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09election Poll for => Town Council Ward 4 of Westfield, NJ 4-year term; Vote Tues., Nov. 3, 2009
Tom Bigosinski
(D) incumbent <=> Keith Loughlin (R)

Tom Bigosinski Keith Loughlin
website email website email
88.2 percent.
2.7 percent.
No Opinion:
0.8 percent.
None of Above:
0.0 percent.
November 4, 2009 Poll participation is robust. Screening for voter abuse is partial.

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Public Comments:
November 1, 2009: bigosinksi has not done one thing all these - I LOVE KEITH VOTE 4 him
October 27, 2009: 3% for Bigosinski? Something doesn't make sense. Everyone I know in the Fourth Ward is voting for him. What reason is there to vote for the other guy? Bigosinski is more experienced, has worked hard the last four years, and is far more qualified to be on Town Council.
September 5, 2009: Keith deserves to win this election. His effort and hard work during this campaign season thus far outnumbers any other candidate 100%. HIs motivation and positive attitude will translate into a fantastic councilman.
September 5, 2009: Keith Loughlin is going to win and is doing a great job campaigning! VOTE LOUGHLIN!!!
September 5, 2009: When you see Keith Loughlin walking around your neighborhood each weeeknd, make it a point to stop and say hello. He is an exemplary candidate and makes a lasting impression on all he meets. A vote for Keith Loughlin will be a step in the right direction for Westfield!
September 5, 2009: I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Loughlin at office hours at Town Hall a few mornings over the past couple of years. He has a wonderful attitude and I applaud his decision to run for councilman. It is evident that Keith will be a visible, hard working and readily available elected official that our residents can easily turn to for solution of their problems.
September 3, 2009: Running a slick campaign does not translate to being a good councilman. Bigosinski works hard for his constituents and deserves to be re-elected. If we need someone to host a wing eating contest or serve drinks at a kickball game we can call the other guy.
August 23, 2009: KEITH LOUGHLIN is campaigning as hard as possible, while Tom has yet to knock on a single door.
August 23, 2009: Has Tom not yet realized that he is running against Keith, and not Keith's father. Keith adresses the facts. My whole family is voting for him!
August 23, 2009: Tom works hard and should be re-elected.
August 22, 2009: Westfield needs Keith Loughlin!!! He is the best!!
August 20, 2009: Keith Loughlin does not want to confront his fasther's connection to the town. Their Keith's connections too, since he works for his father's law firm. The potential for conflicts of interest and abuse are great. by the various games Keith is playing manipulating polls, he demonstrates that he has a certain ambiguity relating to integrity.
August 20, 2009: Keith Loughlin will fight for the 4th Ward and will do a great job for Westfield. Vote for Keith!!
August 20, 2009: I understand that Keith's Dad is a part time town employee and receives a pension. Do we really want our Town Council dominated by one party with the ability to make closed door decisions on these issues. Isn't that part of the corruption problem NJ faces? Tom has a long record of fighting to eliminate these unecessary perks but has been stonewalled in his efforts to eliminate political cronyism.
August 20, 2009: I am voting for KEITH!!! He is GREAT!!!
August 19, 2009: Keith is great! My whole neighbourhood is voting for him! Keith; HE...COULD...GO...ALL...THE WAY!!!!
August 19, 2009: Keith will bring new, fresh ideas to the 4th ward, and he'll actually do something with them!
August 19, 2009: I don't understand why the democrats are being so negative. I am voting for KEITH LOUGHLIN because he is POSITIVE!
August 19, 2009: OUCH! Tom is getting crushed by KEITH LOUGHLIN. I am a life-long democrat supporting KEITH LOUGHLIN because he genuinely wants to help Westfield.
August 19, 2009: Keith Loughlin is dedicated to Westfield and he will do a fantastic job as my councilman. Keep going Keith!!
August 19, 2009: Warning from the monitor of this website. No personal attacks please.
August 19, 2009: Keith Loughlin is the best choice for Westfield's Ward 4, and he has my support!! Everyone I know is voting for him.
August 18, 2009: Other than working for his Dad, who is a town employee, has Loughlin ever done anything else of merit?
August 18, 2009: I'm a Republican who supports returning Tom Bigosinski to his council position. Tom has the best interest of the 4th Ward at heart.
August 18, 2009: I'm a Democrat and I've never heard of Tom until I came onto this site to vote for Keith Loughlin.
