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Enrichment Center Offers Full Menu of Fall Programs

The Enrichment Center, located in Westfield, has announced its lineup of fall programs.

Elaine Sigal, one of two owners in the company said, "We believe in supplementing existing quality education. Everyone has unique gifts and talents which should be cultivated to ensure maximum individual development.

"Our goal is to provide an environment in which growth in breadth and depth are encouraged," she added.

Classes are offered Sunday through Thursday at times convenient for school children. Basic educational needs are met through handwriting, reading, mathematics, test taking, and study skills classes. Students can expand their learning by taking classes in poetry, fables, Junior Great Books, and languages.

Classes for gifted and talented students are offered with a letter of recommendation from a classroom teacher. Special needs students have their needs met with classes designed for them.

Middle school and high school students will find classes which focus on term papers, essay writing, college application process, and Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) I and II. All classes last for one hour. Private enrichment and private tutoring are also available.

Rhoda Asch, an owner of The Enrichment Center, said, "Parents who bring their children to The Enrichment Center are reassured to know that our teachers are always certified and experienced.

"Programming is tailored to the needs of the students. The child does not have to adapt to learning at The Enrichment Center; The Enrichment Center adapts to the needs of the child," she added.

"We believe that all children should be challenged and not stifled. We want what is best for the child. Classes at The Enrichment Center are limited to eight students to provide individualized attention," explained Ms. Sigal.

The gifted and talented programs at The Enrichment Center will vary each semester to provide a myriad of educational experiences for these bright students, according to the co-owners.

The Enrichment Center, located at 424 Central Avenue, offers classes and private tutoring for children from Kindergarten through high school. Fall brochures are available for elementary, middle, and high school programs.

For more information, please call the center at (908) 654-0110 to receive a free copy of any of the brochures.

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