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December 19, 2013

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This Is Westfield
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Westfield Council Honors Councilman David Haas

Scotch Plains/Fanwood
SP Council Starts Setting 2014 Agenda
FW Council Honors Anthony Parenti; Preps For 2014
Consolidation Panel Looks For Insurer For Study
Board OKs Gas Station Sign, Community Access Lot

Council Lauds Soccer Players; Approves Funds For Improvements
Zoning Board OKs Three Applications

CF Hopes to Have Hillside Liner Installed By January

Board Hears Plan To Expand South Avenue Building
School Board Receives Audit Report

I Tried to be Careful, Mr. Jones; Thank You Santa for Understanding
Bah, Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge; It's Not the Ghosts of Christmas

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BLUE DEVIL VARSITY GIRLS...Pictured, left to right, are: front row; Morgan Maloney, Caroline Kacmarsky, Megan Mondon and Carly Friedman; back row, Jackie Knapp, Lillian Scott, Olivia Luzzi, Rachel Mattessich and Amalia Montes.

Arts and Entertainment
Popcorn: ďOut of the FurnaceĒ And into the Cauldron of Controversy
Touring Theatre: Pushcart Players Are Celebrating New Jersey
Holiday Concert: Ring in the New Year with New Jersey Festival Orchestra
Musical Students: W-H Students Showcase Talents at Winter Concert
Festive Happening: WCW Welcomes New Member
Honor Roll - Park Middle School, SP -  First Marking Period

Mayoral Visit - FW Mayor Mahr Spoke to Students at School One on December 12

Apply Now - SPF Scholarship Foundation To Award Scholarships
Cultural Feast - School One Students Complete Heritage Project
Feeling Empowered - W-H Students Attend Young Women's Conference

SAYING GOODBYE...Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr stands beside Councilman Tony Parenti as he makes his parting remarks at his last council meeting on Tuesday night.

Week in Sports Lady Blue Devils Have More Speed, Depth in Basketball; Cranford, SP-F Provide Early Tests for Cagers; Lady Cougar Cagers Return Athletes, Quickness, Talent  ... Photos

Summary Of Community Posts
See all 2013-12-23 Westfield Kindergarten registration will be held beginning January 8 for all children who are residents of Westfield reaching the age of five on or before Oct. 1, 2014. Kindergarten registration will be held at Lincoln School, 728 Westfiel
See all 2013-12-20 Summit - The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is hosting an Opening Reception for Winter Exhibitions on Sunday, January 26 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Free and open to the public. For more information please call 908-273-9121 or visit www.artcent
See all 2013-12-16 Summit - The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey presents What Happens in Vegas as part of the Thursday Evening Salon Series on January 16, 2014 from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm. Free but please call to reserve a seat: 908-273-9121. Visit www.artcenter
See all 2013-12-14 Westfield - The Westfield West office of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is collecting unwrapped toys and personal items to benefit local residents in need through Heart for Humanity. The real estate office on 600 North Avenue West i
See all 2013-12-10 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ 07) will participate in a hearing tomorrow which will include testimony from the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will discuss the troubled launch of the O
See all 2013-12-10 Union County - Due to the snow, the County of Union announces the following measures: *All Union County Recreation programs, activities and facilities are cancelled or closed for today, including public sessions at Trailside Nature & Scien
See all 2013-12-09 Westfield - WHS Key Club's Annual Winter Wonderland Craft Fair!- Saturday, Dec. 14th; Time: 10am- 1pm; Location: Westfield High School Cafeteria B; Admission: $10 per child All elementary students as well as preschoolers are welcome to
See all 2013-12-07 Westfield - There was a major fire at the Wychwood Gatehouse last night. Equipment was on the scene from as far away as Union. East Broad, of course, was closed. I was coming home last night about 9:30 and found E Broad blocked off at
Please Help The College Men's Club of Westfield locate their Alumni - See the Names Here
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Speaking Out For You
Itís Too Late For Us... But You Can Still Save Yourself

2013-11-21: Only five million people have lost their health care so far because of ObamaCare. Unfortunately, our workers are included in this. This staggering number is actually very low compared to what is coming. The vast number of citizens will not be affected until next year. With political manipulation and to divide and conquer, Obama and his henchmen have postponed having it applied to corporations, unions, government, teachers, police, firefighters and others until after the national elections next year (2014).

Itís evident to those that are bilked now that ObamaCare is fraught with lies, deception and malice. Most of you donít know how bad it is. Youíll know next year when the ďbell tolls for thee.Ē You still have time to save yourself, though itís too late for us.