August 18, 2009: No negativity, just facts. Fact Loughlin is busy inflating poll results here and in other papers. Bigosinski, is meeting with voters and publishes a news letter...Substance over games. Rather than address issues, Loughlin is proud of the way he has his people out on the computer everyday inflating polls or that wing nonsense. Ask Loughlin he will readilly tell you the games he is playing. It's time he became an adult.
August 18, 2009: Keith Loughlin and Mayor Skibitsky have my family's vote!! A lot of negativity from the democratic camp in these comments.
August 18, 2009: These endorsements would mean a lot more if it wasn't for the fact that Loughlin and his small core group spend every waking minute trying to skew the poll by writing fake messages, and constantly hitting these sites to inflate their numbers. Ask him, he is proud of this. Bigosinski appears to be out talking to residents, writing informative newsletters. One is community service oriented, and the other loves to play childish games.
August 18, 2009: VOTE LOUGHLIN!!
August 18, 2009: Keith Loughlin is a great kickball player. And ruggedly good looking to boot
August 18, 2009: Keith is doing a fantastic job campaigning this season. No other candidate has worked this hard, and no other councilman will be as dedicated to Westfield as Keith. I will be proud to have him represent me as a 4th ward resident.
August 17, 2009: Keith Loughlin is the choice for Westfield, all my family and friends are voting for him. I don't really know much about the other guy.
August 17, 2009: I am supporting Keith Loughlin and Andy Skibitsky, I hope they both win big!!
August 16, 2009: The election should be about substance. However, Keith cannot or will not approch this election as an adult. He is content playing childish gamesa, which actually demonstrates a certain moral flexibility on his part. Raising the question what else is he willing to do to get elected and stay in office. Also Horace should quit skewing the polls and his coverage.
August 16, 2009: I was impressed by Keith the moment that I met him! Bigosinski never even leaves his house. I am voting for Loughlin and Skibitsky!
August 15, 2009: If the Democratic slate has a problem with the publicity of Keith's fundraisers, they should take it up with the press, NOT Mr. Loughlin. I'm game for Jello Wrestling?
August 15, 2009: Keith is running away with this election. Everyone down at the soup kitchen is voting for him!
August 15, 2009: Everyone at my animal shelter is voting for Keith! He has a record of serving Westfield proudly and will continue to do so in the future as councilman of the fourth ward!!
August 15, 2009: Coach Louglin was the best football coach that I have ever had! I hope he wins the election!!
August 15, 2009: That's Horace, his Motto "All Republicans All the Time"
August 15, 2009: Keith Loughlin clearly is the better candidate and Keith will do a great job on Town Council.
August 14, 2009: I have to agree about Loughlin's manipulation of the news stories. The election should be about substance something Loughlin is clearly lacking. However, it is understanable that he is playing these games. However, I do have a problem with the manner in which the leader skews the News and the polls to favor the Rebublicans. It's time they demonstrated some ethics.
August 14, 2009: Polls don't win elections especially this one where there is no vrification that the voter's are even from westfield and you can vote as many times as you want. Does anyone really believe that Loughlin's chicken wing contest is the most popular story on another paper's website. November 3rd is the only poll that counts and the 4th ward knows the great job Tom has done.
August 14, 2009: Tom is a great councilman, a great family man, and a great friend. Tom has done a tremendous job. Keep going Tom!
August 13, 2009: OUCH! This has got to be painful for Tom to watch. My whole family is voting for Keith!
August 12, 2009: I have seen Keith Loughlin walking in numerous neighborhoods throughout the 4th Ward. When speaking with him, it is easy to see his dedication to Westfield and his desire to help those of us who live here.
August 12, 2009: Keith's campaign is like none other this town has ever seen - full of energy and creativity. He is the most hardworking candidate I've ever seen - keep up the great work!! Keith has my vote.
August 12, 2009: No Man or Woman is as passionate and dedicated to the Service of the Community as Keith Loughlin
August 11, 2009: It's a rare occasion to find such a passionate man as Keith Loughlin.
August 11, 2009: Keith Loughlin has the right ideas to get this town moving forward. Plus he campaigns like no other candidate. I didn't even know Bigosinski was my councilman until Keith started campaigning... it's like he's been hibernating until election season!
August 11, 2009: Keith Loughlin has my support. His hardworking conscientiousness will serve Westfield well.
August 11, 2009: One of the hardest working candidates I've seen.
August 10, 2009: Keith Loughlin has my vote