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09election Poll for => Mayor of Westfield, NJ 4-year term; Vote Tues., Nov. 3, 2009
Andy Skibitsky
(R) incumbent <=> Bill Brennan (D)

Andy Skibitsky Bill Brennan
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82.1 percent.
15.8 percent.
No Opinion:
2.1 percent.
None of Above:
0.0 percent.
November 4, 2009 Poll participation is robust. Screening for voter abuse is partial.

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Public Comments:
November 3, 2009: Great job, Andy!... four more years, four more years...
November 1, 2009: HOW DARE THE SKIBITSKY FAMILY EAT PIZZAAAA DOWNTOWN!!!...what a bunch of low-lifes
November 1, 2009: who cares if "mayor bill" tells "corny jokes and wears bad sweaters", he has no knowledge about the town...Mayor Andy Skibitsky has been running Westfield like a business- my whole neighborhood is voting for him!!!!( ;
November 1, 2009: at least we know brennan tells his kids to "do their best" and "make good decisions"- i am voting for andy skibitsky!!! he's the best
November 1, 2009: andy=goodtown=peace=love=makestheworldgoround
November 1, 2009: I <3 ANDY!!!!!
October 27, 2009: Remember Readers; What the supporters say is a reflection of who they support.
October 27, 2009: Take a look at the on-line poll results. Negative comments from Mr. Brennan supporters are just hurting Mr. Brennan and helping Mayor Skibitsky. It always comes out in the wash. And for the record "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Andy is a gentleman and his wife and children epitomize the meaning of "family." Some day I hope to have a family just like his. Good luck!
October 27, 2009: On my. Dirty politics in our sweet little town of Westfield. Never necessary and never appropriate. Maybe you don't favor a GOP Mayor and are frustrated, but if you knew Andy you couldn't say a thing about his character - Dem or GOP. Good luck to the candidates. May the best man (gentleman) win.
October 27, 2009: It's disgusting that the Brennan supporters have to bring Skbitsky's family onto this board and make false accusations about payoffs. The Mayor gets $1.00 per year and he does the job because he loves Westfield plain and simple. Anyone that suggests anything beyond this is outright wrong. I'm sure Skibitsky will be pleased when the mud throwing throwing is over next Tuesday and he can claim and mandate from both everyone regardless of their party affiliation.
October 27, 2009: I'm confused by the postings regarding the occupancy rate of downtown (e.g., see 10/7/09) posting. Do people really think Mayor Skibitsky is responsible for the National economy and recession? I think Westfield is doing great when compared to the state of the national economy and real estate crisis. I mean, really. Also, was Mayor Skibitsky driving these cars involved in auto accidents? I am suret he Westfield Police department take these things seriously.
October 26, 2009: Rather that launch an ad hominum attack against the Mayor's family can the Brennan supporters broach a substantive issue? With all due respect, the "who is getting paid off" allegation is both pathetic and ridiculous. Let's focus on what challenges us as a community rather than engaging in sophmoric diatribe.
October 26, 2009: Brennan and his supprters should be ashamed at themselves for making that last ludicrous and disparaging comment. That is desperation at it;s lowest.
October 26, 2009: Westfield is LUCKY to have a mayor as dedicated to this town as Andy Skibitsky is, has been and continues to be while at the same time being an upstanding father to his four kids. If the best that his opponent's supporters can do is decry a father eating dinner with his kids, then really, Andy will continue to have my democratic vote!
October 26, 2009: October 21- More Westfield fathers should be like Andy, enjoying spending time with their children, teaching them about the importance of volunteerism by their actions, and supporting down town businesses, and less interested in creating (quite comical)unfounded conspiracies about paying off Ferraro's.
October 21, 2009: September 14 has not been in town in some time. By Sherry Cronen's count it's 74% and we will lose 2 more soon. Don't worry about Ferraro's or his brother-in-law Cosimos. They are impervious to Westfield's parking laws. Cars are always illegally parked at both places. Just this summer I watched Andy and his kids shove pizza in their faces at Ferraro's with 6 illegally parked cars in front of them. Who is getting paid off.
