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August 13, 2009

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dot.jpg (865 bytes) Council Restricts Truck Idling at Loading Zones
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Driver Faces Charge Of DWI In Accident
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Kean Seeks to Reinstate ‘Ladies Nights’ in State
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) FW Council Prepares ‘Emergency Appropriations’
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Council OK’s Additional Payment to Consultant
dot.jpg (865 bytes) FW Council Plans Two Weeks to Amend Budget
dot.jpg (865 bytes) SP Will Not Fund Any Major Road Projects This Year
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Parents Upset Over Firing Of Child Care Director
dot.jpg (865 bytes) GW Approves Budget, Reviews Field Project Status
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Comments to Be Allowed On Relatives of Freeholders
dot.jpg (865 bytes) UC Freeholders to Hike Capital Budget to $69.8 Mil.

Editorial: Summer Ending Vacation; Coming of HS Football
Editorial: Get Up to Speed With Fall Elections, Take the Poll

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SMACKING A TWO-RUN SINGLE TO LEFT...Sofa King Johnnie Lyp smacked a two-run single and an RBI single to go with his other single and two runs scored against Hocus Pocus.
Week In Sports: Investors Savings Nudges Past Deegan Roofing in ‘A’ Game 1; Sofa Kings Spring into Action, Mesmerize Hocus Pocus; Babooshka Blanks SMC Gets Top Seed in U. C. Playoff; Watson Machine Wins Battle Over Willoughby Men; Val Decorators Gun Down T&J in B Division Semifinals - - Photos

"Hold The Salt"

David Burke, former SP, resident dishes about cooking
SYFY to reveal secrets of Eliz. courthouse
Playback, featuring WF cop, plays Mindo. Park
WF Neighborhood council experiences resurgence
Westfield Summer Fun
Funny People - Seriously Humorous (3)

52 YEARS OF SERVICE...Bob Kruthers of the Fanwood Volunteer Rescue Squad is presented with a print of the Fanwood Train Station Tuesday night by Mayor Colleen Mahr.

Government Reform Thought: If providing lifetime health insurance to unionize county employees in exchange for zero salary increases in the first few years of contracts is such a good idea to save money in current budgets, why hasn't it been expanded to county officials such as the county manager and department directors? - See Year-to-date Reform Thoughts.

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