowski had a big evening with four hits.
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