ď... Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didnít speak out because I wasnít a trade unionist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me (Martin NiemŲller, Nazi Germany).Ē Well, Iím speaking out for you.

You must defeat these ďLIZARDSĒ next year in the national elections. LIZARDS (Liberal Inane Zombies and Radicalized Democrats).

Those calling for  Obamaís resignation have not thought it through. Do they want Biden to become president? Whatís hungered for is the resignation of the matched set. Of course they wonít resign. Their egos canít contemplate such an honorable deed.  Obama will be gone in 2016. Until then, you must minimize the damage.

There is no lobby to stand up for the middle-class American citizen. You must stand up for yourself starting now. I promise all the ink in my barrel and all the gigabytes in my bandwidth to fight this atrocity for you.

Yes, Iím fighting mad. Itís not about the moronic website. For those that disagree with me, donít take it out on my employees ó take it out on me. My name is Horace Corbin, Publisher.

Is Our Healthcare Plan Substandard?

Weíve been asked to explain why we lost our healthcare. The drift of things: Our employees determine the features of their health care plan knowing that the cost comes out of their end of the year profit sharing (which they work hard for and deserve). No one here is of child-bearing age, so they donít choose to buy maternity leave or pediatric care. There are other items. Obamacare requires them to buy extra things that they donít need or want. So our group plan is cancelled. They are left with Obama Quotes for each individual. The cost is much higher and unaffordable. It appears they will also be taxed on it if the company helps. Where is that money going? And where is that money to come from?

2013-12-03 Update

* Obama and his RADs (Radicalized Democrats) invoked the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate to stifle debate over his nominations to pack the Supreme Court by voiding the 225-year rule of operation.

* Obama went to the teleprompter for political purposes to tell the public he decided that insurers can continue to offer their existing plans for another year, which is impossible and beyond the legal authority of the President to arbitrarily change laws. Obama is counter attacking his critics and is spending more millions of taxpayer dollars to promote Obamacare.

* Obama extended the date when the big next wave of Obamacare hits the nation (for corporations) until just after elections next year.

* NJ Gov. Chris Christie says Obama should just tell the truth.

* Insurer NJ Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield says it's not their fault, to the tens of thousands of customers in the state that are having their policies cancelled on 12/31/2013.

* There is a new website just activated by the insurance industry,, that has been authorized to sell health care due to the abysmal failure of Obamacare. It provides cost and options before you need to provide your personal information and buy it. The director of the website said he would never provide his personal information on the Obamacare website. Unfortunately, it is not available in all states due to Federal Banking and Insurance Commission regulations.

* Obama says the website is working much better now. Critics say the website is insecure and wide open for hackers to collect personal data of those that apply. Insurance companies say the Obamacare website is giving them incorrect forms for applicants and policies are falling through the cracks. Commentary: "Fixing the ObamaCare website is like greasing the guillotine."

* As of 12/01/13, approximately 800,000 in New Jersey have lost their health care policies with little idea of what to do.

* Update 12/10/13: People seeking insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges are finding the plans limit access to some of the best-ranked hospitals and cancer centers in the country. Former top health care adviser for the White House reveals, that's how the program was designed. Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel claimed Obama did not mislead. Emanuel added: "If you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that."

* 12/11/2013: There are 21 ObamaCare US Senators (Dems) up for re-election in 2014 with more than half of those being vulnerable. To respond for having your health care being cancelled (or soon to be cancelled), use your voice at the ballot box and make sure they don't get reelected.

* 12/14/2013: 2013's "Lie of the Year." Obama's oft-repeated promise that people who liked their insurance could keep under ObamaCare it was a "lie." PolitiFact, a political fact-checking website deemed the claim 2013's "Lie of the Year."
What a mess. Jan 1, hundreds of thousands in NJ will not be able to have found alternate to cancelled plans; millions in the country. Obama fiddles while Rome burns.
The latest deadline delay for the Affordable Care Act could lead to even more enrollment problems and place a bigger burden on insurance companies, experts say.
The Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday it would require insurance companies to accept premium payments for plans that start on Jan. 1 up until Dec. 31-eight days from the already once delayed date of Dec. 23.
"This will kill insurance companies," says Devon Herrick, senior analyst at the National Center for Policy Analysis, of the latest deadline extension. "I don't think insurance companies will be there on New Year's Day figuring out what they owe, who they need to bill and who has legitimate coverage. You can see what a mess this is---I can't imagine insurance companies can solve this in one day, especially when that day is a holiday."

* 12/20/2013: In the spirit of Christmas, further updates are suspended until next year. Merry Christmas.

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