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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, March 2, 2000 Page 3



Attention all Residents:

You are legally entitled to be heard on this matter: Bowcraft Amusement Parks is planning

an expansion that includes plans for A WATERSLIDE AND WATERPARK

including over 500 parking spaces. Attention All Concerned Citizens

If You Live in Scotch Plains, Mountainside or Anywhere Near Bowcraft

This Affects You!


Areas of concern to be considered include, but are not limited to:

• A substantial increase in traffic, congestion and accidents in and around the surrounding area and neighborhoods and on Route 22 itself. Increases in automobile, N.J. transit and pedestrian traffic are all areas of consideration.

• Quality of Life issues including the substantial increases in Noise Pollution and Litter.

• Increases in the demands, and the associated costs, upon all Emergency Services including the Police and Volunteer Rescue Squad. The possible lack of availability and increase in response time of these services to the general public.

• The impact on the image and Small Town feeling of the entire community.

• The impact and potential decrease in property values in the surrounding communities.

~ ~

The General Public Will Have An Opportunity to Comment on These and Other Issues of Importance at a Public Meeting On

Thursday, March 16 7:30pm Scotch Plains Municipal Building

430 Park Avenue

For questions or additional information please call (908) 6540553 or (908) 2335307 If you are unable to attend this meeting, you may still participate by completing this coupon


NAME: ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ PHONE: ______________________________________________________ I am unable to attend the meeting on Thursday, March 16 but I want to register my

(SUPPORT / OPPOSITION) to the proposed expansion of Bowcraft Amusement Park.

(circle one) (optional) 908-654-4100 (24 hrs)

• No More Dialing • Internet Using TV Cable • No More Busy Signals • Instantaneous Connection • No More Phone Lines • 3 EMail Addresses Golkin Rips County Dems Over Screening

For District 7th Congressional Candidates By PAUL J. PEYTON

Specially Written for The Westfield Leader and The Times

UNION — The selection process held Saturday by the Union County Democratic Organization to select a candidate for Seventh Congressional District to run on the county line does not sit well with Warren Township Committeeman Jeff Golkin, one of five Democrats seeking the nomination in the Tuesday, June 6 Primary Election.

Even before the Board of Trustees of the Union County Democratic organization met, Mr. Golkin was calling the process a “sham.”

At the meeting, 16 of the 17 municipal chairs in the county from the Seventh District voted to place Union County Manager Michael Lapolla’s name on the regular Democratic organization line in the Primary. The event was held at Galloping Hill Caterers in Union.

Summit voted through a proxy for Maryanne S. Connelly of Fanwood, with the other 16 voting for Mr. Lapolla.

The screening committee is comprised of municipal chairs from each of the 17 towns in Union County and Union County Democratic Party Chairwoman Charlotte DeFilippo. Ms DeFilippo is CoChairwoman of Mr. Lapolla’s campaign.

“It pleases me that the Trustees selected me to run on a line with the county organization candidates,” said Mr. Lapolla upon the county committee’s vote. “I want to work hard in Congress to get things done for working families that call this area home and this endorsement is a giant step in that direction.”

Mr. Golkin called the selection process “a dog and pony show” and a “kangaroo court.” He accused the Union County Democratic Organization of “disfranchising” itself from the hundreds of “rank and file” Democratic committee members in the county.

“Their approach (the closed screening process) is a blue print for disaster,” Mr. Golkin said.

The candidate said that in order for the Democrats to pick up the Congressional seat, they must carry Somerset County. Mr. Golkin, an attorney in New York and college professor, noted that he is the only one of the Democratic candidates who resides in Somerset County. The other four are from Union County.

The Seventh District seat has been in Republican hands for over 30 years.

Mr. Golkin said he expects to hold the county line there and run a strong second in Middlesex. The county also includes a small section of Essex County.

Mr. Golkin, who launched his campaign last year following the impeachment vote on President Bill Clinton in the House of Representatives, accused

the Union County Democratic Party of already having handed the endorsement to Union County Manager Lapolla of Westfield.

