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09election Poll for => Freeholder Union County NJ Vote Tuesday, November 3, 2009
GOP: Anthony Sytko of Garwood & Nicole Cole of Fanwood
Muhlenberg Independents: Hope Thompson, Karen Gielen & Deborah Dowe of Plainfield.
DEM: Al Mirabella of Fanwood, Deborah Scanlon of Union, Mohamed Jalloh of Roselle
Seeking 3 seats, each term 3 years to the 9 member board. *= incumbent. County GOP - County DEM

Anthony Sytko Nicole Cole Hope Thompson Deborah Dowe Karen Gielen Al Mirabella
Deborah Scanlon
Mohamed Jalloh
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28.1 percent.
59.6 percent.
No Opinion:
7.0 percent.
None of Above:
5.3 percent.
October 27, 2009 Poll participation is weighty. Screening for voter abuse is partial.

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Public Comments:
October 25, 2009: yUNIzd ygfuecmzcefs, [url=http;//]vybmcinbvqkg[/url], [link=http;//]hfqgvkayamnv[/link], http;//
September 3, 2009: Why doesn't the GOP have any minority representation? Have they given up on the minority vote and their corresponding concerns?
September 3, 2009: I have had the privilege of working with Mohamed Jalloh. He is a hard working, intelligent, civic minded individual. He is always just and fair. He is young and energetic and would be an asset as a Freeholder for the County of Union.
September 2, 2009: dems spend way too freely.. time for them go.
September 2, 2009: Dems have raised taxes an exorbitant amount in Union County, time to give the GOP a shot!
August 28, 2009: Let's not let the republicans do to union county, what they've done to the country. Keep the Democrats!
August 25, 2009: The GOP has no platform, all they do is complain about the current system. I doubt they'll do better than the current DEMs freeholders, they are too preocupied about money and dont care about people
August 25, 2009: Hey Moe, Where you at?
August 25, 2009: great outdoor events for the family and community, great parks good schools
August 25, 2009: I met Mrs. Scanlon once at an event in Union County, she was very sincere and was able to get me information on many county programs (paratransit and senior scholars at Union County College) that my mother and father now use.
August 25, 2009: Dems care about people in UC. R's just have that nasty Rena woman.
August 21, 2009: I think they do a good job for Union County. Best services, best parks, great programs. Keep up the good work.
August 7, 2009: Where's the resumes and photos?
August 5, 2009: I would like to express my support of this initiative.
August 5, 2009: I don't know any of these candidates
August 5, 2009: I don't know any of these candidates
August 5, 2009: GOP SWEEP IN 2009