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General Motors Urged to Safeguard Well Water Against Contamination

With reference to the article which appeared on page 24, Section 1, of The Sunday Star-Ledger (August 24) concerning the covering of contaminated land on the site of the former Hyatt-Clark General Motors plant on Raritan Road, I wish to express my concern and alarm. The contaminants were described as being "lethal for human consumption and contact."

I and other home owners in this area have private wells that are fed by the aquifers running northeast underneath the area described above. The quality of our well water still meets standards set by the State of New Jersey, and the level of these standards certainly should be maintained.

It would be a great disservice to all of us if the quality of our well water were to be sacrificed for the sake of profit. Hopefully, General Motors will carry through with a conscientious effort to clean up the contaminated area in question.

Jacqueline F. Reich

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