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Westfield Town Council - 3rd Ward

MATT SONTZ: DEM, challenger, Westfield Town Council - 3rd Ward: 4 years: mattsontz@gmail.com
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Candidate Bio and Statement: www.mattsontz.com
    Our town now faces extraordinary challenges that are the result of years of mismanagement and a failure to recognize our most important needs. Our town's fire rating has been lowered by ISO, our capital reserve account nearly exhausted, our police force and fire department at their lowest levels of staffing, our fire department's ladder truck sits dormant in its garage, crossing guards on Central Avenue have been removed, pot holes go unrepaired, roads go unpaved while deteriorating, roads go unplowed, a pedestrian crossing light was placed in the middle of a residential block instead of at the intersection, full time pensions are being given to part-time employees, our 9-1-1 system is on the brink of obsolescence with a race against time to replace it, our town's bond rating has been lowered by Moody's, and it goes on and on.
    Somewhere along the line, our Town Council lost its way. It forgot that it exists to serve us, the residents. My candidacy is about changing the way the Town Council does business, restoring fiscal responsibility, restoring basic services, and making our Town Council more responsive.
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