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The Races:

District 20
State Senate
- Linda Gagliano (R)
- Ray Lesniak (D)
General Assembly
- Neil Cohen (D)
- Joseph Cryan (D)
District 21
State Senate
- Tom Kean Jr. (R)
- Gina Genovese (D)
General Assembly
- Jon Bramnick (R)
- Eric Munoz (R)
- Norman Albert (D)
- Bruce Bergen (D)
- Ryan Reyes (G)
- George DeCarlo (G)
District 22
State Senate
- Rose McConnell (R)
- Nicholas Scutari (D)
General Assembly
- Bryan DesRochers (R)
- Robert Gatto (R)
- Jerry Green (D)
- Linda Stender (D)
County Freeholders
- Patricia Quattrocchi (R)
- John Russitano Jr. (R)
- Robert Reilly (R)
- Daniel Sullivan (D)
- Bette Jane Kowalski (D)
- Rayland Van Blake (D)
- Adrian Mapp
- Becky McHugh
- George O'Grady
County Sheriff
- Peter Lijoii (R)
- Ralph Froehlich (D)
- Charles Mitchell Sr.
Westfield Council
First Ward
- Frank Arena (R)
- Ross Katz (D)
Second Ward
- Jo Ann Neylan (R)
- Bruce Regenstreich (D)
Third Ward
- Mark Ciarrocca (R)
- Matt Sontz (D)
Fourth Ward
- James Foerst (R)
- Lenore Scurry (D)
Fanwood Mayor
- Colleen Mahr (D)
Fanwood Council
- Anthony Parenti (R)
- Joel Stroz (R)
- Katherine Mitchell (D)
- William Populus (D)
Garwood Council
- Anthony Sytko (R)
- Dennis Clark (R)
- Charles Lombardo (D)
- Stephen Napolitano (D)
Mountainside Mayor
- Robert Viglianti (R)
Mountainside Council
- Glenn Mortimer (R)
- Jeffrey Wass (R)
goleader.com Election Coverage 2007 
District 22: General Assembly
Linda Stender
Party Affiliation: Democrat

Contact Info
Telephone: (732) 340-0032
Website: www.lindastender.org
E-mail: linda@lindastender.org

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Candidate Information

Professional Background: Mrs. Stender is a full-time legislator. She previously served as the foundation director and volunteer coordinator at Runnells Hospital.

Education: Mrs. Stender worked her way through college. She received a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Communications from The American University in Washington, D.C.

Family Life: The candidate is a lifelong resident of Fanwood, New Jersey. She and her husband Richard currently live one block away from the house where she grew up as a child. They have been married for 28 years and have three children; they just celebrated the birth of their first grandchild.

Government Experience: Mrs. Stender is now serving her third term in the New Jersey General Assembly representing the 22nd Legislative District. She is vice chairwoman of the Transportation and Pubic Works Committee and is also a member of the Health and Senior Services Committee and the Tourism and Gaming Committee. This past November, she came within 1 percentage point of defeating an incumbent congressman in the heavily Republican 7th Congressional District. Previously, she served on the Fanwood Borough Council, was the mayor of Fanwood and then was a Union County freeholder.

Major Campaign Issues:  
a. Global Warming - Mrs. Stender wrote the recently signed Global Warming Response Act, championing New Jersey’s effort to curb dangerous global warming emissions from all sources. The act established the strictest and most extensive mandatory limitations on global warming emissions in the nation.

b. Stem Cell Research - Mrs. Stender strongly supports stem cell research to find treatments. In the General Assembly, she pushed for laws to make New Jersey a national leader in stem cell research through the construction of stem cell research facilities. Through her leadership, these facilities will be paid for with cigarette tax securitization bonds.

c. Homeland Security - she has worked to provide first responders with the tools they need; she created a Fire Service Resource Deployment Program in New Jersey for which she was honored as Legislator of the Year by the NJ Deputy Fire Chiefs Association. She is pressing Congress to pass a law so state and local law-enforcement personnel can utilize gun information that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) compiles and maintains as a firearm is manufactured, sold and distributed. She has fought for increased security at ports. She believes strongly that the recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission regarding inspection of cargo should be universally adopted to thwart any potential threats.

Her other major campaign issues include protecting children from drugs and explicit material, issues of women's safety and health, lowering property taxes, pedestrian safety and other transportation improvements, showing appreciation to servicemen and women, and other environmental issues.

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Last Updated: Friday, October 19, 2007
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