2012 New Jersey General Election Voting Results The Westfield Leader and The SP-F Times NJ General Election was Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Results, Unofficial Candidate Information

NATION (President, 4 yrs) Tally Percent Reference Link
Barack Obama for President (DEM) 303, 58,936,634 Winner   National Report - NJ Report 2
Mitt Romney for President (GOP) 206, 56,587,014   National Report - NJ Report 2
SENATOR for NEW JERSEY (6 yrs)   unofficial 58%/40%  
Bob Menendez for Senate (DEM) 1,785,499 Winner   Nation Report - NJ Report - NJ Report 2
Joe Kyrillos for Senate (GOP) 1,221,012   Nation Report - NJ Report - NJ Report 2
7th Congressional District, NEW JERSEY (2 yrs)   unofficial 58%/40%  
Leonard Lance for Congress (GOP) 163,444 Winner   NJ Report - NJ Report 2
Upendra Chivukula for Congress (DEM) 112,261   NJ Report - NJ Report 2
(3 for 3 yrs) UNION COUNTY  Winner   DEM Sweep
Al Mirabella for Freeholder (DEM)  Winner   NJ Report
Mohamed Jalloh for Freeholder (DEM)  Winner   NJ Report
Bruce Bergen for Freeholder (DEM)     NJ Report
Diane Barabas for Freeholder (GOP)     NJ Report
Chris Nowak for Freeholder (GOP)     NJ Report
Stephen Kozlovich for Freeholder (GOP)     NJ Report
SCOTCH PLAINS (Mayor 4 yrs, Council 3 yrs)   unofficial 57%/43% Glover Wins, DEM Sweep
Mary DePaola for Mayor (GOP) 4161    
Kevin Glover for Mayor (DEM) 5611 Winner    
Ed Saridaki for Council (GOP) 4008    
Colleen Gialanella for Council (DEM) 5514 Winner    
(2 for 3 yrs) FANWOOD   unofficial 53%/47% DEM Sweep
Robert Manduca for Council (GOP) 1426    
Mike Szuch for Council (GOP) 1454    
Jack Molenaar for Council (DEM) 1666 Winner    
Daniel Levine for Council (DEM) 1660 Winner    
(2 for 3 yrs) GARWOOD   unofficial 55%/45% DEM Sweep
Tim Hak for Council (GOP) 753    
Michael Martin for Council (GOP) 731    
William Nierstedt for Council (DEM) 896 Winner    
Ann Palmer for Council (DEM) 849 Winner    
CRANFORD (1 for 3 yrs)   unofficial 53%/47% DEM Win
W. Scott Mease for Council (GOP) 4648    
Thomas Hannen for Council (DEM) 5327 Winner    
Clark (Mayor 4 yrs, Council 3 for 4 yrs)     GOP Sweep
Sal Bonaccorso for Mayor (GOP) 4266 Winner    
Rich Kazanowski for Mayor (DEM) 2565    
Alvin Barr for Council (GOP) 3718 Winner    
Bill Smith for Council (GOP) 3640 Winner    
Angel Albanese for Council (GOP) 3725 Winner    
Michelle Novak for Council (DEM) 2488    
Michael Altmann for Council (DEM) 2410    
Phil Laskowski for Council (DEM) 2392    
(2 for 3 yrs) Kenilworth     GOP, absentee not counted
Fred Pugliese for Council (GOP) 1361    
Toni Giordano for Council (GOP) 1344    
Kay Anne Ceceri for Council (DEM) 1293    
John Mauro for Council (DEM) 1323    
Ballot Question #1 - Should $750 million be borrowed to spend on state's colleges? Yes (62/38%)
Ballot Question #2 - Should justices and judges be required to pay some of their benefits? Yes (83/17%)
U.S. House District 12 Winner Holt Dem 172,763; 69%
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