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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, December 17, 1998 Page 21



· An employee of Centennial High School on Westfield Avenue reported that her purse, containing $60 and a pair of sunglasses, was stolen from her desk, according to police.

· Kevin Hoover, 35, of Scotch Plains was arrested at The Presbyterian Church in Westfield on Mountain Avenue and charged with criminal mischief after he allegedly punched out a small plate glass window on a rear door there, following an argument with someone from the church, police said. Hoover was released on his own recognizance.

· A Stirling Place resident reported that he was assaulted on Cacciola Place on November 6 by an acquaintance during a verbal disagreement. The victim told authorities the suspect pushed him to the ground, after which several other individuals then punched and kicked him, according to police.

The victim did not report any injuries, and no charges have been filed in connection with the case, officials said.


· A business on Cardinal Drive reported that two tires were punctured on a company vehicle.

· A Standish Avenue resident reported that her motor vehicle was entered while it was parked in her driveway and a backpack containing $420 in cash, a cellular telephone, credit cards and other personal items was stolen.

· Tahia Ragland, 26, and Sonya Vinson, 27, both of Newark, were arrested at the Monmouth County Jail on charges of theft and receiving stolen property in connection with a November incident in which clothing was reported stolen from a store on North Avenue, West, according to police. Bail for each of the suspects was set at $2,500 in cash.

· Sonya L. Salone, 18, of Roselle was arrested at a North Avenue department store on two counts of shoplifting, authorities said, after she allegedly attempted to steal $191 worth of clothing. She was released on her own recognizance.


· A Central Avenue business reported the theft of a fireplace mantel.

· Rafael O. Perez, 31, of Linden was arrested at South Avenue near Boulevard and charged with driving with a revoked license, along with three out-of-town warrants for contempt of court, according to police. He was transported to the Union County Jail on $2,025 bail.

· Police received a report that a man who appeared to be intoxicated entered a restaurant on South Avenue, East, and became disorderly. Authorities were called and the man left the scene.


· A Tice Place resident reported that his wallet and some money were stolen when his motor vehicle was burglarized.

· Donald Bradbury, 61, of Newark was arrested at Springfield Avenue and charged with possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, according to police, who said Bradbury was also wanted on a warrant out of Kearny. He was held in lieu of $500 bail.

· Ramon Juarez, 32, of Garwood was arrested in the 700 block of North Avenue, East, and charged with driving while intoxicated and with refusal to take a breathalyzer test, authorities said. He was released after posting $900 bail.


· Authorities received a report that a man threatened a video store clerk after being told he owed a late fee on a past movie rental. The clerk advised the suspect he would call the police and the latter left the store without further incident, officials confirmed.

· An inspection sticker was reported stolen from a motor vehicle on Prospect Street.


· A telephone and two packs of cigarettes were reported stolen from a motor

vehicle which was parked on Kensington Drive.

· A front license plate was reported stolen from a motor vehicle in the 600 block of Norman Place.


· Several lawn ornaments were reported stolen from a Springfield Avenue business.


· A motor vehicle parked in the rear of an East Broad Street restaurant sustained damage through criminal mischief, police said. Someone dented the right rear fender and the vehicle’s antenna had also been broken, authorities confirmed.

· Approximately $1,000 in cash was reported stolen from an unlocked desk drawer at an apartment complex on Central Avenue, police said.

· A bicycle was reported stolen from the south side Westfield Train Station.


· Police said an incident of criminal mischief occurred on North Avenue in which the entire length of a motor vehicle was scratched.

· A Westfield resident reported the theft of a briefcase, a cellular telephone and $68 in cash from his locker at a local recreational facility.


· A bicycle was reported stolen from a garage on Hort Street.


· A Garwood resident reported seeing a woman at a North Avenue department store wearing a jacket which he claimed had been stolen from him in April of 1993. He confronted the woman, who told him she had purchased the jacket at a garage sale, according to police.


· A Westfield woman reported the theft of a 1.5 carat ring, which she told police was missing after she shook hands with someone at a local house of worship.


· Caitlin Kozik, 20, of Scotch Plains was arrested in the 200 block of South Avenue and charged with driving with a revoked license, according to police.

