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Union County, New Jersey Elections November 2, 2010
Election results (unofficial) will be reported upon close of the polls in New Jersey at 8 pm on Tuesday, November 2. Polls open at 6 am. For tallies, other candidates, voter information and polls, see main election page.
Scotch Plains Township Council

DOMINICK BRATTI: Independent, incumbent, Scotch Plains Township Council: 4 years: dbratti@msn.com
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Candidate Bio and Statement: brattiforscotchplains.com Currently serving as Deputy Mayor, Dominick Bratti is an 18-year resident of Scotch Plains and has served the Township of Scotch Plains since 2003, beginning as a member of the Scotch Plains Environmental Commission. Following that, he served as a member of the Planning Board, and ultimately was appointed by the Council to fill Mayor Malool's vacated seat. He was elected last year to continue that term, and now seeks reelection for a consecutive 4-year term. In addition to his duties as a councilman, Dominick is a member and former Chair of the Board of Trustees of Youth Consultation Services, NJ's largest not-for-profit corporation providing residential and educational services to many of NJ's neediest and neglected children. He is a parter at Woodbridge's Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, having practiced labor and employment law litigation since his graduation from Seton Hall School of Law in 1987. In seeking reelection, Dominick wants to continue the Council's work towards: implementing further shared services with Fanwood and other government entities; ensuring that our municipal contracts are fiscally responsible and cost effective; and working with the newly reformed Scotch Plains Management Corp. to ensure that funds dedicated to this long-term project are used wisely to produce a lasting revitalization of our downtown. In addition, Dominick would like to foster a closer working relationship between the Township Council and Board of Education, recognizing that both entities will again be called upon in 2011 to jointly meet difficult budgetary constraints and resident concerns. In serving the Township, Dominick has consistently applied the same philosophy that has served him well in his law practice; that is, to evaluate all the facts, consider all the alternatives, and to make decisions based upon what is best for his client, in this case the residents of Scotch Plains. This attitude has helped to foster a true partnership among the Mayor and all Council members, allowing them to fullfil the residents' mandate that their elected officials put aside partisan agenda and devote their full attention to bettering the Township of Scotch Plains.
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