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August 18, 2011

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Westfield Mayor Adjourns Meeting Amid Shouting From Audience

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dot.jpg (865 bytes) Bd. Denies Subdiv. on Prospect St. Near Brightwood Park
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Lance Says President, Congress Must Focus on Jobs
dot.jpg (865 bytes) DWC Gives Stats on 5K, Discusses HSBC Closing 
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Council Urges New Push to Restore Frazee House
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Multiple Scotch Plains Neighborhoods Burglarized
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Council OK’s $75,715 in Tax Assessment Reductions
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Judge Rules Against Town On Housing Development
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Teachers Contract at Impasse, Some Programs Revised
dot.jpg (865 bytes) County’s Deserted Village Barn Nearly Complete
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Open Space Funds Awarded For Projects in Union County

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dot.jpg (865 bytes) Editorial: Care Free Days Nearly Over For Kids, Parents As Schools Open
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Contact your Legislators dot.jpg (865 bytes) Budget Crisis Planet Westfield dot.jpg (865 bytes) Controversy School Superintendent Contracts
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Redistricting map, by towns
Aug 24, 2011 Westfield – Elected officials, transportation professionals and the public are invited to the next Rarita ...more
Aug 24, 2011 Area - Forecasters expect Hurricane Irene to gain strength over the next several days and continue to mov ...more
Aug 23, 2011 Region - Earthquake; At 1:55 pm for approximately 1.5 minutes, people of the region reporting to the news ...more
Aug 22, 2011 Westfield: FOUND: pet parakeet in downtown Westfield on Saturday night, August 20th. For more information ...more
Aug 19, 2011 Union County - Sheriff Ralph Froehlich announced this summer’s class of the Sheriff’s Youth Academy will ...more
Aug 19, 2011 Fanwood,, founded by Adam and Alicia Winters is holding a fundraiser to benefi ...more
Aug 19, 2011 Kenilworth - The public is invited to the groundbreaking ceremony at Galloping Hill Golf Course Set for M ...more
Aug 17, 2011 Summit - Open House Sing-In! You are invited to sing in with: The Continuo Arts Foundation's Choral Ensem ...more

VERY CLOSE PLAY AT FIRST...St. George’s Pete Costello, left, just beats out an infield single as St. Joseph first baseman Steve Polak prepares to catch the throw in the third inning. St. Joseph won in nine innings.

Arts & Entertainment
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Popcorn: “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Gorilla Warfare
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Big Plans: WSO Announces Dynamic New Season, Expansion Into Morristown Area
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Poppy Field No. 1: Exhibit is Collection of Artist’s View of War in Afghanistan
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Cool Treat: Miss America 2011 Delivers Blizzards Hoping for Miracles
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Great Irish Day: The Irish-American Assoc. To Host Festival

'Over The Rainbow'

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FRESH FROM THE VINE...Ripe tomatoes were one of the many items offered at the Scotch Plains Marketplace on Saturday. The market, which features a variety of produce, baked goods, nuts, pickles and more, will be held in the municipal building parking lot Saturdays through October.

The Week In Sports: dot.jpg (865 bytes) Photos dot.jpg (865 bytes) Five Guys Win ‘B’ Div., Fry Neighborhood Painters; Stage House Wins A Division, Nips Park Beverage Men; St. Rocco Scores 2 in Seventh To Startle St. Aloysius; St. Joe Uses Intentional Walk To Skin St. George in 9th; PGA Golf Pro Says Learn to ‘Grip It’ Before  you ‘Rip It’...more

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Info on Candidates for Local School Board Elections April 27
School Budgets Pass - Voting Results Here - Westfield, Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Mountainside, Garwood

The Nuclear Disaster in Japan, Contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi site.

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