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Paris, France to The Leader:

Subject: Great Web site

Date: 97-01-16 03:19:10 EST

To: The Westfield Leader on the Internet

Congratulations on a marvelous new web site. As Westfielders spending a year overseas for job and family health reasons, we have already found the Leader's new web page to be a wonderful way for us to stay in touch with the news back home. Since we discovered the page a week ago, our three year old, who misses Westfield enormously, asks on a daily basis to "go to Westfield" to see the photogallery.

Keep up the great innovation.


Joel, Pascale, David and Jeremy Reidenberg

(PS-- Hope you put up more sections of the paper like the Editorials and Letters to the Editor.)

Joel R. Reidenberg Visiting Professor 1996/97, Universite de Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Email: reidenberg@sprynet.com


Christmas Ice Art for David and Jeremy from your Leader friends at Elm Street, Westfield

Subj: Re: Hello from Westfield Leader
Date: 97-01-24 10:58:20 EST
From: reidenberg@sprynet.com
To: GOLEADER@aol.com

Hello Joel,

Did you get any mail from Westfield? I had calls about how neat your letter was. I'm trying to get going on posting Letters and Editorials as you suggested. Shortly, we'll be regular and more prolific. Hope you stay tuned.

Regards, Horace
Westfield Leader



I did indeed get one e-mail message from the Leader posting! I'll check to see if I saved the copy. It had a great quotable quote-- something like "I can't believe how wonderful this world is getting to be". I'll definitely be staying tuned.



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