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Area Candidates, NJ General Election - Tuesday, November 8, 2011
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EDWIN ORTIZ: GOP, challenger, Freeholder: 3: eddieortiz1224@gmail.com
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Candidate Bio and Statement: www.Edwin-Ortiz.com
    Edwin Ortiz was born and raised in the South Bronx on December 24th, 1965. A byproduct of the public education system, he started his career in politics at the age of 18, organizing the tenants in his condemned building to stand up to city officials and demand rehabilitation of their living quarters instead of demolition. He made news headlines in 1984, not only because of his age, but because of his methodology. He had no money, he commanded no organization, he had no equipment or resources he could tap into. He, like many others, were tired of being displaced simply because they were poor. He did what politicians today struggle to accomplish. In mere weeks he had put together a group of 100 youths. Together they fought the system, met with commissioners all over the city. In just 3 years Mr. Ortiz had accomplished a feat others take decades to accomplish. As a result of advocating for tenants and lobbing City Hall Edwin Ortiz was successful in obtain a federal grant of over $5 million that was invested in the much needed reservations for the building.
    Over 15 years of Community Service:
    Edwin Ortiz was appointed by Boro President Fernando Ferrer as the youngest member to Community Board #6 of the Bronx at the age of 19.
    In 1986 Edwin Ortiz spearheaded a cleanup campaign involving 10 youth to compete with 11 other groups throughout the boro ultimately winning and resulted in all youth going to an all expensed paid trip to Walt Disney in Orlando Florida.
    Edwin Ortiz organized a strong group of youth who would go around the community cleaning abandoned city lots and turning into gardens with the help of the city’s Volunteer Green Thum project.
    Edwin Ortiz volunteered for the Youth Dare to Care program for 10 years organizing and encouraging youth to volunteer their time in aiding seniors in senior citizens homes, feeding the homeless and women and children living in city shelters.
    Edwin Ortiz worked with law enforcement to crack down on businesses selling alcohol and tobacco to minors.
    At 21 years old he founded a non-profit called YAADA (Young Adults Against Drugs & Alcohol
    In 2001 Mr. Ortiz decided to run for the New York City Council. After his years of advocacy, he learned that many things required an act of legislation. His community lacked resources and he wanted to obtain those resources for them so he mounted a campaign. He did not win but he did garner 41% of the vote, a respectable accomplishment for one so young and so new to the field of politics.
    Today, Mr. Ortiz aspires to win the position of Freeholder in the County of Union, New Jersey. His current community is also in desperate need of resources. He hopes to put an end to the practice of double dipping (holding two elected offices simultaneously). He believes this money can be better allocated to serve the needs of his district. He also hopes to promote fiscal accountability, government transparency, and property tax reductions.
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