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Page 8 Thursday, March 2, 2000 The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION


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Special Concepts & Thought Notice:

The Westfield Leader is currently looking for freelance writers interested in focusing on education issues and the Westfield Board of Education.

To speak with the Education Editor to coordinate an interview or forward a resume, please write: Michelle H. LePoidevin, P. O. Box 250, 50 Elm Street, Westfield, 07091 or email: michelle@ goleader. com.

TAKING THE CHALLENGE… The seventh grade social studies class taught by Elizabeth Hogan at Edison Intermediate School in Westfield has been named the winner of the runnerup prize in the A& E Television Network’s “Crossing Challenge” contest. Ms. Hogan joins students, pictured, left to right, Kevin JeanLouis, Philip Kim and Cami Hausheer in reviewing materials from A& E. The class collaborated in writing a newsletter with first hand accounts of George Washington’s surprise attack on the Hessians crossing the Delaware. Ms. Hogan was notified that the class won a $500 grant and an A& E videotape library in the contest’s “Best Newspaper Category.” Ms. Hogan acknowledged the assistance of school librarian Janice Sheridan in guiding the students in their research. Local Residents Named

To Student Council At Magnet High School

The Magnet High School Student Council officers and representatives have been renamed for the spring semester.

Jennifer Phillips of Westfield will continue to serve as president, Rahul Bansal of Fanwood will serve as junior class representative, and Esther Ogunyemi of Scotch Plains has been renamed freshman vice president, while Diane Park of Westfield is a freshman representative.

MAKING THE CONNECTION… School Media Specialist Eileen Raszka, left, and School Nurse Patricia Emanuele teamed up to promote awareness of various health topics during the year in a project entitled, “Kids Connect: Health and Literature” at Coles Elementary School’s Media Center. The instructors received a $200 Educational Enrichment Foundation Grant Award and purchased 18 books addressing health issues.

A CENTURY IN MULTIMEDIA… Students from School One Elementary in Scotch Plains marked the year 2000 by creating a multimedia exhibit of famous people and events during the century through drawing and sculpture. Pictured, left to right, are: front row; Melissa Rupnarain, Chris Bauer, Melanie Davis, Patrick Doliber, Rachel Blom, Rebecca Krakora, Kim Chacon and Rebecca Bush; back row, Suzanne Lannin, Abbie Jenkins, Danielle Vena, Julia Jennings, Perry Lewis, Andrea Santos, Susan Albert, Amanda Makowski and Jonathan Shedd.

WESTFIELD -Cub Scout Pack 171 of Wilson School, Westfield, conducted it’s Annual Pinewood Derby recently. Dr. Andrew Perry, principal of Wilson School, acted as the chief judge for the race, and awarded all of the prize trophies.

The purpose of the Pinewood Derby is for the boys to do a craft project with their parents, and to develop good sportsmanship.

Each Scout carves a block of wood into a race car, sands it, paints it, then races it in the big race.

Every scout who participated was a winner, because they took pride in their work, and spent time with their parents.

The results are as follows:

Tiger – Den 1

• Justin Mascarich, 1st place • William Reynolds, 2nd place • Jack Allen, 3rd place

Tiger – Den 2

• Jesse DeMartino, 1st place • Hayden Kopser, 2nd place • Chris Mench, 3rd place

Tiger – Den 3

• Phil Chertoff, lst place • Mark Androconis, 2nd place • Mitchell Young, 3rd place

Tiger Division Champions

• Justin Mascarich, 1st place • Jesse DeMartino, 2nd place • Phil Chertoff, 3rd place

Wolf – Den 1

• Andrew Cordiero, 1st place • Connor Farley, 2nd place • Austin Wenta, 3rd place

Wolf – Den 2

• Casey Kerkoff, 1st place • Andrew Marino, 2nd place • Andrew Gates, 3rd place

Wolf – Den 3

• Robert Shane, 1st place • Ryan Ingram, 2nd place • Eric Warrell, 3rd place

Wolf Division Champions

• Andrew Cordiero, 1st place • Casey Kerkhof, 2nd place • Robert Shane, 3rd place

Bear – Den 1

• Michael Abbattista, 1st place • Andrew Wenta, 2nd place

• Zachary Frantz, 3rd place

Bear – Den 2

• Brian Hart, 1st place • Josh Schwartz, 2nd place • John McGrory, 3rd place

Bear – Den 3

• Ryan Gradel, 1st place • J. T. Camillo, 2nd place • Leo Powell, 3rd place

Bear – Den 4

• William Mascarich, 1st place • Philip Reynolds, 2nd place • Chris Yeager, 3rd place

Bear Division Champions

• Brian Hart, 1st place • Michael Abbattista, 2nd place • William Mascarich, 3rd place • Ryan Gradel, 4th place


• Chris Engel, 1st place • Justin Adams, 2nd place • Russell Miller, 3rd place

The Coolest Car Contest

• John Streaman, 1st place • Kyle Stanzel, 2nd place

Each of the boys who won first or second place received a trophy and every scout who participated in the race received a patch.