She was also taken into custody on a fugitive warrant out of Sayreville for burglary, law enforcement officials confirmed. Kozik was turned over to Sayreville authorities.

· A bicycle was reported stolen from the south side Westfield Train Station.




· Two bicycles were reported stolen from local schools during the day. One was taken from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School and the other from Park Middle School. Both bicycles were locked in bicycle racks at the schools, police said.


· A Myrtle Avenue resident reported that someone entered the house through a bedroom window and took a small amount of cash. The incident occurred sometime between December 8 and December 9.



· One hundred block of Carol Road – lock out.

· Seven hundred block of Winyah Avenue – system malfunction.


· Three hundred block of Clark Street – gas odor investigation.

· North Scotch Plains Avenue and Roosevelt Street – wire down.

· Five hundred block of Dorian Road – unintentional alarm.

· Nine hundred block of Wyandotte Trail – unintentional alarm.

· Five hundred block of Springfield Avenue – system malfunction.

· Seven hundred block of Kimball Avenue – water leak.

· Nine hundred block of Mountain View Circle – unintentional alarm.


· Four hundred block of Roanoke Road – unintentional alarm.

· Three hundred block of Clark Street – unintentional alarm.

· Carleton Road and Fairfield Circle – leaf fire.

· Two hundred block of Seneca Place – electrical short.


· Springfield Avenue, Cranford – mutual aid.


· One hundred block of Mountain Avenue – smoke scare.

· Five hundred block of Kimball Avenue – lock out.

· Coleman Place and Edgewood Avenue – brush fire.

· Three hundred block of Clark Street – system malfunction.


· Five hundred block of Trinity Place – gasoline spill.

· Eight hundred block of Ramapo Way – hazardous condition.


· One hundred block of Mountain Avenue – oil burner malfunction.

· One hundred block of Sandra Circle – lock out.

· Four hundred block of Otisco Drive – trash can fire.


· One hundred block of Fair Hill Drive – gas odor investigation.


· Three hundred block of South Avenue East – odor investigation.

· Six hundred block of Dorian Road – lock out.


· Two hundred block of Welch Way – lock out.

· Four hundred block of Summit Avenue – system malfunction.

· Two hundred block of Springfield Avenue – unintentional alarm.

· Seven hundred block of St. Marks Avenue – smoke scare.


· Three hundred block of Clark Street – system malfunction.


· Two hundred block of Midwood Place – carbon monoxide detector activation.

· Two hundred block of Scotch Plains Avenue – wire down.

· Three hundred block of North Avenue West – emergency medical call.

· One hundred block of Fair Hill Drive – unintentional alarm.

· Fifteen hundred block of Rahway Avenue – unintentional alarm.

· Nineteen hundred block of Grandview Avenue – leaf fire.

· One hundred block of Elm Street – service call.


· Two hundred block of St. Paul Street – system malfunction.

· Four hundred block of North Avenue West – emergency medical call.

· One hundred block of Elm Street – unintentional alarm.

· Eight hundred block of Summit Avenue – assist police.

· One hundred block of Elm Street – spill on roadway.

· Eight hundred block of Forest Avenue – dumpster fire.

· Five hundred block of Springfield Avenue – system malfunction.


Eleven hundred block of Boynton Avenue – service call.

SOWING SCOUTS…The fifth-grade Girl Scout troop from Holy Trinity Interparochial School in Westfield recently planted an azalea bush in honor of 80 years of Girl Scouting in Westfield. First Marking Period Honors

Told for Terrill Middle School

Terrill Middle School in Scotch Plains recently released its honor roll for the first marking period. To be included on the Distinguished Honor Roll, students must achieve an “A” in all subjects.

To be placed on the Honor Roll, students must have at least two “A’s” and no grade lower than a “B” in major subjects and at least a “C” in other subjects.

SIXTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Matthew Bonasia Gregory Leischner Aliza Burns Jessica Lieberman Celina Chaves Jason Livingston Elizabeth Elko Marissa Mastroianni Anthony Ferrante Christopher Mattern Alexander Gerveshi John Monti Robert Gordon Alan Neuhauser Karina Gotliboym Katherine Newcomer Abraham Hiatt Sara Parisi Justin Hla-Gyaw Jamie Quale Casey Hoynes-O’Connor Rebekah Sedwin Nora Isack Brittany Speer Rebecca Koransky Erica Stuppler Robert Lasher William Swenson Michael Leighton Allison Taylor

Katie Zaleski SIXTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Brittany Adisano Jason Krueger William Albizati Daniel LaForge Jonathan Altman Jessica Leide Michael Baumwoll Jonathan Lorenzini Nikhil Bhasin Joseph Macchia Jessica Binkiewicz Nicole Malchow Carlene Bronikowski John Mangan Jenny Burke Kaityn Meredith Krystina Byron Taylor Montagna Jennifer Calvo Laura Mortkowitz Amanda Cameron Vanissa Okora Joscelyn Chang Manish Pandya Rachel Charme-Baum Lauren Perrotta Dori D’Aloisio Sarah Quale Christopher D’Annunzio Stephanie Reed Brent Davis Matthew Richers Tiffany Davis Sophia Riordon Elizabeth DeCataldo Sean Robinson Jacquelin DeJohn Nathalie Rodriguez Christine DeLuca Michael Ross Elise DeVries Christina Roth Alexa DiGiorgio Jessica Sapienza Michael Dinizo James Scalfaro Rachel Dolgin Sarah Schwartz Janee Easley Matthew Scibek Marc Fabiano Alyssa Shea Thomas Ferro Michael Sheffield Stefano Gaetano Amber Sizemore Ariel Gershman Samuel Slaugh Christine Gillie Sean Smith

Rachel Goor Michael Sprung Nicole Hagerty Chloe Sundstrom Laura Harrison Michelle Swick Shannon Hassett Kevin Urban Laura Henderson Sean Varsolona Rachel Herzberg Jennifer Villas Vester Howard Amanda Walker Stephanie King Laura Webb Aaron Klemow Carly Wells Hillary Klimowicz Kelly Zajac

Kristin Zyla SEVENTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Flora Alexander Vaidehi Patel Dani Finkel Roshni Patel Hannah Greenspan Allyson Salisbury Cheryl Kaplun Tracy Salmon Vani Kilakkathi Kimberly Schurtz Amanda Miller Eric Swenson Christina Minniti Christopher Wallden Jessica Neuringer Talla Weinberg

SEVENTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Jesse Allen Laura Manzi Ricardo Arocha Deryck Middleton Ryan Aspell Jared Montagna Sara Beckerman Scott Moynihan Shaun Bendik Lindsay Ordower Erica Bloom Arianna Power Kristen Bover Lukasz Pukalo Alexander Clark Abigail Rosenblatt Sean Colvin Rosanna Ryskasen Kevin DelMauro Barie Salmon Michael DeNichilo Juliana Sams Caryn Feder Kristin Schardien Kristi Gayara Alyssa Scizak Matthew Goldberg Elaine Shea Jaime GomezSalvador Dana Skwirut Michael Hessemer Stephen Tavares Kara Kaskiw Dustin Tenenbaum Morgan Larkin Michael Thompson Joshua Liss Daniel Wasserman Arleta Lobacz Anne Weber

Sara Woods EIGHTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Rhea Chakraborty Emily O’Connor Sofia Fayngold Elizabeth Pilkington Benjamin Flath John Piniat Tomo Gibson Amy Ryan Alex Hofer Delsa Slaugh Malina Milonnet Nisha Tamhankar Aurpon Mitra Amanda Wells

Judith Wicker-Briscoe EIGHTH GRADE

HONOR ROLL Kendra Andrews Sarah Konzelman Rebecca Babicz Holly Kramer Joseph Bartolotta Prianka Kumar Anisha Bhasin Rachel Kurtter Nicole Bodenstein Daniel Kurtter Jessica Bruntel Alicia Lazur Jamie Buteas Jeremy Lipstein Marc Calello Kelly Lusk Nancy Callahan Ayaka Maruko Pamela Cameron Lenore McMillion David Chang Melissa Mollen Evan Chinoy Esther Ogunyemi Colleen Coyle Charles Ortiz Alyssa David Melinda Palomares Cristina Fabiano Sonall Phatak Nicole Fallon Abby Price Gianna Ferrante Steven Rodriquez Elizabeth Gassler Alexandra Rosloff Sarah Ginsberg Adam Siegal Michael Gleason Bruce Smith, Jr. Kate Gousman Erica Speer Samantha Grzywacz Jorge Valladares Joshua Heffler Sarah Van Wagner Jovonne Jones Jorge Walker Stefanie Katz Caroline Webb Annmarie Klimowicz Kristen Wuest

