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09election Poll for => Town Council Ward 1 of Westfield, NJ 4-year term; Vote Tues., Nov. 3, 2009
Sam Della Fera
(R) <=> Janice Siegel (D)

Sam Della Fera Janice Siegel
website email website email
9.5 percent.
4.5 percent.
No Opinion:
1.4 percent.
None of Above:
0.0 percent.
December 2, 2009 Poll participation is robust. Screening for voter abuse is partial.

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Public Comments:
September 3, 2009: Getting things done,where? Janice has the qualifications. energy and spirit to make a difference. Go Janice!
August 16, 2009: Sam has a record of getting things done. He's got my vote!!!
August 15, 2009: Who cares if Janice is friendly?! No streets ever got paved by being friendly. Sam is going to win!
August 15, 2009: Sam Della Fera for council!!! He will work to improve Westfield.
August 14, 2009: I have known Janice for several years. She is genuine and friendly. She would make a great councilperson.
August 13, 2009: After knowing Sam Della Fera for so many years I have been able to see and apreciate his love for improving Westfield. He's got my family's vote!
August 12, 2009: Sam is honest and hardworking. He's got my vote!
August 11, 2009: Sam is a one of a kind. He is powerful in whatever he believes in, but at the same time is wiling to listen to others. I learned this from watching him coach my daughter at the special olympics in '08.
August 11, 2009: Sam brings to the First Ward what Santa Claus brings to children; happiness and hope.