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Candidate Videos: Fanwood GOP UC Freeholders GOP  Westfield W3 Kasko Westfield GOP
UC Freeholder DEM Fanwood DEM Westfield DEM Garwood GOP 
Westfield Candidates Debate Fanwood Candidates Debate
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Legislative District 21 Senate 2-yr. (pick one); Assembly 2-yr. (pick two)
For Senate GOP Tom Kean Jr, Westfield (I)
For Senate DEM Paul Swanicke, Warren
For Assembly GOP Jon Bramnick, Westfield (I)
For Assembly DEM Bruce Bergen, Springfield
For Assembly GOP Nancy Munoz, Summit (I)
For Assembly DEM Norman Albert, Cranford
Legislative District 22 Senate 2-yr. (pick one); Assembly 2-yr. (pick two)
For Senate DEM Nicholas Scutari, Linden (I)
For Senate GOP Michael Class, Middlesex Borough
For Assembly DEM Linda Stender, Scotch Plains (I)
For Assembly GOP Joan Van Pelt, Plainfield
For Assembly DEM Jerry Green, Plainfield (I)
For Assembly GOP Jeff First, Middlesex Borough
Legislative District 20 Senate 2-yr. (pick one); Assembly 2-yr. (pick two)
For Senate DEM Ray Lesniak, Elizabeth (I)
For Senate GOP Helen Rosales, Elizabeth
For Assembly DEM Joseph Cryan, Union (I)
For Assembly GOP John Donoso, Elizabeth
For Assembly DEM Annette Quijano, Elizabeth (I)
Westfield Town Council 4-yr. (pick 1 from each ward) - WF Candidates Forum technical script (10/24) Public is Invited to attend
Candidates Forum Final Details and Topics - Monday, October 24, 7:30 pm Westfield Municipal Building
Ward 1 GOP Frank Arena (I)
Ward 1 DEM Timothy Van Epp
Ward 2 GOP JoAnn Neylan (I)
Ward 2 DEM No candidate filed
Ward 3 GOP Mark LoGrippo *
Ward 3 DEM Matthew Sontz
Ward 3 IND Greg Kasko
Ward 4 GOP Jim Foerst (I)
Ward 4 DEM Gregory Romer
* Council incumbent resigned, LoGrippo named as replacement
Fanwood Borough Mayor 4-yr. (pick one); Council 3-yr. (pick two)
For Mayor DEM Colleen Mahr (I)
For Mayor GOP Joseph Britt
For Council DEM Russell Huegel (I)
For Council GOP Jason Benedict
For Council DEM Kevin Boris
For Council GOP Nicole Cole
Garwood Borough Council 3-yr. (pick two)
DEM Louis Petruzzelli (I)
GOP Carol Kearney
DEM Sara Todisco (I)
GOP Steven Blaufeder
Cranford Township Committee 3-yr. (pick two)
DEM Daniel Aschenbach (I)
GOP Andis Kalnins
DEM Thomas Hannen Jr (I)
GOP Lisa Adubato Nesi
Mountainside Borough Mayor 4-yr. (pick one); Council 3-yr. (pick two)
For Mayor GOP Paul Mirabelli (I - Mayor)
For Mayor DEM No candidate filed
GOP Keith Turner (I)
DEM No candidate filed
GOP Deanna Andre (I)
DEM No candidate filed
Summit City Mayor 4-yr. (pick one) Council-at-Large 2-yr. (pick one); Council 3-yr. (pick one from each Ward)
For Mayor GOP Ellen Dickson
For Mayor DEM Eileen Ludden
For Mayor IND Mike Vernotico
For Council-at-Large GOP Gregory Drummond
For Council-at-Large DEM Susan Hairston
For Council First Ward GOP Robert Rubino
For Council First Ward DEM Sandra Bloom
For Council Second Ward GOP Patrick Hurley
For Council Second Ward DEM Dennis White
Kenilworth Borough *** Changes have been made, see note. Mayor 4-yr. (pick one); Council 3-yr. (pick two)
For Mayor GOP Kathi Fiamingo (I)
For Mayor DEM Peter Corvelli
For Mayor IND Walter Sosnosky
For Council GOP Scott Klinder (I)
FOR Council DEM Anthony DeLuca (I)
For Council GOP Toni Giordano
For Council DEM Kay Anne Ceceri
Berkeley Heights Township Committee 3-yr. (pick two)
GOP Robert Woodruff (I)
DEM Stephen Yellin
GOP Jeanne Kingsley
DEM Jamie Divine-Cadavid
Union County Freeholders 3-yr. (pick three)
DEM Angel Estrada, Elizabeth (I)
GOP Andrew Smith, Summit
DEM Chris Hudak, Linden *
GOP Edwin Ortiz, Elizabeth
DEM Vernell Wright, Union
GOP No third candidate filed
* UC Freeholder Incumbent resigned, Hudak named as replacement
Union County: This year, there are no local races in Clark, Elizabeth, Rahway or Scotch Plains. Local races in Mountainside and New Providence are unopposed. Download the complete Union County list here.
*** Feedback 02: 11oct05 - Candidates for Kenilworth Council have changed somewhat. The Democrats are also running Kay Anne Ceceri in addition to Anthony DeLuca. The Republicans are now running Toni K. Giordano instead of Kevin Leary, with Scott Klinder as her running mate. This, then is the lineup in Kenilworth:
Mayor: GOP - Kathi Fiamingo; Democrats - Peter Corvelli, Jr.; Ind. - Walter Sosnosky
Council: GOP - Scott Klinder and Toni K. Giordano; Democrats - Anthony DeLuca and Kay Anne Ceceri
Reply 02: 11oct05 - We will update this poll and Candidate Information in a day or two.
Feedback 03: 11oct05 - In 2010 The Westfield Leader listed the candidates running in Berkeley Heights. If you would be kind enough to include that information. The candidates for Township Council are: Democrats: Stephen H. Yellin and Jamie Divine-Cadavid - Republicans: Robert Woodruff and Jeanne Kingsley
Reply 02: 11oct06 - We'll update the poll and candidate Bio's for BH over the next few days.
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