Gershon Zebovitz

Deerfield School Tells First Marking Period

Honor Roll Students

Deerfield School in Mountainside recently released its honor roll for the first marking period. To be included on the High Honor Roll, students must achieve four “A’s”, one “B” in all subjects with a minimum of a B letter grade in minor subjects.

To be placed on the Honor Roll, students must have at least two “B’s” in all major and minor subjects.

To be placed on the Principal’s Honor Roll, students must achieve a minimum of all B’s and only one C. Due to a change in the honor roll criteria, the first marking period is the only time this honor roll will be utilized. After this period, only the High Honor and Honor rolls will be used.

SIXTH GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Julia Arpino Freddi Mack Brittany Bento Christine McCurdy Phonishia Borsellino Matthew Miller Katie Checklin Stacey O’Sullivan Anthony DeRose Joseph Pijanowski Ryan Faella Samantha Pingor Ashley Force Molly Schmidt Allison Gionta Morgan Starkey James Hughes Vera Souvorova Evan Kaplan Matthew Taeschler Nicholas Keller Lyndsey Thomas

SIXTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Gabrielle Apigo Andrew Huber Jillian Bottita Zachary Januik Patrice Cusano Michael Kolanko Adam Foti Jessica Landis Louise Fristensky Nicholas Margello Adam Geiger Ashley Massa Jennifer Hahner Pedro Neto Matthew Hiller Glynis Philips

Gregory Rehm SIXTH GRADE PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL Brian Arrigoni Aaron Covington Joshua Bumpus Nicole Galatilis Michelle Cirasa Robert Mack

Morgan Stellwagon SEVENTH GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Marissa Basile Chase Golomb Elizabeth Billy Brittany Hamtil Marissa DeAnna Jennifer Hauser Neha Desai Sarah Hu


HONOR ROLL Michael Amalfe Morgan Hill David Apigo Arda Hotz Nicole Baseil Jonathan Landis Michael Beil Irene Lentis Jenna Blasi Stephanie Lombardi Frank Bleibdrey Kaitlyn Moore Jamie Boyce Danielle Pace Eric Csaszar Helena Scholz Anthony DeAngelis Marcy Stickles Christopher DeVito Gregory Trimmer Eric Feller Christopher VanderMeer Jessica Garry Brian Wolford Arthur Gussis Kevin Wyvratt

Jamie Zawislak SEVENTH GRADE PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL Steven Bobko Jeffrey Hoffman Jean Brodian Brielle Luciano Alex Caffrey Gaetano Marretta Joseph DeRosa Jonathan Moss

Kristin Wedge EIGHTH GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL Katrina Blasi Michael Margello John Bodenchak Shaun Modi Daniel Drake Jessica Nichols Jude Faella Deirdre Norris Brian Gardner Constance Souder Suzanne Hopkins Nicole Taeschler Estrella Lopez Lindsay Vlachakis Kristin Manzo Stacy Vlachakis

EIGHTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Craig Andersson Kenneth Kolanko Salvatore Arpino Stephen Kress Tara Crane Jonathan O’Dowd Ashley Criscitiello Chuck Orlando David Dempsey Jennifer Punsal Nicole Ehrhardt Christine Reidy Ashley Ferrell Kimberly Risch Katelyn Fenton Brittany Sanders Aimee Johnston Jamie Tam Joseph King Beatrice vonSeckendorff Peter Klebaur Christine Weag

Kailey Wheaton EIGHTH GRADE PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL Britanny Grillot Tim Scofield Kevin Guidicipietro Rebecca Paskow

SP-F High School Announces First Marking Period Honors

Two hundred seventy-four students have been named to the first marking period Honor Roll at Scotch PlainsFanwood High School.

