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Westfield Lacrosse Blue Team Victorious Over Chatham 97mar27

The Westfield Blue seventh- and eighth-grade lacrosse team won its second straight game this season, this past week by defeating Chatham, 12-4.

In a play set up by J.H. Flood and Connor Mulvee, midfielder Mike Farley fed the ball to attack man Chris Dodge for the opening score. Chatham retaliated with brutal attack force but was no match for the Westfield wall built by defensive players Jacob Dupont, Jim Mitchell, Glenn Hurley and Matt Hall.

Attackman Mulvee scored for the Blue on a sweet feed from Dodge on the fast-break. Mulvee ripped past the Chatham defense on a play set up by Westfield goalie Dan Morrissey and midfielder Brad Gillen. Mulvee’s goal was assisted by attackman Jack Kane.

Dupont displayed determined defensive strategy allowing Tom Wade to fire a goal past the overwhelmed Chatham goalie. Attackman Greg Elliott and midfielders Jon Graham and Gillen kept the Chatham defense occupied while Mulvee took advantage of this opportunity and fed Evan Molloy for a quick goal. Elliott, Graham and Gillen continued to stand up to serious physical pounding by Chatham to position the Blue to score.

The Chatham attack was unable to get around the Blue defensive wall as Hurley and Hall relentlessly protected their goal. Flood sped the ball to Dodge who rocketed it past the Chatham goalie with only a minute left in the first half

Chatham came back at the half determined to control the game. Matt Simone explained who was boss as he knocked the Chatham midfielder out of bounds. Simone’s move allowed Flood to fire a difficult left-handed shot and score for the Blue. Flood then assisted Mulvee as he tore a shot into the Chatham goal, completely frustrating the Chatham team. Midfielder Gillen was relentless in his shots-on-goal. His tenacity worked for the Blue as Gillen scored on a feed by Simone who took a nasty hit from the Chatham defense.

An offensive drive pitted Hurley against a huge Chatham Attackman but it was no problem as Hurley took the ball away and passed it to Mulvee who moved the ball into position. Dodge quick-sticked in another shot to score again for the Blue. With 30 seconds left in the third quarter, Farley followed suit with a hard shot unmatched by the Chatham goalie. The fever was high with only 15 seconds left to the game and Flood flew past the weakened Chatham’s defense to Farley. Farley cranked the last shot on goal moving the final score, 13-4.

Chatham did manage to squeeze in four goals during the course of the game, but they were hard won. Goaltenders Dan Morrissey and Tim Mansfield were spectacular in defending the cage with repeated tough saves.

The Westfield Blue will meet a tough Chester team at the Black River Field in Chester on Wednesday, April 2, at 4 p.m.