October 12, 2009: AAA bond rating, doing more with way less, walking school bus, thermoplasting all crosswalks in town, fiscal responsibilty beyond measure, vibrant downtown even in this economy, just to name a very few...boy, I'd take that "ribbon cutting" any day...I guess I can;t blame folks for getting negative when they don't have an issue....
October 7, 2009: Downtown occupancy rate down again and dropping and another pedestrian/car accident in the heart of the downtown.
September 18, 2009: Have you looked at your tax bill that accompanies Andy's annual letter. Flying under the radar, getting in every photo op and ribbon cutting opportunity is not leadership. Westfield has to stop resting on it's reputation and move forward.
September 14, 2009: Why are Mr. Brennan's supporters so nasty? If you support Mr. Brennan, why don't you be specific about what you support about him? With a 94% occupancy rate in the downtown, what exactly will Mr. Brennan be doing? Exactly what challenges are coming in the next 4 years and what exactly does Mr. Brennan plan to do diffrently? The Mayor has been very forthcoming in his annual letter about the challenges and the actions taken. I can't stand negativity and unsubstantiated rhetoric.
September 6, 2009: Let's have Andy continue to encourage shoppers to our flourishing downtown, communicate with Westfielders and meet with State leaders such as Governor Corzine on TV 36, and spend our tax dollars efficiently.
September 6, 2009: Let's have Andy continue to encourage shoppers to our flourishing downtown, communicate with Westfielders and meet with State leaders such as Governor Corzine on TV 36, and spend our tax dollars efficiently.
September 5, 2009: Andy may be an O.K. mayor when everything is going great and you need a rubber stamp. The Town is facing significant challenges in the next four years; Downtown stores closing; tax increases; roads deteriorating;police contract negotiations,etc. Bill has the experiance to deal with these challenges. He is a lawyer and negotiates every day. What does Andy do for his real job? Where did he go to school? Do you notice he never discusses his background.
September 4, 2009: Let's have Andy cut the ribbons for store openings and appear on Channel 36 and have Brennan run the Town and deal with the hard decisions like the budget and fixing our roads.
September 3, 2009: Andy, simple question; Why are you afraid to debate Brennan?
August 25, 2009: Andy has Westfield's best interests at heart all the time and has helped make Westfield a great place to live, work and raise a family. Westfield will always be better off with a mayor like Andy. He has my vote!!!
August 25, 2009: See Aug 25th comment; "Give Bill a chance." Note to writer; This isn't about "Bill - it's about Westfield.
August 25, 2009: Brennan was arrogant and condescending as a judge - there can't be any doubt about that. Andy has proven over and over again that he is our Mayor for all the right reasons. I doubt if Brennan even knows what the right reasons are.
August 25, 2009: How can Andy take personal credit for an AAA rating and boast about his sound fiscal management when he hasn't been to a budget meeting in four years. He also switched millions of dollars from the Town's savings account to artificially keep taxes down in an election year.o wonder the Mayor won't debate Brennan. He doesn't want the truth to come out.
August 23, 2009: Andy's heart and soul are dedicated to 'Westfield First.' He's got my vote!
August 23, 2009: I would challenge anyone to find a more dedicated and harder working Mayor than Andy Skibitsky....
August 23, 2009: Bill Brennan has been a Judge in Westfield , a D.A in NYC and a Councilman. He has the smarts & energy to do the job. Andy likes to have his photo taken and leave prior to the hard work. Give Bill a chance.
August 20, 2009: Being a bipartisin Democrat, I fully support Andy - he is a great guy with integrity, experience and a commitment to the town of Westfield that deserves our commitment for his re-election
August 19, 2009: We need Andy Skibitsky now more than ever!
August 19, 2009: Mayor Skibitsky's outstanding character,impeccable integrety, and tireless work ethic make him the best choice to lead Westfield during these difficult times.
August 19, 2009: Honesty, integrity and trust that's Andy.
