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The Races:

U.S. Senate
- Tom Kean, Jr. (R)
- Robert Menendez (D)
U.S. Congress
- Mike Ferguson (R)
- Linda Stender (D)
County Freeholders
- Patricia Quattrocchi (R)
- Glenn Mortimer (R)
- Diane Barabas (R)
- Deborah Scanlon (D)
- Alexander Mirabella (D)
- Chester Holmes (D)
Scotch Plains Council
- Nancy Malool (R)
- Carolyn Sorge (R)
- Rich Duthie (R)
- Neal LeStrange (D)
- Kevin Glover (D)
- Jeff Strauss (D)
Fanwood Council
- Richard Alber (R)
- Andrew MacDonald (R)
- Donna Dolce (D)
- David Valian (D)
Garwood Mayor
- Bruce Paterson
- Dennis McCarthy (D)
Garwood Council
- Dennis Clark (R)
- Jim Matheson (R)
- Kathleen Villaggio (D)
- Keith Sluka (D)
Mountainside Council
- Robert W. Messler (R)
- William R. Lane (R)
Goleader Election Coverage 2006 
Fanwood Council
Donna Dolce

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Contact Info
Website: www.fanwooddems.com/ 

Candidate Information

Professional Background: Ms. Dolce is the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Washington Rock Council, Westfield, N.J. She also worked as the Director of Volunteer Center and Government Grants for United Way Essex and W. Hudson in Newark, N.J.

Education: Ms. Dolce received a master's in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. She also is the recipient of an M.Ed. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.A. from Bethany College.

Family Life: The candidate has been a Fanwood resident for 18 years and currently lives with her partner, Lynn Sorf.

Governmental Experience: The candidate has been the Fanwood Council President, been a chair on the Public Works Committee, was a member of the Council Liaison to Fanwood-Scotch Plains Board of Education and Fanwood Communications Committee, a member of the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary; has taken part in the Silent Auction Committee and been a member of the Fanwood Strategic Planning Committee.

Information compiled from: http://www.fanwooddems.com/candidates.htm

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Last Updated: Monday, October 30, 2006
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