Each Scout who won their respective divisions, will represent Pack 171 by competing in the Union County Patriot District Finals in the Spring.

Annual Pinewood Derby Winners Announced

Jennifer Matro Earns Dean’s List Status At Duke University

WESTFIELD – Jennifer Madeline Matro, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matro of Westfield, has been named to the Dean’s List at Duke University for the 1999 fall semester.

Sara Carpenter Enrolls In Class of 2003 At Dartmouth College

WESTFIELD – Sara Carpenter, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Carpenter of Westfield, has recently enrolled as a member of the Class of 2003 at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N. H.

Valerie J. Budzinski Named to Dean’s List At Clemson University

SCOTCH PLAINS – Valerie Jean Budzinski of Scotch Plains has been named to the Dean’s List for the fall 1999 semester at Clemson University in Clemson, S. C.

Valerie, who is a graduate of Scotch PlainsFanwood High School, earned a grade point average of 3.50. She is currently pursuing the study of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson.

University News:

Battle for BOE Seats Begins in Westfield By MICHELLE H. LePOIDEVIN

Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times

WESTFIELD – Now that all of the nominating petitions for seats on the Westfield Board of Education have been filed at the office of Board Secretary and Business Administrator Robert A. Berman, the official battle commences.

Three threeyear seats and one oneyear seat are the available positions on the school board.

On Tuesday morning, a representative from Mr. Berman’s office reported that incumbents Dr. B. Carol Molnar of Wychwood Road, Anne Riegel of Manchester Drive, Thomas Taylor of Palsted Avenue, and challengers Peter W. Billson of Grant Avenue and Kimberly Rhodes of Webster Place are campaigning for the threeyear terms.

Incumbent Michael Kessler of Park Street has returned his petition for the oneyear seat, for which he runs unopposed.

Mr. Kessler’s background is in the area of management, finance and accounting. He holds 20 years of experience with AT& T and Lucent Technologies. The incumbent also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University.

He has served on a Rescue Squad in northern New Jersey. He has served as Recording Secretary for the Parent Teacher Council, and as President, Vice President and Treasurer of McKinley Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization.

A Westfield resident since 1991, Mr. Kessler and his wife, Ginny, have two children.

Dr. Molnar, a lifelong Westfield resident, has served the school board since 1988. She has served the Westfield Planning Board, the Board of Directors of the Youth and Family Counseling Service since 1977 and the Westfield Community Center Board.

The candidate has also served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Friends of Mindowaskin Park. For the past two years, she has served on the Budget Review Committee of the United Fund of Westfield.

Dr. Molnar, who is a mother of two daughters, offers legal and accounting services. If reelected to the school board, she will set the record as the longest serving member of the Westfield Board of Education — a title currently held by Susan Jacobson, who retired from the board last year.

Incumbent Riegel was appointed on August 24, 1999 to finish out the term of Ginger Hardwick.

The mother of two daughters and wife of Robert Riegel, she has served as CoPresident of the Parent Teacher Organization at Jefferson Elementary School. She was also a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee on Capital Projects in the fall of 1998. She was elected to the Board of Directors of the Jewish Community Center of Central New Jersey in 1994.

Mr. Taylor has served the board since 1997. He held a previous term from 1984 to 1987, during which time he chaired the Staff Relations Committee to find a new School Superintendent during the 1980s. The board hired Dr. Mark C. Smith who resigned in 1996 to take a post in Massachusetts and later employed current superintendent Dr. William J. Foley.

A 1968 graduate of Westfield High School, Mr. Taylor is a practicing attorney. He is a former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General.

All of Mr. Taylor’s children have attended Westfield Public Schools. His wife, Penny, has served as a nursery school teacher at the Presbyterian Nursery School.

Mr. Billson, a lifelong resident and 1983 graduate of Westfield High School, currently serves as Vice President of Operations for The Westfield Leader and

The Times of Scotch PlainsFanwood.

