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Advertising Services for Candidates, NJ General Election - Tuesday, November 8, 2011
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Features [Your message InPrint, On The Net, Graphics, Words, Audio, Visual, 24/7, full color]
We'll deliver your message in many different forms to a large audience with traditional and modern means.
Your Message in The Newspaper mailed weekly to thousands as Paid Subscribers
Your Message in The Newspaper Downloaded 24/7 on the Internet by tens of thousands each week.
Your Message on www.goleader.com webpages 24/7 where hundreds of thousands visit.
Send us your video clip and/or audio message. We'll do the rest and get it out there. Stop in our studio if you need assistance.


Benefits [You Win]
Reach the voters before your opponents do.
Your message and image will be implanted effectively and with the broadest spectrum.
Reach targeted and dedicated subscribers while sowing to the world.
Our high retention audience target goes direct to homes.
Take advantage of the many tools and timing: 24/7, InPrint, Audio, Visual.
Your trusted Vehicle for More Than a Century.
Economic for your budget and effective for your message.


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Call Jeff Gruman at 908 232-4407
Email sales@goleader.com
See Us, we'll assist - 251 North Ave. West, Westfield Location Info Our Staff is ready to help


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