Westfield, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Union Cty, NJ Newspaper June 15, 2000
Lapolla Concedes to Connelly
In Democratic Congressional Primary
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DREAM COME TRUE.....On May 31, Westfield resident Lisa F. Chrystal became Judge on the Superior Court of New Jersey; taking oath of office at the Union County Courthouse which she visited as a child with her father.
dot.jpg (865 bytes) BOE, Parents Debate Math Curriculum
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Non-Pesticide Policy Passed By Council
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Grove St. Subdivision Application OK'd
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Responding To Needy Discussed In Forum
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Crossway Place Rd. Reopening Delayed
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Borough Considers Hiking Penalties for Dumping.
Scotch Plains/Fanwood:
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Borough Ends Dispute Over Mt. Laurel Site
dot.jpg (865 bytes) New Owners Of Club Malibu Present Case
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Grants Will Fund Scotch Hills Expansion
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Collision in Scotch Plains Injures Two
dot.jpg (865 bytes) Fanwood Gets Extension For Parks Grants

dot.jpg (865 bytes) Ronald S. Frigerio Replaces Frank X. McDermott As Head Of Union County Republican Commitee

Editorial: Club Malibu Liquor License Renewal Is Not in Scotch Plains’ Best Interest

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ROUNDING THE FIRST TURN…Blue Devil CJ Dodge, yellow helmet, finds himself in a tight race in the wheelchair 1,600 at the MOC.
The Week In Sports: Two Blue Devils, Two Raiders and One UC Viking Become Members of Top-Eight Elite at the Meet of Champions; Lady Devil Softballers Finish Season With 13-12 Record; Raider ‘Diamond’ Girls Step Even Closer to Softball Elite; Mattress Fac. Hunters Track Down Russell Road Men, 2-0

My Father: Sheltering Me Like The Tall Trees He Lifted Me Into
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Bill Cosby
(1937-  )

"Big Momma’s House"
Little Laughs
Maria Woodford and Alex Radus: They Made it to the Top of the Mountain

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PIN THE BOUTONNIÈRE …During a pre-prom party at Effingham Place in Westfield, Tara pins a lovely white rose boutonnière to Michael’s lapel.

Vegetable Omelet for Dad

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