Four freshmen, or 1.45 percent of the 276-member class, were named to the High Honor Roll, which requires straight “A’s” if the student is taking four or five subjects, or at least five “A’s” and a maximum of one “B.”

Forty-five students, or 16.30 percent of the class, made the Honor Roll, which requires no mark less than a “B” and at least three “A’s.”

Among sophomores, 17 students, or 6.27 percent of the 271-member class, achieved High Honor Roll status. Sixtytwo students, or 22.89 percent of the class, were named to the Honor Roll.

Thirty juniors, or 12.24 percent of the 245-member class, achieved High Honor Roll status. Forty-seven juniors, or 19.18 percent of the class, were named to the Honor Roll.

Thirteen seniors, or 5.22 percent of the 249-member class, were named to the High Honor Roll. Fifty-six seniors, or 22.49 percent of the class, achieved Honor Roll status.

FRESHMEN HIGH HONOR ROLL Matthew Denichilo Caitlin Mahony William Gonch Matthew Ortyl

FRESHMEN HONOR ROLL Kaitlyn Adelaar Karen McCourt Jennifer Alonzo Daniel Nelson Erin Baer Kristy Novak Kristen Baird Laura O’Neil David Baumwoll Jennifer Ordelt J. Raymond Bover Andrew Pavoni Erin Breznitsky Maggie Pepe Regina Cappio Christine Perrotta Joanna Cichon Jonathan Quijano

Jay Cordes Kerri Quinn Marquitta Davis Brian Raszka Allison De Maio Patrick Romeo Lauren De Martino Timothy Ryan Matthew Deegan Lana Sacks Sonia Dutta Amy Schwartz Jaclyn Fiorino Steve Shin Jennifer Harrison Eva Stepanowicz Brian Kaplun Jason Subbie Laura Kavinski Stephen Swenson Jaclyn Lavery Lan Trinh Michelle Lockhart Catherine Trombley Jessica Maggs Alfred Twu

Jennifer Vadas SOPHOMORE HIGH HONOR ROLL Christina Albizati Katherine O’Connor Sarah Anderson Alexis Ottati Andrea Cristiani Shivani Parmar Kathleen DeLuca Adam Powers Andrew Elko Eric Pugia Christin Kurz Jeffrey Reichman Catherine Mangan Vincent Salvadore Shannon McEneely Jennifer Seto

Ilana Weinberg SOPHOMORE HONOR ROLL Paul Barnas Gregory Kerian Jennifer Bassman Susanna Klassel David Bell Kenneth Kocses Brittany Bellizeare Eric Konzelman Dana Berkowitz David Larkin Anthony Blasi Jessica Lobrace Michelle Bover Sheila Marikar Eryn Bushinger Brian Maroney Robert Cardinale James McClintock Conrad Cho Matthew Metzger Jennifer Curren Brian O’Neil Lindsey Davis Anne Percoco Jamie Dougher Alicia Piniat Myla Flake Thaddeus Price, Jr. Michael Franzone Rennier Razal Timothy Gander Ruth Rohrer Christopher Gawryluk Nina Sado Kelly Gayara Alyssa Sams Douglas Gillie Christopher Sensor Najwa Glover Sunita Shah Laura Goscicki Lynn Shin Gail Hannigan Amit Shoor Thomas Hardy Christopher Silva Amanda Heffler Kristen Simberg Jessica Hensal Michael Stanley Emma Hiatt Jennifer Stearns Dennis Jones, Jr. Elizabeth Tumolo Carolyn Keeton Lisa Wagner Erin Kelly Alison Wilks Philip Kelly Felicia Williams Jessica Kenderdine Alexander Zajac

JUNIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Brigitte Argueta David Loewinger Melissa Benski Michael Loewinger Jessica Biegelson Julie Lowen Claire Cappio Tracy Macalintal Veronica Cruz Matthew McCartney Ankur Dalal Marisa Melendez Robert Giordano Amy Mitchell Kevin Grinberg Timothy Pai Jay Harris Amanda Rice Christopher Hartelius Justin Ross Daniel Jimenez Jaclyn Sanders Nathaniel Jones Rebecca Silver Megan Kiel Sarah Vilim Iris Kim Elizabeth Weiler James L’Heureux Jessica Wietsma

