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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, March 2, 2000 Page 9


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The Westfield Leader is currently looking for freelance writers interested in focusing on education issues and the Westfield Board of Education.

To speak with the Education Editor to coordinate an interview or forward a resume, please write: Michelle H. LePoidevin, P. O. Box 250, 50 Elm Street, Westfield, 07091 or email: michelle@ goleader. com. The Learning Curve

Jefferson Elementary Students Share Music Throughout the Centuries


Every year, Jefferson Elementary School in Westfield, has a school theme. All grades participate and share their learning in an assembly program or through projects exhibited throughout the building.

School theme Tshirts are purchased by the Parent Teacher Organization and given to the entire student body and faculty who wear their Tshirts for a themerelated event.

For the 19992000 school year, Jefferson’s theme is “Remember the Past and Imagine the Future.” As the school’s music teacher, I got very excited about this theme and I couldn’t wait to share my musical ideas with our principal Dr. Jorden Schiff. A supporter of the arts, Dr. Schiff also got excited and readily agreed to my proposals on how we could incorporate music into our school theme.

I thought, who do we think of when we think of the past? Who first comes to mind when we remember the 16 th or 17 th centuries? The politicians? The rulers? The people in authority? No, I think not. We think of the artists, the poets, the dramatists and the musicians – the people who have captured in their art forms what being human means.

We remember the creators of works of beauty. We remember people like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, Michelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, just to name a few.

These great creators and composers had great passions and shared their passions with the world. We still benefit from their great gifts. How lucky we are that they did not die with their music and art still inside them!

I decided to have each grade level spend some time learning about the great musical masters of the past. I decided to have each level experience a different facet of what it means to be human, what it feels like to enjoy another’s passion put to music.

My fifth graders studied the 10 th , 11 th and 12 th centuries – the Middle Ages. My fourth graders studied the 13 th , 14 th and 15 th centuries – the Early and High Renaissance. My third graders studied the 16 th and 17 th centuries – the Baroque Period. My second graders studied the 18 th century – the Classical Period. My first graders studied the 19 th century – the Romantic Period. My kindergartners focused on the 20 th century – the Modern/ New Music Period.

Each grade learned about the history of their centuries with their classroom teachers. They learned of the art of the periods from their art teach ers. What an exciting time we had

and are still having! Kindergartners are dancing free style to Aaron Copland’s Red Pony “Circus Music.” First graders are dancing with fish puppets they made to Camille SaintSaen’s Aquarium from “The Carnival of the Animals.” Second graders are doing a minuet from Beethoven’s “Minuet in G.”

Third graders are drawing to the program music of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” Fourth graders are discovering polyphonic music and instruments of the Renaissance. Finally, fifth graders are loving Gregorian Chants as well as working on models of Romanesque architecture and sculpture. Their displays beautify our hallways.

Soon, all of our students will come together for a music assembly where we will all share our studies of music through the centuries. We all can’t wait!

My hope is that by remembering the past with its great artists who captured the essence of being human, our students will better be able to imagine the future and create for themselves art and music that will express their understanding of the human condition.

Perhaps if they see the great passions of the past, they will be ignited to share their own great passions with the world of the future.

We have learned so much about art, music and sharing. Our minds and hearts have been elevated. May your passions soar with your school programs.

* * * * *

Karen Yula is a music instructor at Jefferson Elementary School in Westfield. Miss Yula was recently recognized in a CourierNews article as an educator who went above and beyond in her field.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS… The finalists in Roosevelt Intermediate School’s Geography Bee, pictured, left to right, are: Kim Adams, Rob Evans and first place winner Sagir Edelman. The contest was sponsored by National Geographic.

The schoollevel contest, at which students answered oral questions on geography, was the first round in the 12th annual National Geographic Bee. Following a written test, Sagir will wait for word if he qualifies to compete in the statewide Bee on Friday, April 7. RAISING FUNDS… Chairman of the Westfield School Boosters Association

“550 Club” Joseph Ciacciarelli, left, and President of the Association Joseph Freisen, approve the final copy of the annual “550” mailing. This yearly drive to all Westfield residents is a major fundraiser of the Westfield School Boosters whose goal is to provide scholarships and ongoing financial assistance for all Westfield High School athletic programs.

The Pingry School Names Local Residents To Quarter Honor Roll

BOWING HEADS IN PRAYER… The fourth grade students at Redeemer Lutheran School in Westfield will participate in the World Day of Prayer tomorrow, Friday, March 3, from 9: 15 to 9: 45 a. m. in the chapel of the school. The students, as well as the staff, will focus on a better understanding between all the nations in the world and an easier access to education for all the children in the world. Indonesian architecture, culture, social backgrounds and religions will be discussed. Inspired by the traditional Indonesian shadow puppets, the students will create their own shadow puppet show. The donations will go to Christian organizations that give children the chance to attend school. Families and friends of the school and Redeemer Lutheran Church are invited. Admission is free.

