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Area Candidates, NJ General Election - Tuesday, November 8, 2011
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Westfield Town Council (3rd Ward)

GREG KASKO: IND, challenger, Westfield Town Council (3rd Ward): 4 years: GWK2231@verizon.net
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Candidate Bio and Statement:
    *Education: 1983 graduate of Westfield High School; 1987 graduate of Susquehanna University, B.A. in Communications
    *Employment: 1987-1989 Safety Counselor, Woodbridge (N.J.) Board of Education; 1989-2007 Police Officer (Retired), Westfield, NJ; 2007-present Certified Municipal Inspector
    I have lived in Westfield for 38 years and believe Westfield is a wonderful community in which to live and raise a family. Westfield's superior school system and its vibrant downtown are just two of the many reasons my wife Lynda and I chose Westfield as our home, following in the footsteps of my parents.
    I believe that all elected and appointed officials should be held accountable for their actions and that truth and transparency are paramount to maintain the trust of the voters. Truth and transparency are goals which I strived to achieve as a Westfield police officer, a rewarding career from which I retired in good standing, in 2007.
    I do not run against either the Republicans or the Democrats. I am running for the right of a citizen to ask a question and get an answer. It may not be the answer he or she wants but it will be factual and respectful. I am running for the right of a citizen to ask a question and, if I donít know the answer, will seek it out and give the results the next public meeting.
    I do not wish to be a candidate against anyone. I want to be a candidate who will listen to facts from any source and act on those facts and report the results.
    I think every citizen has the right to ask why, and get a truthful answer without regard to party affiliation.
    I donít believe, at the municipal level, that party affiliation is crucial to serving the needs of the citizens of Westfield. I do believe that every citizen is an integral part of town government and their opinions and ideas should encompass the decisions of our elected officials.
    I will not simply ďgo along to get along.Ē As an independent candidate I will not align myself with the politics of one particular party but with the ideology of both parties that best serve the residents of Westfield.
    I have chosen to run as an Independent in Novemberís Town Council election and if elected, I will represent all citizens of Westfield, more specifically those that reside in the 3rd Ward, regardless of party affiliation. I am running for Westfield Town Council as a citizen and not a career politician.
    With the voters support, I look forward to serving the citizens of Westfield once again, and giving back to a community that has given so much to me and my family.
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