August 18, 2009: Andy has my Vote! He's approachable, down to earth and has nothing to hide!
August 18, 2009: Mayor Skibitsky's impeccable character speaks for itself. Having worked for both Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo I can, without reservation, state that Mayor Skibitsky is one of the best people I have had the privilege of meeting, elected officials or otherwise.
August 18, 2009: Let's keep Andy. The last thing Westfield needs to dream on is more of the Dems'undefined "Hope & Change", which ain't doing the country too well at this point.
August 18, 2009: Andy id what the town needed and now we need him to be reeelected!!!!
August 18, 2009: Andy is a great asset to a great is not the time for change in Westfield!
August 18, 2009: Local politics transcends party in my mind; I'm a die hard Democrat but wouldn't consider voting for anyone but Andy Skibitsky- who works tirelessly with all residents to improve the town he considers his home , has sound fiscal policy even when the state controls most of what he can do, he's approachable and not your "typical politician". He looks you straight in the eye and tells it like it is. He's got my vote.
August 17, 2009: Honesty is always the best policy. Mayor Skibitsky, I feel, has always been honest, even with bad news, and he tries to keep us posted as to developments that affect our town, especially those that are tax-related. Bill Brennan talks about his "local government experience" in his campaigning, but I found out that he got his so-called "local government experience" in Rutherford. Isn't that in Bergen County?
August 17, 2009: I think we need consistency in these troubled times. The Mayor is steady, respectful and available. I have to go with experience over grandiose promises.
August 17, 2009: Regarding the budget meetings, remember, Andy is not the "king" of Westfield. Those budget committees are part of the legislative body. I think when you can't argue with the results, you go after the process, even when you don't understand it.
August 17, 2009: Leadership ability is the most important quality in a mayor. With control over only 17% of the local budget and a host of state regulations to follow including even how a township must budget, it's leadership skills that keep all the gears in synch. My wife and I will be sticking with Mayor Skibitsky for his calm, even-handed style.
August 17, 2009: Andy is the BEST!!!!!!
August 17, 2009: I am voting for Andy! He has been so GREAT!!!
August 17, 2009: Andy is a true statesman, always doing what is best for the town. RE-ELECT ANDY!!!
August 17, 2009: Everytime I ask Mayor Skibitsky to do something for me, he does it right away. He's got the support of the veterans!
August 17, 2009: Mr.Andy is doing a great job for Westfield. Let's elect him for another term.
August 16, 2009: Andy has done a great job so far. He got us a AAA bond rating! Brennan's got zero shot at winning. RE-ELECT MAYOR ANDY SKIBITSKY!
August 15, 2009: How can great guy Andy brag about the AAA rating and his great fiscal policies when he hasn't attended a budget meeting in the four years that he has been Mayor. Saturday morning meetings mean nothing when you hold budget meetings behind closed doors and do not let the public attend the meetings. We need a Mayor who can do more than cut ribbons and appear with a chef discussing recipes on Channel 36. Brennan will be more than a ceremonial mayor.
August 15, 2009: Doesn't the league of women voters hold a debate for the candidates? One debate is enough. It seems as if Brennan is just looking for petty excuses to crticize the mayor because he has no platform to stand on.
August 15, 2009: The only reason that Brennan wants to debate Mayor Andy Skibitsky is to get name recognition, but Andy is already very well known. Therefore, he has no need to debate Brennan at this stage in the game.
August 15, 2009: Why does Brennan think that we seniors are stupid? Along with voting for Mayor Andy Skibitsky, I will tell everyone that I know to support Andy because he respects the elderly.
August 14, 2009: Andy is a class act and it is a tremendous asset to have a mayor of his calibur. He makes me proud to live in Westfield.
August 14, 2009: Enough with how great a person Andy is.... that's not the issue. This is an important election and the mayor won't debate his opponent. I would like to understand why? It doesn't make sense. What is Andy afraid of?
August 14, 2009: Andy is a dedicated public servant who is interested in doing what is best for the Town of Westfield. His opponent offers no clear vision and is more interested in critical analysis rather than positive consensus building.
