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Union County, New Jersey Elections November 2, 2010
Election results (unofficial) will be reported upon close of the polls in New Jersey at 8 pm on Tuesday, November 2. Polls open at 6 am. For tallies, other candidates, voter information and polls, see main election page.
Fanwood Borough Council


ANTHONY PARENTI: Republican, incumbent, Fanwood Borough Council: 3 years:
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Candidate Bio and Statement: My name is Anthony Parenti and I am seeking my second term as a councilman for the Borough of Fanwood. I am making this decision based on the success of my first term, accomplishing a series of tasks including one of the largest reductions in our municipal budget resulting in one of our lowest tax increases, improved street lighting yielding brighter lights at less expense, cleared up the persistent traffic congestion in the central business district, and the replacement of the street signs honoring our deceased war veterans. Since my election in 2007, although I was not a member of the Public Safety Committee, I was called upon to assist in selecting the acting chief of police, interview and hiring of a replacement police officer, and to review and suggest changes in the police contract. I was the creator of an ordinance requiring removal of the doors on any container placed for disposal that a child could fit into, introduced a resolution to give municipalities a greater share of traffic fines, investigated the advantages/disadvantages of merging our court system, the first to suggest using Union County for our police dispatch, and was the driving force to eliminate the dangerous high school student parking problem on Birchwood Terrace. As the Chairman of the Administration and Finance Committee I am proud of the work we did to help Fanwood remain solvent with a relatively low tax increase despite very difficult economic times and reduced state aid. I made it a top priority to go through the 2010 budget, line by line, and made significant cuts that reduced the budget from what was over 7 percent to 3.6 percent; yielding taxpayers a budget with greater efficiency and increased savings. We implemented improved job descriptions for the municipal workforce, assigned a current employee with additional duties as Purchasing Agent to seek and procure the best and lowest price for municipal goods and services. I believe unnecessary tax increases are a bad idea and I don't think taxpayers should be asked to come up with anymore than is necessary for the efficient operation of municipal services. On the issue of the defeated school budget, I enthusiastically accepted the invitation by Mayor Mahr to serve on the committee negotiating with the School Board, resulting in an $860,000 decrease in the school budget. The silver lining in the work we did, unlike some other municipalities, are the significant cuts we made without affecting classrooms and lessening the levy for Fanwood tax payers. As a freshman Republican, in a governing body dominated by Democrats, I was able to fulfill the pledges I made during my first campaign for public office. I have proven record of being able to work for the economic, safety, health and welfare of the people in our community regardless of political affiliation. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve you and I want to take this opportunity to ask for your vote and support in the November 2, 2010 election. I think I am in a unique position to know about the financial challenges that face Fanwood. Although the decisions are not always easy, I have been financially conservative with a determination to make Fanwood a better place to live, work, and visit. Thank you again for your support and vote.
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