The two served with each other on the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders in the 1980s. In addition, the Democratic Municipal Chairmen in 10 towns in the county served on his campaign committee.

“I will not validate or legitimize a process that has circumvented and preempted a fair primary from occurring in the Democratic Party in Union County. I will endeavor to work reach each and every county organization that has attempted to disenfranchise them in the primary process,” Mr. Golkin in a statement released by his campaign last Thursday.

When told of Mr. Golkin’s statement, Ms. DeFilippo responded that, “Mr. Golkin is careless with the facts.”

She noted that all five Democrats seeking the county party line for the Seventh District Congressional seat had been invited to participate in the screening via registered mail. In addition to Mr. Golkin and Mr. Lapolla, the candidates include former Fanwood Mayor and 1998 Seventh District nominee Maryanne S. Connelly, attorneys Joel Farley of Westfield and J. Brooke Hern of New Providence. Mr. Golkin and Mr. Farley did not attend the event, according to Union County Democratic Commit tee Executive Director Angie Bowen.

Mr. Bowen is serving as Mr. Lapolla’s Campaign Manager.

Ms. DeFilippo explained that Mr. Golkin evidently decided not to participate after realizing, “He has no support in Union County.”

In addition, she added, “He has, from what I’m seeing, little support anywhere else (in terms of county lines).”

The Union County Democratic Chairwoman said Mr. Golkin’s campaign has been called “a symphony in chaos” by others.

Not trying to hide her support of Mr. Lapolla, Ms. DeFilippo described the County Manager as “a visionary” through programs he has initiated for the county.

“I would be surprised if we do not receive all the county lines (for Mr. Lapolla),” she stated.

“Everybody should put their best foot forward in the campaign,” Ms. DeFilippo emphasized in discussing the demeanor of the campaign.

Ms. DeFilippo said the goal of the screening process, which has been in place for over 30 years, is to find “qualified and competent Democrats to represent the District.”

“This is not a childless and meanspirited game. This is an active search to find competent people to advance into the general election against what we assume will be a competent Republican,” said Ms. DeFilippo.

GOP Candidates Pledge Clean Primary Campaign


their family and friends. He noted that the literature did not include any name or address of the sender.

“You should be willing to put your name on it,” Mr. Kean said.

Through a letter to Republican leaders, Mr. Ferguson said the anonymous letter contained “negative and personal attacks” against Mr. Kean.

“These attacks are despicable and outrageous,” Mr. Ferguson said in his letter. The pledge was signed at the event by Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Kean, Ms. Walsh and Mr. Urbano. Mr. Weingarten signed the pledge later on.

“Joel is convinced that a clean campaign, running on everyone’s record, is the best thing that could have ever happened to him,” a spokesman for Weingarten campaign told The Leader

and The Times.

The spokesman said based on Mr. Weingarten’s legislative and other leadership positions he has held he, “probably has more experience than everyone else combined.”

Mr. Kean said he would like the pledge to have gone further by requiring candidates to provide full disclo sure of their sources of donations earlier

than required by law. He said individual expenditures should also be released to the public. Mr. Morrisey of Westfield indicated he would sign the pledge if Mr. Ferguson would promise to give those who contributed to Mr. Ferguson when he was running in the Sixth District the opportunity to receive their money back now that he is actually running for the Seventh District seat.

Mr. Morrisey issued his own pledge, stating he vows “to run a clean substantive, issueoriented campaign.” He said all assertions he makes “will be backed by facts.”

Mr. Weingarten’s spokesman said the candidate has provided all contributors the opportunity to get their money back. A few requests have been granted, including one person who is actually backing another candidate.

In terms of negative campaigning, Mr. Gardner of Woodbridge said at the Scotch Plains forum that, “Whether people sign or don’t sign we have to take a very, very serious look at” the type of race the Democrats are liable to run for the seat in the fall election.
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