Prior to his post at the newspaper, he was employed as an independent Internet

computer consultant. Mr. Billson was a past Chairman of the Downtown Westfield Corporation’s Promotions Committee and past Chairman of the Fanwood Volunteer/ Communications Committee.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Rhodes told The Westfield Leader and The Times

that she has served as Treasurer for the College Womens Club of Westfield, CoDirector for the LOGOs program at The Presbyterian Church in Westfield, and as President of the Kappa Alpha Theta Club of Westfield.

A member of the Junior League, Ms. Rhodes has also served on the Citizens Advisory Committee for Capital Projects. She worked on the committee that planned, presented and organized the bond referendum, which was passed in December 1994.

The candidate has also served as Recording Secretary for the Franklin Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization since 1998. Ms. Rhodes earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Science at Cornell University, her Master of Business Administration in International Business and Finance from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business of New York University.

When asked about why she is running for the threeyear term on the school board, Ms. Rhodes reported, “It is an opportunity to continue to support the community in the education field as an extension of the work I have done.”

Ms. Rhodes added that she strives to “balance the needs of the public school children with the willingness and ability of the community to finance them.”

The candidate, who retired in 1997, has worked as the Consultant for Health Care, Housing and Student Loans at MBIA Insurance Corporation in Armonk, N. Y., Senior Director of Municipal Structured Finance for Fitch Investors Service, L. P. in New York City, also as Vice President for AssetBacked Securities and as Senior Analyst, Analyst and Research Associate at Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. in New York.

Four Candidates Vie For SPF BOE Seats


Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times

SCOTCH PLAINS — On February 28, the Office of the Secretary of the Scotch PlainsFanwood Board of Education announced there will be four candidates vying for the three open Scotch Plains seats on the board come the April 18 election.

There are no Fanwood seats up for election this year.

Theresa Larkin of Black Birch Road; Ava R. McNamara of Arrowwood Drive; Linda Nelson of Essex Road; and Thomas Russo of Stocker Lane declared their candidacies in petitions submitted to the Board Secretary.

Longtime board member August Ruggiero opted not to seek reelection.

Mrs. Larkin, who presently serves as Board President, is seeking a third term on the board, while incumbent Thomas Russo is running for his second term.

A 14year resident of Scotch Plains who lives in the Coles Elementary School area, Mrs. Larkin was elected to her first threeyear term in 1994. She has three children who attend Coles School, Terrill Middle School and Scotch PlainsFanwood High School (SPFHS), respectively.

Mr. Russo, a selfemployed attorney with offices in Scotch Plains, resides in the Brunner Elementary School area of the district. A resident of the township since 1966, Mr. Russo was first elected to the board in 1997. His two children attend Brunner Elementary and Park Middle Schools.

A Scotch Plains resident for more than 30 years, Mrs. McNamara is making her second bid for a board seat, having run unsuccessfully in 1999. She is selfemployed as the head of Paralegal Services, Inc. A resident of the McGinn Elementary School area, she has three children.

Mrs. Nelson is a 16year resident of Scotch Plains. Her two children attended McGinn Elementary and Terrill Middle Schools and are now at SPFHS.

The candidate holds a Master of Arts Degree in school public relations.

Completing his 19th year of board service, Mr. Ruggiero served six terms as board president (most re cently in 19981999) during his long

tenure. In sharing his reasons for not seeking reelection, Mr. Ruggiero said in a written statement, “At this point in my life, I would like to have more time with my family, for my work as a Professor at Essex County College, and for personal interests.”

“Serving on the Board has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” he continued. “As a team, we have all faced many difficult decisions, and have worked to bring about many positive changes. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a long list of board members, staff, and community members dedicated to the great responsibility of public education. I will be available to continue to serve the district in other ways.”

Education Foundation To Give Award To Chester J. Janusz

SCOTCH PLAINS — The Educational Enrichment Foundation of Scotch PlainsFanwood will award its 2000 Service to Education Award to Chester J. Janusz.

Mr. Janusz retired last year after serving for many years as the principal of Park Middle School in Scotch Plains.

He was chosen for the award because of his many contributions to the fostering of educational excellence in the community.

The award will be presented at a reception on Sunday, March 5, from 4 to 7 p. m. at the Scotch Hills Country Club, Jerusalem Road and Plainfield Avenue, Scotch Plains.

At the reception, the Foundation will also honor teachers who are recipients of its 19992000 minigrants.

The community is invited to attend this reception. Ticket donations are $15 and may be purchased at the door.

For additional information, contact Ilene Karpf at (908) 8895949.
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