JUNIOR HONOR ROLL Jennifer Ascolese Jacqueline Klock Sara Baer Ron Kuhler Steven Berkowitz Shawn Lafkowitz Cara Bristol Daniel Loomis Justin Brodersen Jennifer Miller Kelli Church Richard Milligan Martin Cichon Allyson Novorro Kaitlen Colville-McGuire Elazar Nudell Monique Davis Marla Pachler Diana Filo Sergio Pereira Adam Fineman Carolyn Pilkington Rachel Fisher Raymond Raszka Evan Flath Dara Reeves Rebecca Garcia Charles Rowe Daniel Goehry Sophia Salman Matthew Goldenberg Andrew Schwartz Michael Grabel Colleen Sellers David Herrmann Nicole Senatore Kerri Herrmann Jane Ann Shih Edward Jackson Debra Slaugh Chitra Kalyanaraman Victoria Smith James Kao Shalice Toney Travis Kipping Alex Wasserman

Erin Wilkinson SENIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Lauren Blalock Amanda Koscielecki Bridgette Carter David Lasus Celeste Coleman Robert Leichner Jacquelyn Dempsey Kathryn Lies Gerald Kavinski Andrea Liss Mariya Koroleva Jason Meehan

Ruyun-Luc Zhao SENIOR HONOR ROLL Ashish Advani Brielle Kerken Joana Alonzo Eun Jin Lee Nanna Asgeirsdottir Adam Levoy Falon Becker Lauren Mangione Mena Bernaba Antonio Melendez Jennifer Blauth Diana Mendez Erin Brandt Jessica Miller Allison Breidenstein Todd Moser Christine Brock Jessica Mullarkey Stacy Bushinger Lauryn Nanni Allison Campell Erin Paruta Melissa Canniff Adena Plesmid Erin Cassidy Nickeshia Richards Liad Chazan Tamoya Rose Tara Chen Chantal Roshetar Jessica Choynake David Russ Nicholas Cvetovich Tomasz Sado Elise Daniledes Lauren Schwartz Erin DeProspero Eileen Sweeney Nicole Dietlmeier Rachel Teutonico Dana Dixon Susan Tiedemann Elizabeth Drown Paul Valenzano Kourtni Fortune Jan Weiner Steven Halas Dorothy White Jaime Hawkins Kari Whitley Stacey Heppt Matthew Wilks Jonathan Hyman Lisa Yagi Danielle Kapner Alyssa Yetka

Park Middle School Reports First Period Honor Roll

Park Middle School recently released its honor roll for the first marking period. To be included on the Distinguished Honor Roll, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 must achieve an “A” in all subjects.

To be placed on the Honor Roll, sixthgrade students must have at least two “A’s” and no grade lower than a “B” in major subjects including mathematics, English, science, social studies and reading, and at least a “C” or “S” in other subjects.

Seventh-grade students must achieve at least two “A’s” and no grade lower than a “B” in major subjects including mathematics, English, science, social studies and study skills, and at least a “C” or an “S” in other subjects, to be named to the honor roll.

Eighth graders must earn at least two “A’s” and no grade lower than a “B” in major subjects including mathematics, English, science, social studies and foreign language, and at least a “C” or an “S” in other subjects.

SIXTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Byard Bridge, 3rd Christopher Huether Jesse Bruch Danielle Pietrucha Matthew Capodicasa Joanna Rosenberg Tayler Cianciotta Justin Rowinsky Daniel Deegan Jeremy Sanders Alexandra Fredas Shrenik Shah Christopher Gigel Elizabeth Stamler

SIXTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Francesca Albano Sean Mahoney Kimberly Barry Luke Makowski Briana Berry Sara McArdle Robert Bethea Sean McNelis Matthew Blasi Amy Mills Mallory Brockway Steven Mineo Stephen Carroll Jessica Moore Salvatore Cerchio Heather Novorro Jessica Cicalese Michael Paraboschi Abbegail Cohen Jason Parker Jenner Cole Anket Patel David DeMair David Rappaport Kelsey Foy Michelle Regg Melissa Franks Jennifer Roth Kerry Gander Kyle Rzonca Maura Gilloolly Anthony Sarceno Kimberly Grizzard Stephanie Shomade Gerald Halloran Emma Sparber David Hauptman Kelly Syring Nicole Honeycutt Nicole Tanguy Lamont Hunt Ryan Thompson Daniel Kaiserman Heather Vitollo Kevin Klehm Andrew Watson Stephanie Koleda Michael Whitney Frederick Kovalyov Yijiao Xu

Bethany Zimmerman SEVENTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Jessica Cavanagh Chelsea Mintz Lauren Fox Caitlin Shevlin Laura Manziano Nancy Twu Zachary McGuire Camille Vecchione

SEVENTH GRADE HONOR ROLL Meral Akyuz Mariela Lemus Charles Bachi Karen Lucey Kyle Baker Peter Maricic Nina Baker Jenna Marionni Kathryn Bantz Christa Maravelli Andre Baruch Joseph Matrale Devon Bonstein Lauren McVey Ryan Breznitsky Andre Melendez Judith Brown Kyla Mendes G.D. Clark Daniel Metzger Lauren Conway Kristin Oley Alyson DiFiore Scott Pober Jaclyn Eannucci Matthew Powers Ronald Ferrara Meaghan Roberts

Derek Francavella Tyler Rodgers Sean Fuller Christopher Russo Robert Fusco Victoria Sale Allison Gebler Daniel Sandiford Roseann Ghabour Theodore Sensor Daniel Granda Victoria Shelus Lauren Haertleiln Courtney Stewart Brittany Hessemer Patrice Taylor Stephanie Jacobus Sarah Trezoglou Timothy Karis Courtney Veeck Jamie Kaye Erika Viglianti Jessica Kim Eric Wildstein llya Laksin Allison Williams Celine Lavigne Richard Zebleckas

Kathryn Zinman EIGHTH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Alicia Cristiani Monique Lemus Jillian DeMair Eric Pratt Katie Downey Edward Saridaki Jason Hipp Jessica Seto Laura Klastava Nicholas Sette

Melissa Wergland EIGHTH GRADE

HONOR ROLL Leslie Argueta Ryan Keogh Lauren Baines Elise Koerner Lauren Bauman Catherine Madurski Kathryn Benski Caitlin McNelis Schuyler Boyda Deanna Mustachio David Campbell Jennifer Ochsner Mary Cerchio Yeojin Park Steven Dickey Robert Percoco Eve Donovan Megan Reddington Steven Doremus Joshua Sanders Brandice Flournoy Philip Saraceno Joshua Haggan Christopher Seeman Courtney Hannig Patrick Shevlin Stephanie Heath Arthur Silber Jodi Heavey Kevin Watson Danielle Hirschhorn Deana Wilks Nicole Impellizzeri Laura Wittish

Michael Zatorski

Wardlaw-Hartridge Announces Honor Roll

SCOTCH PLAINS – The WardlawHartridge Middle School in Edison has announced that seven students from Scotch Plains have been named to the Upper School Honor Roll for the first marking period.

To be named to the Honor Roll, students must achieve a “B plus” average and have no grade lower than a “B” in their academic subjects.

Township students who earned Honor Roll status include Samantha Schackman, Grade 10; Atul Jain, Kimberly Karlen and Eric Rosenberg, Grade 11, and Ben Friedland, Kavitha Janardhan and Michelle Schackman, Grade 12.

Gwendolyn Schundler Named to Honor Roll

WESTFIELD – Mount Saint Dominic Academy in Caldwell has announced that Gwendolyn Schundler has received second honors for the first quarter of the marking period.

Gwendolyn is a sophomore student at the academy. She is the daughter of Robert and Pamela Schundler and resides in Westfield.


· Lance Forneyhush, 21, of Plainfield was arrested and charged with giving false information to a police officer during investigation of a suspicious person report on Terrill Road, authorities said. He was released on his own recognizance.

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