The Pingry School has announced the names of local students who were named to the second quarter honor roll for the sixth grade.

Kelly Peeler, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peeler; David Peterson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson; and Amy Santoriello, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Santoriello, all of Westfield have been named to the list.

Rachel Van Wert, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chet Van Wert of Scotch Plains, has also earned honor roll status.

Edison Intermediate Posts Second Period Honor Roll

WESTFIELD –Edison Intermediate School Principal Cheryl O’Brien has announced that 315 students or 55 percent of the student body were named to the second marking period honor roll for the school year.

DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL EIGHTH GRADE Carl Baron Kelli Layton Sean Callahan James Leong Daniel Clark Justin Lewis Stefanie Courtney Meghana Limaye Mikaela Cruz Cassandro Lo Suzanna Fowler Alison McCabe Brendan Gorman Emily McDermott Jessica Guerriero Richard Moran Kevin Hobson Laura Pietruszki Carrie Hubbard Andrew Royston Anthony Johnson Rebecca Sabreen Paul Johnson Jaclyn Steinbach Thomas Killian Lauren Steller Kimberly Lam Tovah Tripp


SEVENTH GRADE Jeffrey Bayne Taylor Mulvee Evan Bilheimer Kathryn Mulvey Rebecca Cass Tara O’Donohue Ashley Current Brian Oxman Thomas Del Duca Giovanna Palatucci Amanda Dickson Rebecca Perch Carina Don Matthew Perrelli Mark Doss Abigail Rosenstein Jamie Elbaum Perry Sacks Michael Fantini Rebecca Shulman Megan Fowler Kirsten Schulman Lauren Gelmetti Sasha Sharif Deanna Goldner Gregory Speir Michael Gorski Brian Stotter William Hearon Monica Sull Peter Hrinewski John Velasco Colleen Kirk Alec Wasserman Rebecca Korn Elizabeth Werner Elizabeth Mackay Lauren Winchester Suzanne Merkelson Lisa Zhang

DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL SIXTH GRADE Katherine Anderson Jessica Heo Kevin Anderson Eric Hewitt Kevin Block Meaghan Higgins Sam Blum Alexander Hodara Nicholas Brownstone Erik Jacobsen Samantha Coulson Alexander Kao Patrick Daurio Andrew Lent Sarah Degel Matthew Leong Christine De Serio Rachel Leopold Monica Doss Jessica Lipschutz Matthew Early Kari Lobrutto Alissa Eisenberg Rachel Louie Lindsay Elbaum Kaitlin Mc Govern Allison Fleder Jessica Moskowitz Thomas Fringer Kara Petersen Lucy Fromtling Annie Peyton Jesse Garfinkel Christopher Pinheiro Adam Gaskill Jason Rea Sarah Godfrey Kathryne Read Andrea Gordon Caitlin Reinert Jessica Graham Steven Royston Ben Harel Lauren Weinstein

Jennifer Zhu HONOR ROLLEIGHTH GRADE Rahul Bhasin David Israelow Brian Bigelow Steven Jacobsen Maximilien Blanton Elliot Johnson Benjamin Bogen Tiffany Johnson John Boyd Katherine Kielar Kathryn Brucia Sabrina Lewis Nicole Brunetto Kaitlin Lipe Ryan Burslem Rachel Mandragona Matthew Calvaruso Dana Ann Marra Jason Chironna Jeffrey Mathews Danielle Coleman Matthew McManus Emily Colvin Jason Mesches Alexandra DeJohn Pamela Musat Joshua Dennerlein Amanda Nehring Reine Duffy David Palma Christopher DeFreitas Pooja Patel Rebecca Fallon Sean Perlman Kathleen Ferio Andrew Pusar Daniel Francis Melissa Rosen Carolyn Freundlich Thomas Ruiz Jennifer Frost Alice Ryan Ariel Garfinkel Scott Saggio Danielle Gelber Neril Sandeep

Amanda Genova Christina Santilli Adam Gerckens Joshua Schoenfeld Christopher Gonzalez Matthew Schoenfeld Scott Grau Tarik Shah Robert Greifeld Caitlin Stanley Joseph Hagmann Rachel Tressitt Danielle Heffernan Shanna Vella Heather Idland Kyle Yost