August 14, 2009: Why won't the Mayor discuss the ISSUES. Why won't he agree to a series of debates/town hall sessions so that the undecided voters can make an informed choice?
August 14, 2009: The mayor is friendly until you disagree with him, especially in public, then he is a different person.
August 14, 2009: Bill Brennan has identified the issues that are most important; transparency, safety (see his letter to the Leader this week), and improved attention to managing parking in the downtown. He is an independent thinker who showed Westfield his excellent abilities when he served as judge.
August 14, 2009: Andy listens to the people of Westfield, has a kind heart and has given countless hours to make Westfield a wonderful place to live. We need more people like Andy and Sal Caruana. Does Mr. Brennan every talk about anything other than his anti-Andy platform?
August 13, 2009: Even in this economy, Westfield is still thriving due to the hard work and dedication of our great mayor. Re-elect Andy Skibitsky!
August 13, 2009: Andy is a great guy. Thank goodness he is not a member of the DEMOCRATIC Party!!!
August 13, 2009: Andy is great approachable.. when I lived in rutherford Bill was really not active in the community, Andy is involved and listens...
August 13, 2009: Andy cares, and because he cares he listens, and because he listens he solves problems, and his solutions are the right ones - what more can you ask for in a politician? My vote is for Andy.
August 12, 2009: I think Westfield government needs more political balance, like the the thinking of councilman Caruana, and not another simplistic naysayer like Bigosinski. Unfortunately, Brennan seems to be of the same ilk.
August 12, 2009: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. re-elect Andy Skibitsky!
August 12, 2009: I am sure Mr. Brennan has the best interests at heart as it relates to Westfield, but lets not fix what's not broken. Mayor Skibitsky has already proven himself. He makes me proud to be a resident of Westfield.
August 12, 2009: An honest gentleman...a superior Mayor with integrity. A win-win for Westfield.
August 12, 2009: Andy is the epitome of what a politician should be..approachable, honest and some one who cares about his community and constituency
August 12, 2009: Andy spends a few hours every Saturday morning meeting with the people from Westfield. Can you name any other politician who takes the time to listen to anyone. Go Andy
August 12, 2009: Andy is a very trustworthy individual - something every town needs! Go Andy!!!
August 12, 2009: Andy has done a great job.A man of his word.
August 12, 2009: Regarding the store closings - do you really think it's Andy's fault? Why not look at the overall economy and put the blame where it belongs - with the Democratically controlled Congress and their debilitating economic policies. Many thanks to Barney, Harry and Nancy for this mess the country is in. Wait until the mid-terms in 2010 to see how the country feels about the Dems. On the local level - go Andy!
August 12, 2009: Any is doing a great job. Let's bring him back for another term!
August 12, 2009: My vote is with Andy. Integrity is a rare quality in politics now. We should all support those politicians who still have it.
August 12, 2009: Yes, Mayor Skibitsky is a politician but he is also a gentleman. He’s ethical, fair, honest and down to earth. A rare and refreshing breed. He truly cares about everyone regardless of party line - and he loves our town. Just take a walk downtown and approach Mayor Skibitsky…these attributes will cone through within the first 60 seconds. Good luck Mayor Skibitsky!
August 12, 2009: Mayor Skibitsky is doing a great job he truly cares about Westfield
August 12, 2009: Not only is he a great mayor, but a great dad!
August 12, 2009: Bill Brennan is fine man, too bad he is another, in a long line of, Union County Democratic puppets.
August 12, 2009: Andy is a great mayor who has worked long hard hours keeping our town safe and maintaining control of expenses. He is one for shareing his thoughts and opening up his office to hear concerns from Westfield citizens.
August 12, 2009: Andy cares about WESTFIELD and has done a super job asour mayor. He has kept costs under control and makes me proud to be a Westfielder....
August 12, 2009: Andy has done a great job and is accessible he continues to keep the best in mind for the whole of the community!
August 11, 2009: Look where are town is after four years of Andy. Obviously we're doing great! Let's keep it going!!!
