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February 3, 2011

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Westfield Council Sets Municipal Pool Rates for Coming Year 

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dot.jpg (865 bytes) Anthony J. Scutti, Former Chief, Dies
dot.jpg (865 bytes) FormerResident Gives Back with Blog
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Council Reacts to Sale of Shackamaxon
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Council Debates Appointments, Issues
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Lance to Hold Town Hall Meeting In SP Sat.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Council Reviews Snow Budget
dot.jpg (865 bytes) UC GOP Honors Mortimer as Volunteer of Year
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Towns Concerned Over Sale Of Golf Courses 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) County Hires Consultant For New Skating Rink

Editorial: We Need Help From Our Favorite Rodent, Punxsutawney Phil
Editorial: Gangs in Town

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Feb 9, 2011 Westfield - Firefighters responded to an alarm activation shortly after 3 pm Wednesday February 9, 2011 to ...more
Feb 9, 2011 MOUNTAINSIDE – Volunteer Board members are sought. We are a children's mental health agency in Mountainsid ...more
Feb 8, 2011 Westfield - The Guillotine Salon & Spa is participating in Cranford First Presbyterian Church's "More than ...more
Feb 6, 2011 Westfield Historical Society program with Steven Glazer has been moved from Friday, February 11 to Friday, ...more
Feb 4, 2011 Berkeley Heights - On Friday, March 4, 2011, Fat Tuesday will be celebrated a few days early with a Mardi ...more
Feb 2, 2011 Westfield Storm Report - As of 12 noon Wednesday morning February 2, 2011 the Westfield Fire Department ha ...more
Feb 2, 2011 Ground Hog Day - Punxsutawney Phil, no shadow, spring is near! Staten Island Chuck agrees. 1296666053 ...more
Feb 2, 2011 Area - Serious Ice Problems this morning. Even walking is treacherous. 1296646558 ...more

SECURING THE REBOUND…Raider forward Aysia Peterson makes sure that she keeps the ball far away from Blue Devil Krista Embrett, No. 23. Peterson finished with seven rebounds, while Embrett finished with eight rebounds.

Arts & Entertainment
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Poignant Production: A Streetcar Named Desire is Must See Theater
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Milan and the Sour Goat: Airs Out Court Tavern
dot.jpg (865 bytes) ‘The Indiana Wasp’: Offers Historical Insight into Boxing
dot.jpg (865 bytes) ‘Array of Hope’: Inspires with A Lineup of Music, Comedy 
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Shall We Dance: Stars Join Westfield Symphony Performance
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Rockin' The Crowd: Sacred Heart Plays at 'Array of Hope'


Spring & Snow

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FINAL ROUND...The fate of the 145-acre property currently owned by Shackamaxon Golf and County Club is the topic of much debated discussion.

The Week In Sports: dot.jpg (865 bytes) Photos dot.jpg (865 bytes) Devil's Den: Twice in a Lifetime Is Twice Too Many dot.jpg (865 bytes) Raider Boys Edge Blue Devils For UC Swim Title; Lady Blue Devil Cagers Stun Raiders with 3-pointer; Blue Devils Grab 19th Straight UC Girls Swim Championship; Blue Devils Own the Boards, Defeat Cougar Cagers; Linden Tiger Matmen Bruise Wounded SPF Raiders ...more

online exclusive dot.jpg (865 bytes) Cranford Sports, 2 Pages dot.jpg (865 bytes) Subscribe Today dot.jpg (865 bytes) Meadowbrook Day Camp Insert 

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