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The Races:

District 20
State Senate
- Linda Gagliano (R)
- Ray Lesniak (D)
General Assembly
- Neil Cohen (D)
- Joseph Cryan (D)
District 21
State Senate
- Tom Kean Jr. (R)
- Gina Genovese (D)
General Assembly
- Jon Bramnick (R)
- Eric Munoz (R)
- Norman Albert (D)
- Bruce Bergen (D)
- Ryan Reyes (G)
- George DeCarlo (G)
District 22
State Senate
- Rose McConnell (R)
- Nicholas Scutari (D)
General Assembly
- Bryan DesRochers (R)
- Robert Gatto (R)
- Jerry Green (D)
- Linda Stender (D)
County Freeholders
- Patricia Quattrocchi (R)
- John Russitano Jr. (R)
- Robert Reilly (R)
- Daniel Sullivan (D)
- Bette Jane Kowalski (D)
- Rayland Van Blake (D)
- Adrian Mapp
- Becky McHugh
- George O'Grady
County Sheriff
- Peter Lijoii (R)
- Ralph Froehlich (D)
- Charles Mitchell Sr.
Westfield Council
First Ward
- Frank Arena (R)
- Ross Katz (D)
Second Ward
- Jo Ann Neylan (R)
- Bruce Regenstreich (D)
Third Ward
- Mark Ciarrocca (R)
- Matt Sontz (D)
Fourth Ward
- James Foerst (R)
- Lenore Scurry (D)
Fanwood Mayor
- Colleen Mahr (D)
Fanwood Council
- Anthony Parenti (R)
- Joel Stroz (R)
- Katherine Mitchell (D)
- William Populus (D)
Garwood Council
- Anthony Sytko (R)
- Dennis Clark (R)
- Charles Lombardo (D)
- Stephen Napolitano (D)
Mountainside Mayor
- Robert Viglianti (R)
Mountainside Council
- Glenn Mortimer (R)
- Jeffrey Wass (R)
goleader.com Election Coverage 2007 
District 22: General Assembly
Bryan DesRochers
Party Affiliation: Republican

Contact Info
Website: www.njdistrict22gop.org
Email: bryan.desrochers@njdistrict22gop.org
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Candidate Information

Professional Background: Mr. DesRochers is an advertising consultant for Idearc Media. He previously spent years working in the finance and mortgage industries.

Education: The candidate received a bachelor's degree in finance from Kean University and an associate's degree in education from Union County College.

Family Life: Mr. DesRochers has been married for five years and has a son who is almost 3.

Government Experience: The candidate ran unsuccessfully for an at-large Rahway City Council seat in 2006. He served as the vice president for the 2006 senior class at Kean University.

Major Campaign Issues: 
a. Government spending and tax policies. With many years in the finance and mortgage industry
Mr. DesRochers saw first hand the damage that can be done by spending more then you make. He spend years counseling financial troubles families to help them get back on there feet. As an Assembly candidate, Mr. DesRochers feels that the State of New Jersey is currently facing a similar financial crisis. Governmental spending needs to be reigned, and the tax policies need to be re-examined. This included but is not limited to property-tax reform and school-aid funding formulas.

b. Governmental ethics reform and ending pay-to-play on every level of government. To say NJ is ethically challenged is an understatement to get the drastic changes needed career politicians that have been part of the problem need to be voted out.
Mr. DesRochers feels that no legitimate changes will be instituted until genuine reformers are voted in. There should be a total ban of duel office holding and a complete stop to no bid contracts awarding any services the tax payers are paying for. He also wants to look at state pension reform and the abuses of the political elite with double dipping to explore ways to close the loop holes and help solidify the pension systems for the honest men and women that have dedicated themselves to serving the state of New Jersey.

c. Improving education and opportunities for our children.
Mr. DesRochers is greatly concerned not just if he will be able to continue to afford to remain in the state but what types of opportunities will be available for his son and the children growing up now. Currently New Jersey education systems in some areas are failing, this needs to be corrected to ensure all children have an opportunity to learn and compete in the world today. Also New Jersey is one of the worse states to do business in. We need to examine the tax policies on business and determine what changes we need to make in order to ensure private sector job growth of good paying jobs. We have seen a massive increase in public sector employment while the private sector has actually shrunk over the last five years. This needs to change, in order to keep New Jerseians in New Jersey and not looking to move elsewhere.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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