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The Races:

District 20
State Senate
- Linda Gagliano (R)
- Ray Lesniak (D)
General Assembly
- Neil Cohen (D)
- Joseph Cryan (D)
District 21
State Senate
- Tom Kean Jr. (R)
- Gina Genovese (D)
General Assembly
- Jon Bramnick (R)
- Eric Munoz (R)
- Norman Albert (D)
- Bruce Bergen (D)
- Ryan Reyes (G)
- George DeCarlo (G)
District 22
State Senate
- Rose McConnell (R)
- Nicholas Scutari (D)
General Assembly
- Bryan DesRochers (R)
- Robert Gatto (R)
- Jerry Green (D)
- Linda Stender (D)
County Freeholders
- Patricia Quattrocchi (R)
- John Russitano Jr. (R)
- Robert Reilly (R)
- Daniel Sullivan (D)
- Bette Jane Kowalski (D)
- Rayland Van Blake (D)
- Adrian Mapp
- Becky McHugh
- George O'Grady
County Sheriff
- Peter Lijoii (R)
- Ralph Froehlich (D)
- Charles Mitchell Sr.
Westfield Council
First Ward
- Frank Arena (R)
- Ross Katz (D)
Second Ward
- Jo Ann Neylan (R)
- Bruce Regenstreich (D)
Third Ward
- Mark Ciarrocca (R)
- Matt Sontz (D)
Fourth Ward
- James Foerst (R)
- Lenore Scurry (D)
Fanwood Mayor
- Colleen Mahr (D)
Fanwood Council
- Anthony Parenti (R)
- Joel Stroz (R)
- Katherine Mitchell (D)
- William Populus (D)
Garwood Council
- Anthony Sytko (R)
- Dennis Clark (R)
- Charles Lombardo (D)
- Stephen Napolitano (D)
Mountainside Mayor
- Robert Viglianti (R)
Mountainside Council
- Glenn Mortimer (R)
- Jeffrey Wass (R)
goleader.com Election Coverage 2007 
District 22: General Assembly
Robert Gatto 
Party Affiliation: Republican

Contact Info
Website: www.njdistrict22gop.org
E-mail: robert.gatto@njdistrict22gop.org
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Candidate Information

Professional Background: Mr. Gatto has worked in the technical world since he graduated. He currently works as a network technical specialist for AT&T. He has a background in communications and security, and he has worked for and owned various businesses during his career.

Education: Mr. Gatto graduated from Don Bosco Technical High School in Patterson. He has continued his studies in the technical field during his professional career.

Family Life: Mr. Gatto has been in a domestic partnership with Sheila Kay for 15 years; they live in North Plainfield. He grew up in New Jersey and spent 10 years living in Los Angeles before moving back to New Jersey. He has an adult stepdaughter, Shannon.

Government Experience: Mr. Gatto twice ran unsuccessfully for borough council in North Plainfield.

Clubs and Organizations: The candidate has done volunteer work for the community through the North Plainfield Republican Club, and he assists the local community by participating in any programs the mayor asks for help with. He believes in being a good neighbor and volunteering in different ways.

Major Campaign Issues:  
a. Education in NJ - Mr. Gatto wants to revive the state's vocational-technical (vo-tech) educational system to help students who might not feel traditional college experience is right for them. He believes that vo-tech grads can enter technical field and succeed in it. He calls for a review and repeal of the Abbott-Burke system. He believes in regionalized school systems that should be funded on state level; he wants every student in the state to receive the same amount of educational funding.

b. Taxes - Mr. Gatto wants property-tax reform for New Jerseyans.

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