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The Races:

U.S. Senate
- Tom Kean, Jr. (R)
- Robert Menendez (D)
U.S. Congress
- Mike Ferguson (R)
- Linda Stender (D)
County Freeholders
- Patricia Quattrocchi (R)
- Glenn Mortimer (R)
- Diane Barabas (R)
- Deborah Scanlon (D)
- Alexander Mirabella (D)
- Chester Holmes (D)
Scotch Plains Council
- Nancy Malool (R)
- Carolyn Sorge (R)
- Rich Duthie (R)
- Neal LeStrange (D)
- Kevin Glover (D)
- Jeff Strauss (D)
Fanwood Council
- Richard Alber (R)
- Andrew MacDonald (R)
- Donna Dolce (D)
- David Valian (D)
Garwood Mayor
- Bruce Paterson
- Dennis McCarthy (D)
Garwood Council
- Dennis Clark (R)
- Jim Matheson (R)
- Kathleen Villaggio (D)
- Keith Sluka (D)
Mountainside Council
- Robert W. Messler (R)
- William R. Lane (R)


  Public Poll Phase I Results 
August 31 through September 12, 2006
Candidates For The Upcoming Election - Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Phase I closed on September 12.
Phase II will be online by the end of this week. 
 To be notified of poll reports, please enter your email address here.

The Public Poll Phase I is complete. It measures only interest in the political races of local relevance. Phase I is not a voter prediction. There were no rules governing multiple voting or jurisdiction. About 1,000 participated.

The raw data are presented below. Participation occurred in waves. Substantial duplicities occurred, shifting the results measurably, depending on the contest category. Supporters of Linda Stender and Scotch Plains-Fanwood Democrats participated at the most avid level. A database is used to identify multiple votes from the same source.

Phase II will be on line by the end of this week with controls addressing duplicity and jurisdiction. These and other measures will be employed as the election draws near to predict voter action.

Phase I Results: Raw Data Only

U.S. Senator from New Jersey

Tom Kean, Jr. (GOP)
  49.28 %
Robert Menendez (DEM)
  50.72 %
(692 votes)

 Representative 7th Congressional District

Mike Ferguson (GOP)
  43.23 %
Linda Stender (DEM)
  56.77 %
(805 votes)

Union County Freeholders

  46.83 %
  53.17 %
(583 votes)

Scotch Plains Council

  40.58 %
  59.42 %
(520 votes)

Fanwood Council

  43.81 %
  56.19 %
(436 votes)

Garwood Mayor

Bruce Patterson (Independent)
  42.70 %
Dennis McCarthy (DEM)
  57.30 %
(356 votes)

Garwood Council

  40.99 %
  59.01 %
(383 votes)
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