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Westfield Students Spend Three Weeks in Germany

Seven Westfield High School students and their German teacher recently completed a successful three-week, school-to-school exchange program in Germany during the summer.


Students from Westfield High School recently traveled to Darmstadt, Germany, as part of a three-week "School-to-School Exchange" program sponsored by the Foreign Languages Department. They attended classes at a college preparatory school there while staying with local families. During the spring, students from Germany also stayed in Westfield and attended classes at the high school.

Westfielders Elizabeth Eyring, Jason Krieger, Jonathan Larsen, Lee McDermott, Jennifer Oslislo, Christopher Owens and Kristen Steinbrecher, along with their German teacher, "Frau" Marianne Torre, traveled to Darmstadt, Germany for the exchange program.

During their time abroad, students attended classes daily at the Edith Stein Gymansium, a college preparatory school, and lived with the families of their host students.

This past spring, German students from the Stein School lived with their host families in Westfield while attending classes at the high school.

The summer trip to Germany is part of Westfield High School’s "School-to-School Exchange" program, which is sponsored by the Foreign Languages Department. Other reciprocal exchanges involve Westfield High School students each year in educational and cultural experiences in France, Italy and Spain.

In addition to attending classes at Westfield High School’s host school in Germany, the seven Westfield students participated in trips with their host families and as a group to many sites of educational and cultural interest, including an excursion to the medieval town of Rothenburg, a boat ride on the Rhine River and an exhibit of contemporary European painting in Kassel, Germany.

Reflecting on the success of this trip, Mrs. Torre said she found the students to be extremely interested in absorbing the culture and speaking the language. "The students in their travels," Mrs. Torre indicated, "found ways to apply the language skills they have learned in the classroom to real-life situations."

Perhaps the value of such educational and cultural exchange programs can be best summed by one of Mrs. Torre’s students, who exclaimed to her while in Germany, "Frau! I'm speaking German!"

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