August 11, 2009: To garner a AAA bond rating by S&P is astonishing considering the tightening of credit standards in the municipal debt arena. To have achieved that is quite a feat and a true testament to the Town's budget, budget process, fiscal responsibility and management. Andy has got my vote!
August 11, 2009: Andy Skibitsky = <3
August 11, 2009: I think he's done an effective job, particularly in the area of holding meetings with townspeople on Saturdays. I'd like to see more leadership in an attempt to combat the abuse by the Union County Offices on North Avenue in the areas of noise pollution, light pollution and illegal parking suffered by the residential neighborhood.
August 11, 2009: It's time for intelligence, character, and family values. Andy has an abundance of all three.
August 11, 2009: Andy is a really great guy he really cares about the town and everyone in it.
August 11, 2009: It's time for the Mayor to get a big boy haircut...just a suggestion, Chris Hiban
August 11, 2009: I have worked with Andy for 2 decades and Westfield couldn't be served by a more dedicated indiviudal. He can count on my vote.
August 11, 2009: We have been pleased with the even hand Andy Skibitsky has governed. He is accessible, fair, and pleasant to deal with. He has a great handle on the workings of town and much support. Go Andy!
August 11, 2009: Andy has done a tremendous job considering the cards he's been dealt. For Westfield to get a AAA S&P rating is really quite impressive, given our economic situation. Brennan is grasping at straws with the political angles he's taking. I actually feel sorry for Brennan, he's coming off looking like a fool.
August 11, 2009: Andy Skibitsky is the best!!!
August 11, 2009: Mayor Skibitsky is doing a fantastic job in unprecedented times. He deals with tough issues head on and does what he thinks is right for Westfield. Accessibility has been the hallmark of his administration. His approach is clearly working. I have yet to see anything particularly substantive, sincere or meaningful come from his opponent who seems to be perpetually in search of a cause he hopes will resonate with the voters. He has yet to find one.
August 11, 2009: Mayor Skibitsky is very engaged with the town of Westfield. I'm very happy with his approach to running Westfield. He has my vote!
August 11, 2009: Andy has done a great job as Westfield's mayor. Keep up the good work!
August 11, 2009: Looks like the Skibitsky campaign machine found out about the poll and comments section!
August 11, 2009: Andy has done a fabulous job keeping our town economically sound. We need him to continue doing the same in the future.
August 11, 2009: Andy is a man of unquestioned integrity. The Democratic "leadership" in Trenton has consistently squeezed every aspect of our town budget and Andy has been forced to make do with less support from the state. He is available to us and amazingly responsive. He is our mayor for all the right reasons.
August 11, 2009: Westfield is on the rigth track with Mayor Skibitsky's leadership.
August 11, 2009: Andy will continue to lead Westfield in a positive direction, even under these tough economic times.
August 11, 2009: Andy is a true gentleman and ethical professional and exemplifies this in everything he does for Westfield. If the Democratic party in Westfield and the State (for that matter) had its citizens' best interests at heart instead of in-fighting and scandals, we would get more done for all. Andy has done more for this town than any other mayor in my 14 years in WF. Andy gets things done!
August 11, 2009: Maybe if Bill Brennan said something of substance rather than attack the mayor's spotless record he would have my vote.
August 11, 2009: Bill Brennan needs to take a Dale Carnegie Course on "How to Win Friends and Influence People".
August 11, 2009: I think our credit rating speaks for itself. Westfield is one of the best run towns in the state. Andy is doing a tremendous job under trying conditions.
August 11, 2009: I'm voting for Mayor Skibitsky. He respects seniors and doesn't think we can't count to 25 and have no mental capacity to read a tax letter.
August 7, 2009: Why won't the Mayor debate Brennan if he is so proud of his record?
August 7, 2009: We need some new ideas and a fresh approach. Bill Brennan will make things happen. Our roads are in terrible shape and stores keep closing Downtown. We need change.
August 6, 2009: I need to wait until October and hear what they say before I make up my mind.