Jenna Zorn HONOR ROLL SEVENTH GRADE Casandra Badyna Edward Kerins Amy Bernstein John Kerr Kara Buonocore Philip Kim David Cognetti Matthew Kukis Katie ColeKelly Steven Lynes Lindsay DeGiralamoRyan Madaras Kenneth Druckenmiller John Marks Meaghan Egan Jared Messina Jessie El Koury Sarah Myers Evan Falk Lisa Novick Allison Feldman Adrienne O’Rourke Daniel FoltzMorrison Annie Onishi Alana Fraser Emily Ortuso Laura Gabriel Alan Pang Joseph Geissler Brett Paulan Paul Goldweitz Sarah Perch Ashton Golembo Taylor Porter James Hanas Bryan Power Camille Hausheer Dina Ragab MarieClaire Hausseguy Lisa Smythe Christina Henry Kayli Spialter Christopher Hild Allison Tiedrich Jeffrey Hogan David Torres Richard Hughes Justin Tullo Anthony Infantino Megan Valenti Kevin JeanLouis Brittany Vella Kate Judd Elisabeth Willis Lauren Kelley Michael Zahler Brian Kender Lorena Zamarelli

HONOR ROLLSIXTH GRADE David Ackerman Jessamyn Leib Casey Ackermann MengJie Li Charles Barber Erin Mack Erin Beck Michael Manders Jessica Bender Melissa Mc Closkey Norite Bercovicz Matthew Melino Kurt Bieber John Meredith Kyler Boyd Kimberly Milan George Braun Samantha Mooney Kristy Britt Stephen Morrison Bryan Callahan Adam Nassirpour Michelle Catenacci Victor Nolasco Jonathan Chananie Daniel Noonan Andrew Chaves Jillian Olsen Raymond Chen Gianna Pafumi Pamela Church Max Pastuzyn Janice Colbert Steven Pazdro Christina Collucci John James Pearson Joseph Corea Stacey Perlman Alexandra Cortese Joseph Pregenzer Rebecca DeFazio Ameer Rogers Michael Diaz David Schaffer Sarah Dobson Eric Scrudato Timothy Dohm Andrew Skibitsky David Dunn Mark Smith, Jr. Kyle Fleming Rachel Smith Kristen Fortino Christina Sofka Harrison Fox Zal Spialter Joshua Gerckens Sarah St. Lifer Kyle Gillyard Maxwell Thomas Jeffrey Goldstein Alyson Tieman Brent Hewitt Ryan Torcicollo Jillian Hobson Alan Tso Benjamin Holt John Walsh Matthew Jakobovic David Weinstein Kristopher Kagan Jacqueline Wendel Lindsay Kleiman Colin Willard Thomas Layton Justin Wolf Hanna Lee Julie Ann Zenarosa

Samantha Zucker Linda Nelson Announces

Candidacy for School Bd.

SCOTCH PLAINS – Linda Nelson, a resident of Scotch Plains for 16 years, has announced her candidacy for one of the three seats on the Scotch PlainsFanwood Board of Education.

She and her husband, Jim, are the parents of two sons who attended McGinn Elementary School and Terrill Middle School. Their children are now students at Scotch PlainsFanwood High School.

Ms. Nelson served as McGinn’s representative to the townwide Parent Teacher Council for several years and represented the PTA at Board of Education meetings, a role she now fills for the Scotch PlainsFanwood Music Booster Association.

She also has served on various committees for the McGinn PTA, the Terrill PTA, the Terrill Music Booster Association and the High School Music Booster Association. She was also a member of the school board’s 1994 Facilities and Enrollment Task Force.

Ms. Nelson has also served in the community through her work as a Cub Scout Den mother. She is also active at her church, where she serves as a Sunday School teacher, chairperson of various committees, president of the women’s organization and president of the congregation for three years.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and a Master of Arts Degree in School Public Relations, both from Glassboro State College, now Rowan University.

Ms. Nelson’s 25year public relations career began with a stint as the director of public information for the Montclair Public Schools when the district was instituting its attentiongetting magnet school desegregation plan.

She has also served as editor of an internal newsletter for a division of AT& T, overseeing the writing and production of schoolcom munity newsletters for a local public

relations firm, as assistant to the advertising director of a subscription

television service. Ms. Nelson has worked as a freelance writer, editing and marketing projects.

Ms. Nelson explained that she is running for the school board because much of her professional experiences have involved working with boards of education, and she is aware of the many meetings and long hours that are demanded of a conscientious board member.

“Board of Education service is one of the most valuable contributions a resident can make to the community,” Ms. Nelson said. “I have a longstanding interest in local board matters and have attended many of the meetings over the past 12 years.

“Locally, this seems an especially important time to elect strong, qualified board members,” she concluded. “My professional training, history of involvement with the district, and willingness to put in the work and time that board service demands convinced me that I should declare my candidacy.”

Linda Nelson

Paid for by Billson for Westfield School Board

It’s Your School System What Do You Want? • Phone: 317-8606 • Fax: 232-0473

I want to know. Please call, write or fax me.


Please Remember to Vote in the School Board Elections on April 18. It only takes a moment, and the effects can last a lifetime!

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