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Blue Devil Hockey - Battle Toms River North Skaters to 4-4 Tie; Lose to Clifton 6-2

By Steve Dennis Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times

FACING OFF...Derek Fisher of the Westfield High School ice hockey team faces off against his opponent from Clifton High School. The Blue Devils had to face the music when they lost to a strong Clifton team, 6-2, on January 10.

WHS Hockey Devils Battle Toms River To 4-4 Stalemate.

It was a goal-for-goal fight on the ice for the Westfield High School hockey team on January 8 when they played against Toms River North. Quick action from both sides left the first period tied up at two points each.

Goalie Bryan Graye fell ill between periods, giving Brian Garrison time in the net. Garrison's solid performance, including a breakaway save, held Toms River North in check while Derek Fisher and Ronnie Kashlak fought for a 3-2 lead. Christian Fagin completed the offensive trio at left wing. After switching pairs, the Blue Devil defensemen showed much more effective net coverage.

Despite a more aggressive game than the team has played previously, Toms River slipped through to tie it up at 3-3. Later, the Blue Devils punched through for another goal, only to end the game with a 4-4 stalemate, when Toms River added another goal.

All around the Devils were a stronger physical presence on the ice. More aggressive defense and the usual powerhouse offense promise the Devils improvement in future games.

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