Contest - Our Excellent Diner (There are Winners!)

More Photos Submitted!

The Excellent Diner, formerly of Westfield and pictured above now in Germany, is located about 200 kilometers north of Munich in the southernmost portion of the town of Aalen.

The Westfield Leader wishes to send a subscription to the Excellent Diner in exchange for their local paper being sent to the Cafe Java, 70 Elm Street, Westfield 07090. This is the basis for the Contest.

Anyone making the above newspaper exchange arrangements by using the Internet will receive a full size color poster printout (20" by 30") of the photograph above plus a one year free membership to the Downtown Technology Club. Up to 5 winners will be awarded; first come basis; all issues and judgements are subject to the sole discretion of the Editor.

See some of the Results! Click Here.

There are winners! If you tried hard without success, submit an E-mail to the Leader describing your efforts. We will judge the letters received to determine the remaining winners.

Jeff Becker of Westfield Wins, January 31, 1997

Sponsored by

Cafe Java, 70 Elm St.

The Downtown Technology Club, 52 Elm St.

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